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Water Resources Engineering at ESF



Water is one of our most precious resources on this planet. While there is a perception that we have an overabundance of water on this planet, in reality many of our critical water systems are endangered. Without protections and proper water management, one of our planet's most valuable resources could become toxic for future generations.

The Water Resources Engineering program at SUNY ESF emphasizes the application of engineering techniques to reduce devastating impacts on the planet's vital water systems. SUNY ESF students pursue solutions to water resources problems, recognizing environmental, economic, legal, social, and managerial constraints. The department has computing facilities, field sites, and a fluids laboratory with a tilting sediment recirculating flume and river geomorphology table to support research activities. The program takes advantage of departmental expertise in GIS and remote sensing to address problems on a variety of scales.

Featured Water Resource Research at ESF

Green Infrastructure Rain Garden

ESF commenced greenhouse evaluation of water use efficiency of native plants for use in local green infrastructure practices. ERE graduate students will assess the impact of irrigation and drought conditions on percolation and ET rates.

Reimagine the Erie Canal

The Erie Canal is much more than just a waterway. It supplies drinking water in the Mohawk Valley, and helps keep several top-notch golf courses green. ESF faculty and graduates are part of a team tasked with creating new irrigation infrastructure and develop a water management plan for the western New York portion of the Erie Canal.

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Dr. Lindi J. Quackenbush
Chair of the Environmental Resources Engineering Department
(315) 470-4727