e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Student Life

Your ESF education will undoubtedly be characterized by distinct and challenging academics. The experience you gain in the classroom will prepare you technically for your chosen career. An equally important characteristic of your college education is the co-curricular: out of class involvement.

  • ESF's Office of Diversity and Inclusion
    ESF's Student Diversity and Inclusion Office, exists to support underrepresented students and to foster a campus community where cultural diversity is valued and appreciated. The programs and supports aim to prepare all members of the ESF community to effectively interact with others in an increasingly diverse and global society.

Students at ESF may take advantage of all of the student activity opportunities and support services provided by Syracuse University and are welcome to join their student clubs and organizations as well.

  • Syracuse University's Event Calendar
  • Syracuse University's Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Syracuse University's Department of Recreation Services
    Recreation Services is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle choices while continuing to develop and maintain healthy and entertaining recreational activities for the diverse University community. They provide intramural and club sport leagues, fitness classes, outdoor education programs wellness programming and more.
  • The Slutzker Center for International Services at Syracuse University Mix-It Up Meetings
    Mix It Up embraces all groups on the SU and ESF campus, providing them with a space for dialogue and opportunities to work together on fun projects that focus on the international issues on-campus and in the city of Syracuse. Discussions and lectures explore identity, intercultural communication, and integration on the SU campus.
  • The Slutzker Center for International Services at Syracuse University Global Nomads Group
    Global Nomads is dedicated to providing students who have grown up and lived in different parts of the world an opportunity to share with other bi-cultural students who have had the same experience. The Global Nomad group meets regularly when classes are in session and is open to students with international experiences and interested in travel and working in other parts of the world.  Contact Kyoung Mi Choi at kmchoi01@syr.edu
  • The Slutzker Center for International Services at Syracuse University English Conversation Groups
    The English Conversation Group program offers students an opportunity to learn more about the American culture and exchange ideas while practicing English and developing English language skills. Groups consists of 4-6 international students who meet once a week for informal conversation with a native English group leader.
  • The Slutzker Center for International Services at Syracuse University Club Francophonie
    Club Francophonie is committed to promoting French language in the Syracuse University community. All students, scholars and their families are welcome--whether you speak French or not. A variety of events are offered each year ranging from French conversation group meetings, French Movie Screenings (with English subtitles), Valentine's Day Concerts, and Mardi Gras Soirées, Thanksgiving Candlelight Concerts, Mother's Day Brunch, and others.
  • Syracuse University's LGBT Resource Center
    Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF are home to many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, questioning/queer, and ally (LGBTQA) students, faculty, and staff. The LGBT Resource Center provides a safe and nurturing place for LGBTQA people to make connections and form community.
  • Syracuse University's Office of Multicultural Affairs
    The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) provides the necessary support and guidance needed to encourage students to become members of a community respectful of differences. OMA assists students to grow into individuals willing to take a proactive stance against oppression in all its forms. OMA reaches out to students of all colors who are struggling with mixed messages they may receive in dealing with the issues of race and diversity in their own communities.
  • Syracuse University's Hendrick's Chapel
    Hendricks Chapel is a place for all people. As an interfaith chapel, it enjoys a rich collegiality and dialogue among members of many different faith traditions. At the same time, each of those individual traditions is invited to express fully its beliefs and practices. At Hendricks Chapel, we value service. The office of Community Engagement and Integrative Learning is a place where you can become involved in the community by sharing in numerous service projects. Stop by People's Place, a student-run coffee shop, and take your cup of coffee into the Noble Room for conversation or quiet studying. Join one of our choirs. Attend a lecture or concert hosted in the chapel. Enjoy sitting on the steps. There are a number of ways to be involved and we look forward to getting to know you.