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 In Spring 2003 the SUNY-ESF SAF student chapter, with the support of generous donations, planted over 900 sugar maple seedlings at the Svend O. Heiberg Memorial Forest, located near Tully, NY.  



  •  OUTREACH: It is our continuing hope that we will not only grow trees, but future foresters and concerned citizens.  We coordinated our initial planting efforts with a group of local third graders to interest them in the value and techniques of forestry. We welcome questions, comments, and visits from area educators.

  •  EDUCATION: The Memorial Grove provides students with an opportunity to practice their field skills through planning and execution of their own planting project.  SAF members work with faculty to purchase seedlings, reduce mortality, and manage impacts from local deer and rodent populations.  The Grove continues to serve as an outdoor classroom for all SUNY-ESF students.

We thank the Memorial Grove Supporters that helped make this project a success.  For more information about contributions, please click here.


Fall 2006:  Seedlings were inventoried and flagged where needed.  Some were weeded; additional weeding will occur in the spring during planting.

Spring 2006:  Spring Cleaning, inventory, health assessment, and stake sprucing on May 6.  This time the weather was with us, making this a very nice break from studying and final exams.

Fall 2005:  A plaque thanking Memorial Grove supporters was hung in Bray Hall, northeast of the Rotunda.  The base of the plaque was made on campus by Dr. Bill Smith, Faculty of Wood Products Engineering. Please click on "Thank you" to the left to visit our web-based version.

Left:  Plaque on display in Bray Hall.  Above top: Enlarged view of Plaque top.  Above bottom:  Enlarged view of label in lower right corner.  Visit Memorial Grove Supporters for a complete list of the donors.

Fall 2005:  On October 8,  we continued installation of tree tubes with the assistance of  the First Year students.  The weather was dreadful, but everyone pitched in to get the job done, and done well.  Back to Top

Spring 2005:  On May 7,  additional sugar maple were planted, and tree tubes were installed around a subset of trees in the next round of ESF-SAF v. the herbivores.  Additional tubes will be installed at a later late.  We thank Mike Farrell, Cornell Cooperative Extension, for the the tubes.Back to Top

Fall 2004:  On October 16,  the 614 remaining seedlings were mulched.  The mulch is intended to suppress weeds around the individual seedlings, with lower risk to them than an herbicide treatment.   Unfortunately, sugar maple seedlings are sensitive to many of the chemical treatments that would most successfully control their competition.  As they get taller, we will have a greater variety of options for their maintenance. With our volunteer labor force (thank you, First Year students!), borrowed buckets and wheelbarrows (thank you, Forest Properties!), donated mulch (Thank you, Willow Biomass Project!), we were able to try this treatment for the cost of cider and donuts.  We would also like to thank Dick Schwab and the Forest Properties staff for transporting the mulch from the Genetics Field Station to Heiberg Memorial Forest.  Herbivores remain a threat, and the Memorial Grove Committee continues to look into this.

Clockwise, from top left:  Erick and Jessie, Katie Wallace, ?, Mike Cargill and Nan Davis; Coraline Falco and Nan Davis.

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Spring 2004:  On April 28, 2004, SAF members returned to the Memorial Grove for maintenance and replanting.  Seedlings from 2003 were staked and replaced where necessary.  The stakes for 2004 and 2003 seedlings are differentiated by color to simplify future inventories. The biggest danger facing the seedlings remains deer browse; different methods of protection, including tree tubes and herbicides, are being investigated.

Top, from left:  Troy Townsend; row placement; look at the growth!  Bottom:  Teamwork.

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Spring 2003: The Memorial Grove site at Heiberg Forest is ~3 acres and large enough to expand in subsequent years. Volunteers began placement of flags to facilitate planting of seedlings on April 26, 2003.  Planting occurred May 3 prior to the annual SAF BBQ, and continued May 9 with the assistance of local school children.  The Committee continues to work with Dick Schwab, Forest Properties, and Chuck Maynard, Faculty of Forest and Natural Resource Management, on cost-effective means to deter local herbivores.  Mr. Schwab has graciously offered his assistance in site preparation by administering an herbicide treatment (tbd), as well as the assistance of Forest Properties staff to mow between rows.

Clockwise from top left:  Dr. Germain and Nick Parker measuring rows; Kathy Roberts starts the rows off right; ?; help from the local community; Amanda daSilva and Janine Fabian take a rest.

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Most of our members have graduated, leaving many opportunities for new students to gain leadership experience.  Contact Dr. Germain to discuss which role is right for you. 


Growing forests, and foresters.




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