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SAF Code of Ethics

Adopted by membership referendum April 1975, April 1979, October 1981, February 1982, September 1990, March 1993, September 1994, and March 1997.

Article 1. Name

The name of this organization shall be the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters.

Article 2. Purpose

The basic goals of the Society of American Foresters of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, hereafter referred to as SAF, are: to advance the science, technology, education, and practice of professional forestry in America. We shall not discriminate, or promote any form of discrimination, on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, age, handicap, sexual orientation, marital or veteran's status in any program, activity, or service.

Article 3. Membership

Section 1. All matriculated, fee-paying, students of the College registered at the Syracuse campus, as well as other society members employed by SUNY ESF, can be members of SAF

Section 2. Voting privileges at SAF meetings shall be reserved for national dues-paying members of SAF.

Section 3. Members shall be entitled to participate in all chapter activities.

Section 4. Qualification of Officer Nominees

a) Student members only may be entitled to hold office.

b) Chair candidates shall have a cumulative average of at least 2.200 and must not be on academic probation at the end of the semester preceding elections.

c) The remaining officers shall have a cumulative average of at least 2.000 and must not be on academic probation at the end of the semester preceding elections.

Section 5. Non-members may be invited to participate in chapter activities with the understanding that the chapter is under no obligation to them financially or otherwise.

Section 6. The SAF Student Chapter shall not participate in any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers mental or physical health or involves the forced consumption of alcohol or drugs for the purposes of initiation into our affiliation with the organization.

Section 7. If a member commits to an event with their signature they will be held to that commitment. If attendance is not possible then a substitute must be found or the Chair informed at least one (1) week in advance. Failure to do so would result in a monetary loss to SAF, and must be compensated to SAF by the member responsible.

Article 4. Meetings

Section 1. Meetings of SAF shall be held at least twice a month, except during vacation or examination periods. Special or emergency meetings may be called at the discretion of the chair.

Section 2. Three unexcused absences during an academic year shall constitute a violation. With a two-thirds approval of the voting members present, the violating member will be relieved of responsibility of their respective office in SAF.

Section 3. All general meetings shall be announced at least one week prior the meeting.

Section 4. Flag salute will be conducted at the beginning of each meeting.

Section 5. Meetings will be formalized using Robert's Rules:

a) A Parliamentarian will be appointed by the Chair

b) The voting quorum will consist of the average attendance of the last two meetings. 2/3rds of the quorum is needed for a valid vote.

c) National members in good standing employ voting privileges.

d) Members in good standing will be determined by attendance and participation.

Article 5. Vacancy of Office

Section 1. In the event that an SAF office becomes vacant, it shall be filled by a candidate who receives majority approval by voting members present

Section 2. Candidates for vacant positions must voice their intent to the voting members present.

Article 6. Committees

Section 1. Each year membership shall assess the needs of SAF and establish committees as necessary. Examples may include: speakers, special events, community service and education, trips, and fundraising.

Section 2. Committees shall report all activities at business meetings.

Article 7. Requirements To Be An Authorized Or Recognized Organization

Section 1. SAF has received official acknowledgment from the Undergraduate Student Association and is classified as a recognized organization.

Section 2. As a Recognized Organization, SAF must:

a) Be recognized annually and continued recognition will be subject to the following requirements:

1) Amendments or changes to the constitution must receive the approval of the student council and shall be properly filed and recorded.

2) The financial record shall be accurately maintained and current:

b) Immediately following the spring awards, submit to the office of activities and organizations and the association, written fiscal and activity reports.

1) Fiscal reports shall include documentation of all current accounts as well as a proposed budget for the upcoming year.

2) Activity reports shall include a review of all events the organization sponsored throughout the year.

c) Included in the bylaws shall be specific and clear delineation of the management of funds.

Section 3. Administrative Responsibilities

a) The chair must maintain a cumulative and semester GPA of 2.2. All remaining officers must maintain cumulative and semester GPA of at least 2.000

b) Shall submit at the end of the academic year to the association and the office of Activities and Organization:

1) A roster of officers, including accurate addresses and phone numbers. This information shall be updated as necessary.

2) Name, title and phone number of the faculty/staff advisor.

3) Itemize budget plan for the coming year.

c) Must have representation at the pass the torch leadership training sponsored by the office of activities and organizations.

Section 4. Advisors

a)    Shall annually submit to the council and the office of activities and organizations, the name of a faculty or staff advisor.

Section 5. Approved Status Jeopardy

a) Approved status may be revoked if SAF's practices violate any anti-discrimination policies set forth by the association of the college.

b) Approved status may be revoked if SAF members or officers violate the student code of conduct during any organization sponsored events

Article 8. Bylaws

Section 1. Amendments to these bylaws shall be made as follows:


1.) Dues shall not be collected by the Student chapter.

2.) All voting members may be universally assessed up to five (5) dollars annually for specific chapter activities, by a two-thirds majority vote of the Chapter Council. Funds so generated shall be used solely for the designated event. On completion of the activity, any excess funds shall be returned by the voting membership.

3.) The chapter council, by a two-thirds majority vote, may set fees as a prerequisite to participating in chapter activities. These fees shall apply equally to all members and non-members participating.

