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Our printing service allows Faculty and Professional Staff the opportunity to cost effectively produce high quality large format printed renderings of presentation posters and signage. To be considered "large format" the minimum dimension is equal to 24". Printing is a drop off service; you need not schedule a print time. Clients must leave media to be printed at the ITS Media Operations Desk during normal business hours. The ITS Media Operations Desk attendant will gather the necessary information about the job request. Please be prepared to provide a valid State or Research Foundation account number when you make your large format printing arrangements with ITS Media. Clients my also provide the print job file electronicly via email to and provide the same account information.
Large Format Printing is a charge back eligible service.
Your file will be printed on your choice of glossy or matte finish paper. Please indicate your preference during the job order process.
Turn around time for printing services depends on the volume of the order, the order's place in the que and the availablility of qualified staff to complete the request. A minimum for any order is two business days.


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