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  1. What does forestry do?  and why does SAF advocate for managing natural resources? 
  2. Why should I join SAF as a student member?
  3. What is the Memorial Grove in Memory of?
  4. Does this chapter have any annual traditions or events?
  5. What else can you tell me about the chapter?

Why does forestry do? and why does SAF advocate for managing natural resources?

SAF has compiled a list of the top 10 Forestry Advances, which include reforestation, fire protection, and affordable products and waste reduction, as well as the Top 10 Environmental Benefits of Forestry, which include improving both air and water quality. 

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Why should I join SAF as a student member?

Your SAF membership shows perspective employers that you take the profession of forestry seriously.  All student members have access to publications, career information, online mentoring, and connections with experts in forestry and other natural resource areas.   Membership provides subscriptions to the Journal of Forestry (a $25 value), The Forestry Source ($15 value), and for members within New York State, The New York Forester (current issues aren't regularly available to non-members).  Members are also eligible for discounts on regional journals, books and merchandise from the SAF StoreMany students participate in regional, state, and national programs, often at a discounted rate.   If you're keeping track, you might notice that these values far exceed the cost of student membership, but if you are still not convinced, we've listed more reasons for student membership, including specific benefits of membership in New York at

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What is the Memorial Grove in memory of?

The Memorial Grove is a sugar maple plantation at the Svend O. Heiberg Memorial Forest in Tully, NY.  It is organized and maintained by this chapter.  Individual contributions have been made in honor of friends and loved ones and in their memory.  Many contributors simply have fond memories of lessons learned on other compartments of this forest, or wish to assist the chapter in carrying out the practical aspects of hardwood plantation management.  Hardwood plantations are somewhat unusual in this region as natural regeneration is abundant and less expensive to implement, so this hands-on-experience is invaluable for students that might relocate to areas less where planting is far more common.

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Does this chapter have any annual traditions or events?

The Annual End-of-Year BBQ, in which students, faculty, and their families gather at Heiberg Forest for food and recreation, and participation in the NYSAF Winter Meeting have been long standing practices of this chapter.  New traditions include the mid-year potluck dinner (generally around Thanksgiving) and the Memorial Grove. 

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What else can you tell me about the chapter?

The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry-SAF Chapter (ESF-SAF) is student-run with the support and advice of our Faculty Advisor.  ESF-SAF has been recognized by the College's Undergraduate Student Association; this allows us to recruit, meet, advertise, and fundraise on campus.  We have been provided this web space by the College, which we maintain.  Fundraising is used both to bring speakers to campus and help send students to participate in local, state, and national SAF Meetings.

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Most of our members have graduated, leaving many opportunities for new students to gain leadership experience.  Contact Dr. Germain to discuss which role is right for you. 


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