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End-of-Course Student Surveys

The core of the Instructional Evaluation and Testing system is a standardized College-wide questionnaire on student experiences distributed at the conclusion of each course. We process results of end-of-course student questionnaires and distribute reports to the faculty. The reports are useful to faculty for improving subsequent offerings of the same or related courses.

IDEaS encourages and assists faculty in constructing and interpreting mid-course feedback/feedforward instruments and procedures, as well as instruments designed especially for new courses.

End-of-Course Student Survey

Please take time to complete this survey in class. Your thoughtful and objective responses to each question are a highly valued part of the teaching and learning improvement process.

End-of-Course surveys are completed anonymously and are collected by someone other than the instructor who delivers them immediately to the IDEAS office (8-Moon). Survey reports are made available to the instructor and faculty chairs after course grades are submitted.

Using the scale at right, where (1) = Strongly Disagree and (5) = Strongly Agree, indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

Remember, use the following scale:

  1. The course and subject matter were well organized.
  2. The instructor communicated effectively.
  3. The instructor was enthusiastic about teaching.
  4. The instructor seemed knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  5. The instructor conveyed a positive attitude toward students.
  6. Tests, assignments, and projects were fair.
  7. Grading was fair. 
  8. The instructional approach(es) used was (were) appropriate to the course.
  9. The instructor motivated me to do my best work.
  10. I gave my best effort in this course.

    Complete the following three questions (nos. 11-13) for lab or studio courses only.
  11. I was provided with adequate orientation and guidance for proceeding with laboratory/studio activities.
  12. The instructor(s) was (were) helpful in assisting with problems and difficulties in the lab/studio.
  13. Space & facilities were adequate for required activities.
  14. Instructor provided item(s)...
PART 2: Written Responses

Please provide written comments directly on this page in response to the following questions.

  1. What was the most effective part of this course?
  2. What are your suggestions, if any, for changes that would improve this course?
  3. Given all that you learned as a result of this course, what do you consider to be most important?
  4. Do you have any additional comments or clarifications to make regarding your responses to any particular survey item?
  5. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions that go beyond issues addressed on this survey?

Test Scoring

IDEaS facilitates processing of tests and exams given by ESF faculty. IDEaS is currently absorbing costs associated with test scanning and reporting. In order to have a test scored, faculty should bring their tests to IDEaS (13 Moon). Typically, completed tests will be available to be picked up from IDEaS in 24-48 hours. IDEaS provides this service and covers costs only for tests brought directly to and picked up from IDEaS.

Scoring and analysis requires two separate control sheets: (1) an "Instructor" form and (2) an "Answer Key" for each class or section for which a test/exam will be scored. These control sheets are followed by the (3) student answer sheets. Examples of all of these are provided below.

For your convenience, IDEaS will include red bubble answer sheets in its media stockroom inventory. These will be provided to individual faculty or Faculties on a cost charge-back basis. The answer sheets are packaged in lots of 500 at a charge of $30.58. Please be sure that you bring an account number when you pick up answer sheet packets.

When you pick up your completed test(s), you will receive student results (total number of correct answers) listed alphabetically and by student ID number. You will also receive summary statistics and an analyses for each question that you may use to develop or improve your data base of test questions. A complete test summary report packet is available from IDEaS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or phone Scott Shannon at 6599.

instructor form

Click on the above image to enlarge & show detail

2) Answer Key (example)

answer key

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3) Student Answer Sheet (example)

student answer sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to have more than one correct answer?

Yes. If you have more than one correct answer for any test question use an additional answer key control sheet for each additional correct answer.

2. Is it possible to have multiple forms for the same exam (i.e. same questions in different orders)?

Yes. Multiple forms of an exam are helpful in, for example, ensuring the integrity of an exam in a large enrollment class. To have more than one form for the same exam you have to make a "map" that shows how each additional form of the test corresponds to the master. For example, for a six item test, consider the following steps:

Step 1

Form #1 (Master) Form #2 Form #3 Form #4
1 3 4 6
2 4 5 1
3 6 6 4
4 1 1 5
5 2 2 2
6 5 3 3

Now clump sequential items (questions) into item groups. In this example Forms #2 and #4 have four "item groups" and Form #3 has 2 "item groups.'

Step 2

Form #1 (Master) Form #2 Form #3 Form #4
1-6 3-4 4-6 6
6 1-3 1
1-2 4-5
5 2-3

If multiple forms for the same exam is an option that you need, please (1) bring a map made in this format (see step 2) and (2) copies of all your test forms to the IDEAS office.

3. What do I do if I have multiple-choice and true-false questions?

Simply have your students fill in a circle corresponding with the number of choices. If it is true-false than the student will fill in circle number one or two.