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ESF S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Team

Meet the 2017 Team

Brenna Mosher holding a turtle


MS Student in Environmental Resources Engineering

Hometown: Syracuse, NY


I am a Master’s student studying Ecological Engineering specifically looking at velocity gradients in the Amazon River. I’m a native to the Syracuse area and I graduated from Nottingham High School. The great outdoors has always captivated me. Some of my favorite places I’ve traveled to include the Galapagos Islands, Zion National Park, and our very own Adirondack State Park. I would love to pursue a career that would allow me to preserve these natural systems and restore them to their original splendor. This is my first year as part of the ESF SCIENCE program. I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to work with children from the same community that I grew up and to help foster their love of nature and science. Hopefully, they will even have enough fun this summer to consider a career in STEM!

Rand Michaels


Senior in Environmental Education
Hometown: Petoskey, MI


Rand Michaels is a senior from Northern Michigan, studying Environmental Education and Interpretation. He has an interest in citizen science and inspiring the next generation of conservationists. In his spare time, Rand enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading, writing and pursuing music.

Lauren Ness


Senior in Environmental Biology
Hometown: Bayshore, NY


I am a senior in Environmental Biology with a minor in Environmental Writing and Rhetoric. Being from Long Island, most of the topics I've studied have been new and exciting to me, but I felt disadvantaged when students from more rural areas had already experienced and had fluid knowledge of nature. So, my goal is to pursue a career in Outdoor Education with a focus in working with urbanely located children. I would love to expand their understanding of the natural world and incorporate it into their everyday lives, just as it is for many children outside of the city.

Kimberly Oswald


Junior in Environmental Studies
Hometown: Geneva, NY


I am a junior in Environmental Studies with a focus in Communication and Society. I am also an Environmental Writing and Rhetoric minor. I am excited to get to meet everyone and show them all of the beautiful places in andaround Syracuse, and teach about them. I hope that after camp ends, everyone will leave with a new appreciation for the environment. Outside of ESF SCIENCE I enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading and snuggling with my dog.

Nafisa Tabassum


Junior in Forest and Natural Resources Management
Hometown: Long Island City, NY


Nafisa is currently a rising junior in the Forest & Natural Resources Management Department and is pursuing a minor in Native Peoples & the Environment. In her spare time Nafisa enjoys running, hiking, and has a passion for verimicomposting. She is involved in Ladies Against Social Stigmas (LASS), a group dedicated to addressing current social issues on campus. Furthermore, she is also involved with the Green Campus Initiative (GCI), an organization that strives to educate, create , and instill sustainable practices on campus. Nafisa has always taken an interest in the environment and looks forward to incorporating that with youth.

Meet the 2016 Team

Timothy Pede

Timothy Pede, PhD Student, Environmental Resources Engineering


I graduated from East-Syracuse Minoa high school and completed my undergraduate studies at SUNY-ESF.  After the attending the University of Vermont for my masters, I’m back at ESF for my doctorate and specializing in GIS and remote sensing.  This is my second summer doing ESF SCIENCE and I love the program because in addition to exposing students to STEM career paths, it highlights the limitless potential of science-based problem solving.  In my free time I enjoy hiking, fishing, and listening to live music. 

Lauren Ness

Lauren Ness, Junior, Environmental Biology

I am a native Long Islander that came here to SUNY-ESF because this college offers me the unique opportunity to be with fellow nature lovers and environmental activists. I am a junior in Environmental Biology and I have a particular interest in comparative anatomy and physiology. My goal after graduation is to join the Peace Corp. so that I can travel to South Africa, educate locals, and hopefully settle down there. I see myself someday working with Africa’s Big 5 and possibly becoming a teacher. I have always loved learning and I believe that education is the best way to grow a community—that is why I value my position in the ESF SCIENCE Camp Program. It is through my team and me that children and young adults can explore their interest in science while still having fun. I hope that our summer with them instills a real drive to constantly question their world and seek answers for what they do not know because that is how one becomes a great scientist.

Kimberly Oswald

Kimberly Oswald, Sophomore, Environmental Studies

Kim is a rising sophomore in the environmental studies program, with a focus on communication and society. She was born and raised in Geneva, NY. She fell in love with the outdoors at her family's summer cottage. Because she loves the beauty of nature, and realizes how critical it is to society's well being, she is dedicated to help preserve it for future generations so they can have as much fun as past and current generations have had outside. She enjoys teaching kids about how amazing their environment is, and how they can protect it. In her spare time, she enjoys kayaking, reading, playing tennis and petting as many dogs as she can. She hopes that all of the campers have an unforgettable summer filled with of lots of fun!

Lawrence Vedilago

Lawrence Vedilago, Senior, Environmental Studies

Lawrence is a rising senior in the Environmental Studies: Policy, Planning, and Law program at SUNY ESF. He graduated from Massapequa High School on Long Island in 2013 and became interested in environmental education and community outreach through experience as an Eagle Scout, a program leader in the Queens Borough Public Library Children’s Discovery Center, and as a community center camp counselor, among other influences. Instilling environmental values among individuals and broader social groups has often been most effective when begun at an early age. Lawrence’s academic and career interests heavily involve early environmental education as well as facilitation of scientific and social discussion and activity among young groups who may not consider such concepts otherwise.