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Fly Fishing at SUNY-ESF

The TroutBums have built a reputation for service work in Central New York and have organized various fishing expeditions throughout New York.

Club meetings are held biweekly on Wednesdays at 6 pm in Baker 145.


Our Goals Are:

  • To strengthen our relationships with members of the CNY community.
  • To continue to work for the care and preservation of the local waterways which make this region unique.
  • To share our knowledge the sport of fly fishing as well at the etiquette that should accompany it.
  • To improve our knowledge and awareness of our local waters.

In December of 2010 the TroutBums were awarded the President's Award for Service at SUNY-ESF

Current and Upcoming Projects Include:

  • Stream cleanups and restoration
    • We have helped with cleanups and restoration on Limestone Creek, Onondaga Creek, Butternut Creek, Furnace Brook, and the Salmon River
  • Fishing trips to
    • The Salmon River
    • 18 Mile Creek
    • Limestone, Butternut, Chittenango, and Nine Mile Creeks (Syracuse Area)
  • Speakers
  • Design contest and tshirt/sweatshirt sales
  • Club BBQs
  • TGIF and Insomniac Events
  • Fall and spring club fishing trips

Organizations we have partnered with:


President: Serena Kucera
Vice President: Mitch Hull
Secretary: Macallan Durkin
Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator: Macallan Durkin
Treasurer: Ryan Mackerer
USA Representative: Ryan Shaw


Dr. John Wagner


Email esftroutbums@gmail.com to join the contact list!
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