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What You Need To Do

ID Credentials & Email Activation

Students access ESF systems through the use of an ESFiD. To set up your ESFiD student credentials, start at and follow the instructions in the yellow box in the Applicant Portal. Activate your SU NetID/SU email by using your nine-digit SUID number at

These IDs are needed to access online resources, both on and off campus, and to receive email notifications. You can start this process at the portal. Once your SU NetID is activated and your ESFiD is set up, check your email at and your email at

Please Note: Official campus communications are sent via your email. Please check this often.

Student Profile in the MyESF Portal

Complete the following through your MyESF portal:

  • Headshot

  • ESF emergency contact information

  • ESF policies acknowledgment page

  • FERPA proxy waiver (if desired)

Submit a recent headshot photo for your Syracuse University (SU)/ESF student ID card AND for your ESF student record file. There are two places where your headshot photo must be submitted. The same photo can be used but each requires its own upload. Upload your ID card photo by following the link on the MyESF portal.


centennial hallIf you have not completed your housing application, do so immediately. If you wish to match with a roommate, it must be completed in Roomsync. Contact Centennial Hall if you have any questions at 315-741-3067.

Transfer students may choose to live in off-campus apartments in the neighborhoods surrounding the ESF and SU campuses.

    • Syracuse University's Office of Student Living, or 315-443-3893 provides a variety of apartment listings and transportation information.

    • Additional off-campus housing agencies and resources are listed online 

Meal Plans

One of the benefits of ESF's relationship with Syracuse University is the variety of dining services and venues that ESF students have access to. All first-year students living in ESF's Centennial Hall must choose a minimum of the Block 85 meal plan (85 meals per semester), provided by Syracuse University (SU) Dining Services. ESF students can use their SU meal plan swipes at any of the dining centers found on the SU campus, and will most often use the Sadler Hall dining center, located just a short walk from Centennial Hall. An additional $500 in Meal Plan Dining Dollars, in addition to what the SU meal plan includes in Meal Plan Dining Dollars, is also required for first-year students living in Centennial.

Log into MySlice and select the meal plan of their choice. Watch the zoom recording on meal plans for more information.

More information on Meal Plan Options for ESF Students.

Health Immunization Assignment

Students will upload required immunization records online at the MyESF Portal. Per New York state law, all ESF students are required to have the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and COVID-19 vaccines, and must also verify if they have or have not received the meningococcal (meningitis) vaccine.

After logging into the MyESF Portal, click on ESF Action Item Processing Link and scroll to Immunization History Required. Click the box first, then the paperclip. This will include a copy of the ESF Immunization History Form.

Detailed instructions are at the top of the ESF Immunization History Form, but here is a brief overview:

    • You may either choose to have your health care provider fill in your immunization dates and sign the health form which you then upload OR you may upload a copy of your immunization records from your health care provider's office.

    • No matter which option you choose, you still need to check the appropriate box and sign the meningococcal response form and upload that with your immunization information.

Complete Mandatory Academic Assignment

Math Placement Assessment

Due 7/27/22

Chemistry Learning Modules

Due 8/27/22

Final Transcripts & Other Academic Records

Official records of all previous college-level course work (including Advanced Placement, College-Level Examination Program, International Baccalaureate, etc.) must be received at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

If official credentials are not received by this date, the College reserves the right to withdraw our offer of admission. You must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if your final credentials will not be received by this deadline. Additionally, any "in progress (IP)" transfer credit will be removed from your Degree Audit Plan Sheet if official transcripts are not received by this deadline. All students (freshmen and transfers) must submit an official high school transcript (with graduation date noted), high school equivalency test score report, or equivalent by the deadline.

Students who fail to submit all required official documents by the deadline will not be permitted to register for the Fall 2022 semester.

Mandatory Alcohol & Sexual/Interpersonal Violence Training

Students must complete two online programs designed to promote responsible decision-making in college around alcohol and drugs, sexual/interpersonal violence, and bystander intervention. An email will be sent to your email account in mid-July with details on how to access and complete these courses by 9/25/22.

Please note: Failure to complete these courses will affect your ability to register for Spring 2023 classes.

Financial Aid & Billing Assignment

ESF financial aid is not transferred or applied towards your SU bill. Students are responsible for paying for their SU bill directly to Syracuse University.

If you applied for financial aid, you will receive an email notifying you that your financial aid award is available online. Follow the link to view and print your award. Accept or decline your award online.

You will receive an email notifying you to access and pay your ESF bill in MyESF. SU will bill you directly for any SU mealplan selection made in MyESF and those charges are not reflected on your ESF bill. Instructions and due dates will be posted in MyESF.

SU bills are solely for Syracuse University meal plans and parking permits for off-campus and commuter students (if applicable).

ESF has partnered with a company called BankMobile Disbursements to deliver financial aid refunds. If you receive an email from them, this is NOT SPAM. Please make sure to set up your preference so your refund is not delayed.

Contact Us

Rebecca Hilt
Federal Work Study Contact
113 Bray Hall

ESF has Federal Work-Study (FWS) positions available for eligible students.

File your FAFSA as early as possible (Oct. 1 is the opening date for FAFSA). Answer "yes" to the work-study question. If you have done this and don't see FWS on your financial aid offer, please contact Rebecca Hilts: 315-470-6671 or

Work study jobs are posted at  financial aid website.

Health Insurance Assignment

All full-time ESF students are required to have health insurance. The cost of the ESF Student Health Insurance Plan for 2022-23 is $2,430. This is prorated for Spring 2023 admits to $1,411 and will be automatically added to your first student bill. If you have health insurance through another source (such as your parents/guardian/spouse or employment), you can waive out of the ESF Student Health Insurance Plan.

The deadline to waive out is Sept. 30, 2022. Failure to take action by the deadline will result in your being responsible for the full cost of the plan. To waive out or obtain more information, visit your MyESF portal.

*Please note: The ESF Student Health Insurance Plan is separate from the ESF Student Health Fee. The ESF Student Health Fee is a mandatory fee that all students must pay.

Please note: International student health information is further detailed at You can complete many of these assignments at your MyESF portal, which you will find at You can access your MyESF portal using your Applicant Account log-in or by setting up a new account.