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Bachelor of
Landscape Architecture

* Special Course Codes
(Code indicates course meets certain program or accreditation requirements. Ignore if there is no relevance to this program of study.)

G = General Education course (GenEd)
E = Engineering
ES = Engineering Sciences
M = Mathematics
NS = Natural Sciences
PE = Professional Education
S = Summer-only course


Degree Requirements

The B.L.A. degree is granted at the end of five years of study and requires the successful completion of 141 credit hours. Students are accepted into the lower-division landscape architecture program as freshmen or as sophomore transfers and into the upper-division program as junior transfers.

The degree is accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB).

Lower Division Required Courses

APM 103Applied College Algebra and TrigonometryG3
EFB 101General Biology I: Organismal Biology and EcologyG3
EFB 102General Biology I LaboratoryG1
ESF 200Information Literacy 1
EWP 190Writing and the Environment G3
EWP 220Public Presentation Skills 2 - 3
EWP 290Research Writing and HumanitiesG3
LSA 132Orientation Seminar: Landscape Architecture 1
LSA 182Drawing Studio G3
LSA 206Art, Culture and Landscape II G3
LSA 220Introduction to Landscape Architecture 3
LSA 226Foundation Design Studio I 4
LSA 227Foundation Design Studio II 4
LSA 300Digital Methods and Graphics I 3
LSA 301Digital Methods and Graphics II 3
LSA 305History of Landscape Architecture I 3
LSA 311Natural Processes in Design and Planning 3
LSA 333Plants Materials 2

Upper Division Required Courses

EWP 410
LSA 306History of Landscape Architecture II 3
LSA 312Place/Culture/Design 3
LSA 321Ecological Applications in Planning and Design 3
LSA 326Landscape Architectural Design Studio I 5
LSA 327Landscape Architectural Design Studio II 5
LSA 342Landscape Architectural Construction Technology 4
LSA 343Landscape Materials and Structures 3
LSA 422Landscape Architectural Design Studio III 5
LSA 423Landscape Architectural Design Studio IV 5
LSA 424Preparation for Off-Campus Design Thesis Studio 1
LSA 425Orientation for Off-Campus Design Thesis Studio 3
LSA 433Planting Design and Practice 3
LSA 451Comprehensive Land Planning 3
LSA 455Professional Practice in Landscape Architecture 3
LSA 458Off-Campus Design Thesis Studio: Faculty Advisor Visit, Weekly Reports and Field Studies 4
LSA 459Off-Campus Design Thesis Studio: Design Journal and Project Notebook 4
LSA 460Off-Campus Design Thesis Studio: Thesis Project 7
LSA 461Off-Campus Final Presentation Seminar 1
LSA 470Thematic Landscape Design Studio 6
LSA 497Contemporary Issues in Landscape Architecture 1 - 6

Typical Program of Study

First Year (Freshman Entry)

APM103 Applied College Algebra and Trigonometry
EFB 101 General Biology I
EFB 102 General Biology I Laboratory
ESF 200 Information Literacy
EWP 190 Writing and the Environment
LSA132 Orientation Seminar: Landscape Architecture
LSA220 Introduction to Landscape Architecture
EWP 220 Public Presentation Skills
LSA182 Drawing Studio
Natural/Physical Science Elective
General Education Course: Other World Civilization
General Education Course: Social Sciences

Second Year (Sophomore Year)

LSA206 Art, Culture and Landscape II
LSA226 Foundation Design Studio I
LSA300 Digital Methods and Graphics I
LSA311 Natural Processes in Design and Planning
LSA333 Plants Materials
EWP 290 Research Writing and Humanities
LSA227 Foundation Design Studio II
LSA301 Digital Methods and Graphics II
LSA305 History of Landscape Architecture I
General Education Course: American History

Third Year (Junior Year and Transfer)

LSA306 History of Landscape Architecture II
LSA321 Ecological Applications in Planning and Design
LSA326 Landscape Architectural Design Studio I
LSA433 Planting Design and Practice
LSA433 Planting Design and Practice
LSA312 Place/Culture/Design
LSA327 Landscape Architectural Design Studio II
LSA342 Landscape Architectural Construction Technology
LSA343 Landscape Materials and Structures

Fourth Year (Senior Year)

EWP 407 Technical Writing
LSA422 Landscape Architectural Design Studio III
LSA424 Orientation for Off-Campus Thesis
LSA451 Fundamentals of City and Regional Planning
LSA423 Landscape Architectural Design Studio IV
LSA425 Orientation for Off-Campus Program
LSA451 Comprehensive Land Planning
LSA497 Contemporary Issues in Landscape Architecture

Fifth Year

Fall Off Campus Program
LSA458 Field Studies
LSA459 Design Journal and Project Notebook
LSA460 Thesis Project
LSA461 Off Campus Seminar
LSA470 Thematic Studio
LSA497 Contemporary Issues in Landscape Architecture