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Project Inclusion

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As a result of Project Inclusion, The Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity (OIDE) and the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Committee (IDEC) is facilitating an ongoing, college-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion (IDE) resources inventory with the following objectives:

  • Improve the coordination, planning, and visibility of the College's IDE resources (affinity groups, awards, councils / committees, courses / curricula, education / training, events, personnel, policies, programs, publications, research, services, etc.) amongst the ESF community.

  • Detail and curate community-wide antiracist resources in efforts to advance racial equity and justice.

  • Create an interactive, searchable IDE resource database and mapping tool to facilitate a vibrant and strategic, college-wide exchange of information, opportunities, and best practices.

  • Establish an institutional baseline for IDE efforts across all levels and divisions at the College and for all campus constituencies.

  • Activate intentional actions that positively alter climate and increase quantities of historically underrepresented people at ESF.

  • Develop a comprehensive report of the college's progress towards its strategic goal of advancing diversity and inclusion.

28 Days of Equity

Results of our initial Project Inclusion campus survey can be seen in the 28 Days of Equity Count Down. Sign Up to receive notifications here.

28 Days of Equity

Diversity @ ESF 24/7/365: Activating Project Inclusion Sessions

Join us every Friday! 3-4 pm, Bray 217

To retain the momentum of data gathered via Project Inclusion the ESF community will be invited to preview how their area is activating inclusion (resources, courses, events, initiatives, personnel, programs, practices, etc.), and to complete the Project Inclusion Resources Inventory as part of their presentation. Guided completion of the inventory can be before or during the session with help from IDEC members in attendance or in advance from co-leaders of IDEC, Dr. Malika Carter and Melanie Berger. At any time, contributors are welcome to add to the inventory.

If individuals and departments have multiple resources to submit and completing a spreadsheet would be easier, we are developing a template that can be shared and returned by email to InclusiveExcellence@esf.edu.

Project Inclusion Resources Inventory

Please visit the ESF Assessment Office & Institutional Research page to view the Project Inclusion inventory and results.