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The Gardens of Fletcher Steele Traveling ExhibitionFletcher Steele and the Fletcher Steele Collection at ESF

Recognizing the important contribution Fletcher Steele made to garden design and the profession of landscape architecture, several groups initiated the idea to put together an exhibit to display and promote his works. The efforts of The American Horticultural Society, The Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, Allyn's Creek Gardening Club and author/researcher Robin Karson resulted in The Gardens of Fletcher Steele. Created in 1984, the exhibition is a 60 piece, visually oriented collection of matted and framed facsimile reproductions, didactic panels and large color photos that cover his major projects, including Naumkeag, Ancrum House, the Whitney Allen House, the Standish Backus House, the Turner House and the Lisburne Grange.

The Gardens of Fletcher Steele is designed to appeal to a wide audience, from the general public to gardening enthusiasts to professionals and students interested in Steele's contribution to the profession. The exhibition focuses on Steele's garden imagery in a narrative context, addressing his design process and the dreamscapes he produced rather than being a collection of pictures. It attempts to make the best and most creative use of images that were last seen nearly half a century ago.

Opening in 1989, the exhibition has appeared at:

  • University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY (1989)
  • Paine Weber Art Gallery, NYC (1990)
  • Wave Hill, The Bronx (1990)
  • The Berkshire Museum (1991)
  • Harvard University (1992)
  • University of Georgia at Athens (1995)
  • University of Toronto (1995)
  • University of Guelph (1995)
  • Iowa State University (1995)
  • Auburn University (1999)
  • Arizona State University (2000)
  • Lorenzo Historic Site, Cazenovia, New York (2004)

Bringing the Gardens of Fletcher Steele Traveling Exhibition to Your Location

If you would like to learn about how to arrange for The Gardens of Fletcher Steele to come to your location, refer to the Logistics of the Exhibition page, and contact Caroline Bailey, SUNY-ESF, Department of Landscape Architecture, Syracuse, NY, 13210, email her at cbbailey@esf.edu, or call her at 315-470-6543.