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2007 ESF S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Team

HughesTom Hughes, ESF Project Coordinator

Tom Hughes is originally from Rush, NY, just south of Rochester. He has spent much of his lifetime fishing and exploring the Finger Lakes region. Tom received his BS from Cornell University in Natural Resources-Fisheries Science (1995) and his MS from SUNY College at Brockport in Biological Sciences-Aquatic Ecology (2002).

Professionally, Tom has worked for Cornell University’s Adirondack Fisheries Research Program, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Previous to SUNY-ESF, Tom worked with Cornell Cooperative Extension as an assistant director for an environmentally based alternative education program for Youth at Risk in eastern Long Island.

Tom earned an MPS in Environmental Interpretation at SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry in 2006. Tom has been the ESF SCIENCE program coordinator since May of 2006.

MajanenTerhi Majanen, Project Assistant

Terhi Majanen is a Project Staff Assistant at ESF Outreach. Prior to joining Outreach in 2007, she worked at Conservation International in Washington, DC. Terhi has a BA in Geography from University College London and earned her M.Phil. in Environment and Development at the University of Cambridge, U.K. Her interests include protected areas and biodiversity, particularly in marine environments, sustainable development, and environmental communication and education. Having lived and worked in Finland, Tanzania, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Germany, the U.K., and now the U.S., Terhi loves to travel. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, reading, squash, and volunteering at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.

razaLee Raza, ESF Graduate Student

Lee is currently a graduate student in Environmental Interpretation. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York has given her a special interest in urban ecosystems. She plans to pursue a career as a science teacher and share her knowledge and curiosity of urban nature with ESF SCIENCE campers, as well as future city students.

razaBruno Takahashi, ESF Graduate Student

Bruno is originally from Lima – Peru. He is a graduate student in the Environmental Studies program. He received a degree in communications from the University of Lima and is currently finishing his MS degree. Bruno will continue with the PhD program in the Environmental Communication and Participatory Processes area starting this Fall 07.

Bruno currently serves as a research project assistant for the Onondaga Creek Conceptual Revitalization Plan where he developed an environmental education pilot course in Blodgett Middle School focusing on Onondaga Creek.

He plans to return to Peru once he concludes his studies to apply and teach the knowledge and skills he obtained while studying at SUNY-ESF.

kounnavongSarah Marcus, ESF Undergraduate

Sarah cannot remember a time when she did not find the natural world fascinating. Growing up in Highland Park, New Jersey did not provide Sarah with a lot of opportunities to experience a wild environment, but that did not dampen her interest in the natural world. Her desire to understand the astounding workings of nature hands on brought her to SUNY ESF where she is currently pursuing a degree in Conservation Biology. Sarah has worked as a counselor at summer camps for 6 years, but last summer was the first time Sarah was able to combine her love of nature with her job at a new summer camp. Sarah worked at Peconic Dunes Environmental Camp Sea Wolf in Long Island teaching nature and pond ecology. Her experience with enriching and encouraging children’s fascination and curiosity with nature motivated Sarah to continue her work at the ESF SCIENCE summer camp program.

kounnavongLeetha Kounnavong, ESF Undergraduate Student

Leetha was born and raised in the city of Rochester, New York. She is a junior in Environmental Policy. After graduating she plans on attending law school heading in the profession of Environmental Law. Leetha likes to learn new languages; she speaks fluent Lao, French and English. In her spare time she is teaching herself Spanish and sign language. She likes to travel and hopes to travel the world.

jeffreyKenson Jeffrey, ESF Undergraduate Student

Kenson is an Environmental Chemistry major going into his senior year at SUNY ESF. Kenson aspires to be an environmental lawyer and plans to enter law school in the fall of 2008. A Brooklyn native, his interest in environmental science was first sparked by spending time in the outdoors in scouts then later when he took an urban ecology class in high school. Kenson has not worked with children of this age before, but he expects to have lots of fun.

