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Graduate Programs

Current Graduate Students

Information on our graduate students is provided here to facilitate communication between enrolled students as well as to inform and encourage prospective students. Photos may be of the student or of their research interest.

Graduate SchoolCurrent Students

Only currently registered students appear—new student names are added at the start of the academic year.

Danielle AdeDanielle Ade | dade01@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Erika BowenErika Bowen | ebowen@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MS

Lingfei DaiLingfei Dai | lidai@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MS

Rui FangRui Fang | rufang@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Chad GreveldingChad Grevelding | cmgrevel@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Alexandra GrisantiAlexandra Grisanti | apgrisan@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Sabrina Hegenbarth JuedesSabrina Hegenbarth Juedes | shegenba@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Caroline HorganCaroline Horgan | cahorgan@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Elena JuodisiusElena Juodisius | ebjuodis@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Meaghan KeefeMeaghan Keefe | mrkeefe@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Kimberly KoriothKimberly Korioth | kakoriot@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Jennifer LauerJennifer Lauer | jelauer@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Muxia LiMuxia Li | mli198@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Jared MalinoskiJared Malinoski | jmalinos@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Patricia McNeilPatricia McNeil | pamcneil@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MS

Jordan MuellerJordan Mueller | jmueller@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Madeline MurphyMadeline Murphy | msmurphy@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Richard NevilleRichard Neville | rcnevill@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Anthony OstuniAnthony Ostuni | aostuni@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Sujay ParabSujay Parab | ssparab@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Jordan PullingJordan Pulling | jlpullin@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Anna RaffeldAnna Raffeld | amraffel@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Adam ScalisiAdam Scalisi | adscalis@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MS

Undergraduate Institution: SUNY-ESF (Landscape Architectu)

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Personal Statement
I am passionate about the creation of spaces and the quality of the environment they provide. The standards of today are ever increasing and that extends into our physical environment as well. It is no longer acceptable for our outdoor spaces to simply "look nice". They must be productive in other ways as well and layering multiple functions into our spaces, from environmental, to economic, to experiential. These are some of the pieces that go into a quality design.

Graduate Research Topic
Post Installation Analysis of Green Infrastructure Soil Conditions

Shaghayegh ShahhosseiniShaghayegh Shahhosseini | sshahhos@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Daniel StazzoneDaniel Stazzone | dpstazzo@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Kyle StillwellKyle Stillwell | kdstillw@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA

Undergraduate Institution: SUNY University at Buffalo (Aerospace Engineerin)

Anna TiburziAnna Tiburzi | astiburz@syr.edu | Degree Sought: MLA