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The Fletcher Steele Collection at ESF

Traveling Exhibition Logistics

I. Thirty three matted and framed (maple) black and white (16" x 20") facsimile reproductions based on exhibition quality photographs showing gardens designed between 1915 and 1965. Introductory wall labels with some plans describe the gardens and their settings.

The following clients are represented: Grahame Wood (Wawa, PA), Ethan Allen (North Andover, MA), Charlotte Whitney Allen (Rochester, NY), John and Nora Towne (Mount Kisco, NY), Samuel and Katherine Sloan (Garrison, NY), John and Eleanor Ellsworth (Simsbury, CT), Peter and Edith Gerry (Asheville, NC), Mabel Choate (Stockbridge, MA), Camden Library Theater (Camden, ME), Standish Backus (Gorsse Pointe Shores, MI), Helen and Robert Stoddard (Worcester, MA), Richard and Nancy Turner (Pittsford, NY).

Most of the original photographs are by Paul Weber and Mattie Hewitt. All except three are part of the Fletcher Steele Archives at SUNY CESF.

II. Five, mural sized (3' x 5') framed, color photographs by Felice Frankel taken especially for the exhibit, with labels.

The pictures are of: Naumkeag, Stockbridge, MA (3 images), the Stoddard House, Worcester, MA (1 image), the Whitney Allen House, Rochester, NY (1 image).

III. Eight didactic panels, each with 4 images (including facsimile plans, construction photographs, drawings, and/or color photographs), on the following topics:

  1. Fletcher Steele's life and artistic development
  2. Pond Overlook, Ancrum House, Lake Delaware, NY (c. 1926)
  3. Afternoon Garden, Naumkeag, Stockbridge, MA (c. 1926)
  4. Camden Library Theater, Camden, ME (1929)
  5. South Lawn, Naumkeag, Stockbridge, MA (1934)
  6. Saracen Tent, Charlotte Whitney Allen, Rochester, NY (1937)
  7. Blue Steps (Birch Walk), Naumkeag, Stockbridge, MA (1938)
  8. Stage Backdrop, Standish Backus, Grosse Pointe Shores, MI (1932-43)

Packing Order

Crate 1
Seven 12" x 15" labels

Crate 2
Eight 9" x 11" labels
Sixteen 23" x 29" black and white framed photographs

Crate 3
Eighteen 23" x 29" black and white framed photographs

Crate 4
Nine 31" x 41" didactic panels (one blank)

Crate 5
Five 39" x 60" color photographs

Total Weight of Exhibit = 994 lbs.
Total Number of Items in Exhibit = 64

To rent the exhibit, there is a charge of $250.00, and we do ask that you pay for the freight costs. If you would like to display the exhibit at your location, or have further questions, contact Caroline Bailey, SUNY-ESF, Department of Landscape Architecture, Syracuse, NY, 13210, email her at cbbailey@esf.edu, or call her at 315-470-6543.