hahnLaura Hahn, ESF Undergraduate Student

Laura Hahn is a junior Natural History and Interpretation student at ESF and has been involved with the Outreach office since September of 2006. She is from Buffalo, NY and grew up hunting, fishing and drawing in the surrounding area. Laura has helped Outreach with Nature Journaling tables at events such as the Gander Mountain Sportsmen’s Days at Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery. She has illustrated a musky fishing guide called “The Quest For Girthra, Epic, Heroic, Mythic, Mystic, And Comic Methods For Catching The Great Musky.” by Richard Minich. She has also planned and ran a Forestry Badge Day for local Boy Scouts. She is the Vice President of SUNY-ESF’s Woodsmen Team and plans on attending SUNY Morrisville after ESF where she will acquire a bachelors in Dairy Management. Ms. Hahn hopes to someday run a teaching dairy farm here in New York.

howeAlexander Howe, ESF Undergraduate Student

Alex Howe is a senior at SUNY-ESF working on a B.S. in Natural Resources Management focusing on Recreation Management. When he graduates he will be able to claim the title “Recreation Specialist” which he feels is the coolest job title ever.

He spent his sophomore year at the Ranger School, and obtained an A.A.S. in Forest Technology. It was an awesome and amazing time, and it was the most challenging endeavor of his life.

Alex has experience working with children and camps, initially for many years with Boy Scouts while obtaining Eagle Scout Rank as well as working with scout summer camps. For the previous three summers, Alex has worked as the Director of the Nature Department with the Variety Club Camp in Worscestor, PA a camp for disabled children of low-income families.

After graduating, Alex is debating returning to the Ranger School for the spring semester and obtaining another A.A.S. in Surveying. Then, he hopes to enlist in the Peace Corps for two years, possibly being sent to Africa to develop an ecotourism initiative with a local community.

Upon returning Alex will apply for a Park Ranger position with the National Park Service. He would be just as happy doing environmental interpretation as being a backcountry ranger.

Alex’s interests include: all things Nature, Camping, Wilderness Survival, Outdoorsy type stuff, Gymnastics, Reading, Games, Juggling (He'd like to get more into contact juggling), SCUBA, D&D!

A favorite quote:

"Nature teaches more than she preaches. There are no sermons in stones. It is easier to get a spark out of a stone than a moral."-John Burroughs

wynneRyan Wynne, ESF Undergraduate Student

Growing up outside of Albany, New York, Ryan always had an affinity for the outdoors. From a young child much of his time would be spent wading in streams and checking under rocks and trees for critters of all kinds. This curiosity for nature eventually grew into profound appreciation and respect, leading Ryan to SUNY-ESF.

As a Wildlife-Science major, Ryan is still able to get out into the field and look for the critters he’s always loved. He hopes to inspire and teach children about the many amazing natural resources all around them.

gatesEmily Gates, ESF Undergraduate Student

Emily is a senior Environmental Studies major at SUNF ESF. Originally from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania...very much south of here...she has gotten used to Syracuse's frigid temperatures. She loves the outdoors and of course sharing it with others. Painting, exploring, reading, and playing badminton are currently her favorite activities.

Expecting to learn as much as campers, she shouts...lets get our hands dirty!

mulliganLizz Mulligan, ESF Undergraduate Student

Lizz Mulligan is currently a junior, studying Wildlife Science, at SUNY-ESF. Growing up in the heart of the Adirondacks, Lizz gained an appreciation for the great outdoors at an early age; this notion has stayed with her throughout her college years. One of the most important lessons she hopes to convey to the youth is the importance of environmental ecosystems and environmental ethics. Her goal is to influence the stewards of tomorrow though the ESF SCIENCE Corps. Lizz is a very energetic person who enjoys activities ranging from SCUBA diving, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and traveling.

busaHeidi Busa, ESF in the High School Teacher/Project Consultant

Heidi is a teacher at Marcellus High School and a SUNY ESF Board of Trustees member. Currently, she is teaching environmental studies, biomedical and chemical technologies, Regents Living Environment, and Global Environment (part of ESF in the High School). Heidi is a graduate of SUNY ESF where she majored in Wildlife Biology, minored in Botany, and received a B.S. in Forest Biology. She also received an M.S. from Syracuse University in Science Education.

Professionally, Heidi has over 25 years of experience educating students. She has taught as an environmental educator for the NYSDEC and at Stone Environmental Schools in Maine and Massachusetts. Before teaching high school students at Marcellus, Heidi instructed at Fowler and Corcoran High Schools, along with Lincoln and Grant Middle Schools in the Syracuse School District.

