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Thank you

...for investing in future healthy forests with your contribution to the Memorial Grove.  Your donations provide seedlings and allowed chapter members to gain extra experience with planting equipment, site preparation, and plantation management.  This funding also allowed us to promote other chapter activities, such as sending members to participate in, and assist at, the 2003 National SAF Convention and the NYSAF winter meetings.  In addition to the financial contributions listed below, we thank the Willow Biomass Project for their contribution of mulch, and Michael Farrell, Cornell University's Uihlein Forest for tree tubes.  We are grateful to those who generously shared their technical expertise, time, and energy:  Kathy Roberts, Dick Schwab, and Chuck Maynard, all of SUNY ESF; and Paul Ray, NRCS.  And we also appreciate the efforts of Dr. Bill Smith (WPE Faculty), who milled the maple, kiln dried it, glued and shaped it to make the base of the plaque that now hangs in Bray Hall; Connie Webb, who granted permission to hang it there; and the unnamed Physical Plant employee who safely secured it to the wall so that it can grow as the sponsors do.

Maple Leaf


Baillie Lumber Co.
Jim Beil
Lucille da Silva
Joe Deschenes

John P. Haas
Potter Lumber Co., Inc.
John B. Simeone

Kendall L. Southard
Ward Lumber Co.

Ken Williams


Cotton-Hanlon, Inc.
Mary Clements
Lewis M. Cutler
Michael Farrell
Linda Gibbs
Mike Gooden
Tina Haldeman
Harden Furniture
Fred Hathaway
Beulah C. Heitzman
Matthew Karp
Fred Munk
Joel W. Poskus
Heidi Rieckermann
Kathy Roberts
Troy Townsend


Brendan Armour
Todd Baldwin
Anne Barlow
Steve Bick
Bruce Breitmeyer
Tim Burpoe (2)
Phil Capone
Patrick Cole
Jim Coufal
Jim Crevelling
Len Cronin
Chad Dawson
Howard J. Dean
Rick Denial
Erin Dodge
Ren Germain (2)
Mike Greason (2)
Peter Gregory
Dave Hearne
Stu Hosler
Andrew Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Courtney Johnson-Wood
Tom Kane
Richard & Dixie Klingaman
Martin Kraemer
Mark Mink
Mark Mowrey
Pamela Natoli
Chris Nowak 
Don Peterson (2)
Steve Ragonese
Glen Roberts
Christopher Sandstorm
Stephen Satterfield
Bob Sauer (2)
Janice Singer-Wagner
David Skeval
Dennis Souto
John Wagner (2)
Pat Whalen
John Wood
Tony Woods
Most of our members have graduated, leaving many opportunities for new students to gain leadership experience.  Contact Dr. Germain to discuss which role is right for you. 


Growing forests, and foresters.




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