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Graphic Objects Library

Landscape Architecture Resources

Technique Graphic Object
CAD Details Trees - 3D
Environmental Map Cars -2D
Lights Cars - 3D
People - 2D
People - 3D
Trees - 2D Plan
North Trees - 2D Section
Texture Maps:

Floor Patterns
Masonry Patterns
Paper Patterns

Welcome to the Graphic Objects Library! The Graphic Objects Library, or GOL, has been assembled as a resource to facilitate digital production. As students and faculty express their ideas through digital means, it is advantageous to not have to reproduce commonly used items. The GOL intends to address this need by providing a collection of commonly used symbols, texture maps, and construction details. Most of these objects can be easily and infinitely manipulated in a variety of software programs.

The objects in the GOL are provided as is. Every object downloaded must be checked for scaling, size, line weight, and line type. As such, the GOL cannot be used to simply "copy and paste" together a digital product.

To begin using the GOL, click on one of the folder names in the left-hand navigation bar.

Materials in the GOL have been obtained from students, faculty, and various public web sites. We encourage current students and faculty to contribute individual objects like trees, cars, benches, and lights to the GOL. We ask that 2D vector content be saved in DWG or EPS format. In order to increase compatibility, we ask that you save content in a previous version format. For example, a section drawing of a conifer created in AutoCAD 2000 should be saved as an R14 DWG file.

Questions about contributing to the GOL should be sent to Dayton Reuter.

Page last updated: October 17, 2002