Born May 30, 1931. After graduation from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale du Pétrole in Paris, he participated with Compagnie Francaise des Pétroles (now TOTAL) in the Sahara exploration with the discoveries of two supergiant fields: Hassi Messaoud and Hassi R'Mel. He went to explore Central, Southern and Western Australia.

  He was in charge of exploration in Canada for TOTAL in Calgary where he started exploring Labrador Sea and Michigan. After 15 years overseas, he went to TOTAL headquarters in Paris where he was in charge successively of the new ventures negotiation, technical services and research, basin exploration departments and finally deputy exploration manager.

  He was member of the Safety Panel of the Ocean Drilling Program (JOIDES). He was President of the Exploration Commission of the Comité des Techniciens of the Union Française de l'Industrie Pétrolière where he directed the publication of a dozen of manuals. He was director of Compagnie Génerale de Geophysique, Petrosystems and various TOTAL subsidiaries. After 37 years of worldwide exploration with TOTAL, he retired in 1991.

  He is now writing articles and giving lectures. He has written several reports with Petroconsultants and Petroleum Economist on world's oil and gas potential and future production. He was a member of the "Society of Petroleum Engineers/World Petroleum Congress ad hoc Committee on joint definitions of petroleum reserves" and also a member of the task force on "Perspectives Energie 2010-2020" for the "Commissariat Général du Plan". His graphs are used in the International Energy Agency 1998 report "World International Outlook" and in the World Energy Council reports 2000 "Energy for tomorrow's world - Acting Now" & 2004 "Drivers of the energy scene". He chaired the 2002 World Petroleum Congress (Rio of Janeiro) panel on hydrates (RFP9 "Economic Use of Hydrates: Dream or Reality?"). He is a co-founder of ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and gas).