Outside of the classroom, Heidi is a consultant to the Associate Dean for Educational Outreach at SUNY ESF, where she works on curriculum and professional development. Heidi is also an item writer for the NYS Regents Exam on the Living Environment; she is a facilitator for Project Wild, a wildlife oriented education program; and a facilitator, state chair, and national consultant to Project Learning Tree, an environmental education program dealing with forest resources.

Previously, Heidi has acted as chair for the Science Curriculum Steering Committee for the Syracuse City School District. She was an instructor for the NYS Institute for New Biology Teachers, the NYS Institute for Science and Mathematics, and the National Science Foundation Frontiers of Science Program at Syracuse University. Heidi was also a reviewer for the revision of the Prentice-Hall text, “Biology”, by Miller and Levine. In addition, Heidi was an advisor to Operation Green Eyes, a national award winning high school student team, who developed reclamation plans for a mining site in Marcellus, NY.

Heidi has been elected as secondary and elementary chair for the North American Association for Environmental Education, in 1995 she was named as New York State’s Outstanding Educator and one of five National Outstanding Educators for Project Learning Tree.

Heidi can also be found coaching track and cross-country for Marcellus, cheering on her son at his Lacrosse games, routing for her daughter in soccer, or working with her husband in the garden.

nomuraChris Nomura, ESF Faculty

Christopher T. Nomura was born in East Los Angeles, CA and grew up between East Los Angeles and South Central Los Angeles. Dr. Nomura received a B.A. with honors, from UC Santa Cruz and earned his Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University in Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology. After earning his Ph.D., Dr. Nomura went to the RIKEN Institute in Japan where he began his research in producing biodegradable plastics from renewable resources. Dr. Nomura's interest in research for producing biodegradable plastics and natural products from waste streams was inspired from having grown up in urban environments and seeing first hand lots of pollution in the form of discarded plastic bottles, bags, and trash on the streets and beaches. Dr. Nomura is also a proponent of equity in education and has benefited from participating in several outreach programs as both a student (MBRS, MARC, MIRT) and mentor (MIRT) program.

endrenyTed Endreny, ESF Faculty

Dr. Endreny is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Resources and Forest Engineering (ERFE) at SUNY-ESF. He is a member of the Council on Hydrologic Systems Science at SUNY ESF. Endreny received a B.S. in 1990 at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), a M.S. in 1996 at North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC) in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, and a Ph.D. in 1999 at Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

From 1990 to 1992 Endreny served as a Peace Corps volunteer with the Honduras Forest Service (COHDEFOR), and from 1992 to 1994 Endreny worked as a research associate at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC. Endreny became a member of the SUNY ESF faculty in 1999, and was licensed as a Professional Engineer and Professional Hydrologist in 2002. Endreny was trained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in flood mitigation design in 2002 and by the Fish and Wildlife Service in fluvial geomorphological assessment and restoration in 2003.

Currently Endreny teaches courses in Engineering Hydrology & Hydraulics, Ecological Engineering in the Tropics, and River Classification, as well as provides regular graduate seminar series and guest lectures in Urban Forestry and Introduction to Environmental Engineering. Endreny’s current research interests focus on the use of spatially distributed modeling for coupled ecological-social-hydrological restoration of urban watershed and channel runoff quantity and quality. Endreny also participates on research of rural non-point source runoff modeling and best management practices design and analysis.

At the invitation of Drs. M. Mitchell and C. Driscoll, he has been involved with discussions related to the development of a joint graduate program related to water at ESF and SU. The USDA, EPA, HUD, DoEd, and UNESCO have funded his research. Awards and honors include: Cornell-Ford Foundation Undergraduate Research Scholarship (1989), Peace Corps Tropical Forestry Scholarship (1991), Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society (1996), Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (1996), Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Honor Society (1996), EPA Graduate Fellowship (1995-1996), GTE Teaching Incentive Grant (1996-1999), NASA Graduate Student Research Scholarship (1997-1999), NSF/Carnegie Mellon Engineering Education Scholar (2000), SUNY Chancellor’s Internationalization Award (2004), and Fulbright Commission Sabbatical Award (2005-2006).

Endreny serves as Graduate Curriculum Coordinator for ERFE and as an academic advisor to ESF’s student chapters of Engineers without Borders and American Water Resources Association. Endreny is an associate editor of the Journal of River Basin Management and editorial board member for Hydrological Processes