4.) The chapter council, by a two-thirds majority vote, may choose to subsidize chapter activities out of the chapter treasury. The subsidy will cover only the participating members.

5.) All moneys subject to chapter control shall be kept in Key Bank of New York, Nottingham Branch.

a.) Authorization for expenditures requires the signature of the Treasurer and the chair on a standardized form.

b.) The books, together with bank statements and canceled checks, will be reviewed on an annual basis with the faculty advisor and his/her designee.

c.) The account ledger and bank checkbook will be deposited with Faculty Advisor during the summer period.

d.) All funds shall revert back to the New York Society of American Foresters upon dissolution of the chapter.

e.) The non-profit checking account shall be named "Society of American Foresters, Student Chapter, SUNY ESF."

6) The money designated for the national convention goes to the Chair and Vice Chair. If they are unable to attend the convention, the allocated funds go to a designee of their choice.


1.) The officers of this chapter shall be the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and four (4) Councilors. These people will make up the Chapter Council. They will be elected by the majority of those members voting in the general elections. These officers shall take office one month following the date of their election and serve a term of one year In the event that the Chair becomes unable to fulfill his/her elected term, the Vice-Chair shall assume the office and appoint a new Vice-Chair. If the Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, or Councilor becomes unable to fulfill their respective positions the Chair shall appoint a substitute. These appointees shall take office upon a two-thirds vote of the assembly and serve for the remainder of the term for which they are filling.

a.) The Chair's duties shall include: chairmanship of the Chapter Council, presiding at the general meetings of the chapter, and all else required of him/her by the bylaws.

b.) The Vice-Chair's duties shall include: assisting the Chair in his/her activities and serving as the organizer of the Annual SAF Spring Barbecue.

c.) The Secretary's duties shall include: keeping and posting of all minutes of all executive, chapter, council and general meetings on reserve in Moon Library and all else required of him/her by the bylaws.

d.) The Treasurer's duties shall include: submitting a financial report at all chapter council and general meetings, issuing and signing of all checks for the outlay of funds, and all else required of him/her by the bylaws.

e.) The Councilors' duties shall include: coordinating and leading committees that are not being coordinated or lead by members of the general assembly, and assisting all other officers in their duties.

2.) The chapter Council composed of eight (8) officers, shall conduct essential chapter business between meetings. They shall also prepare an agenda for all meetings, Chapter Council and general, to be posted two (2) days prior to the meeting date at visible points around campus. This Council shall report all actions to the general assembly.

3.) a.) The Chapter Council shall be composed of the Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer and four (4) Councilors, elected by a majority the members voting in the general elections. These chapter officers serve a term of one (1) year. The duties of the Chapter Council shall include: regulation and approval of all chapter activities, imposition of assessments, fees, and subsidies, and coordination of Chapter Council activities for the coming year. The Chapter Council shall nominate officers for the coming year The Chapter Council shall fill vacancies in its numbers during the course of the year by a two-thirds majority vote of those present Seven (7) members of the Chapter Council shall constitute a quorum.

b.) The Chapter Council shall be restricted in handling financial matters involving an amount of money less than fifty (50) dollars. In the event that a faction involving more than this amount is proposed, the final decision shall be rendered by the general membership at a general meeting.

4.) The actions of the Chapter Council may be brought before the membership at large consisting of no less than ten (10) voting members for petition. In such a case the petitioned issue shall come before the general membership at a general meeting. The Chapter Council's decision(s) shall become void and the matter resolve by a majority vote of those members present

5.) All committees shall be formed voluntarily by the membership. Upon circumstances in which no member of the general assembly volunteers to lead a committee, leadership responsibility falls on the Councilors.

6.) Committees shall report to each meeting regarding any relevant happenings.

7.) The Chapter Council shall meet as necessary, and all meetings shall be announced at least 24 hours in advance.

8.) Committees shall meet as necessary and these meetings shall be announced at least 48 hours in advance.

9.) The Chapter Council shall meet once a month, or more if deemed necessary. All members shall be invited to attend. These meetings shall be announced one week prior to the meeting.

10.) General meetings will be held as felt necessary by the Chapter Council or as mandated by petition or for referendum issues. These meetings shall be announced two weeks prior to the meeting.

11.) The bylaws may be amended by two thirds majority of the members voting. Proposed amendments shall be submitted to all voting members at least two weeks prior to the date for counting the ballots.

12.) General elections shall be held no later than one month prior to the first day of final examinations for the coming year's officer. A majority vote of the voting members present shall be sufficient for election. The new officers shall take office following the end of the academic year. The incumbent officers shall instruct the new officers, for the remainder of their office, on the proper and effective methods of carrying out the duties of their respective offices.

13.) Any elected official may be removed from office by a two thirds majority vote of those members present at a general meeting. An official found incompetent will automatically be removed from office.

14.) The Chapter Council, by a majority vote or by order of petition, may chose to conduct any elections or rendering of decisions requiring a general membership vote by secret ballot. The balloting may take place over a period extending for no more than one week.

15.) The chair of each standing committee shall prepare a report at the close of each academic year containing an outline or the committee's activities during that year.



Most of our members have graduated, leaving many opportunities for new students to gain leadership experience.  Contact Dr. Germain to discuss which role is right for you. 


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