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Program Advanced Manufacturing – Thermal and Environmental Controls | AM-TEC

Overview & Outcomes

Thermal and Environmental Controls (TEC) is a specialty sector within the advanced manufacturing industries experiencing a significant skill and knowledge gap among domestic workers that will widen if left unchecked. Occupations within these industries represent several positions in highest demand for H-1B visas. This is a rapidly growing, high-skill area in which training of domestic workers is necessary.

An integrated training program coordinated by SUNY-ESF will provide participants with the training necessary to be prepared for employment, and add value and advancement potential to incumbent workers in the advanced manufacturing of TEC. Training is comprised of three components: two days of Foundational Competencies training pertinent to the needs of the AM-TEC cluster, facilitated online Certified Production Technician (CPT) Green Production Module training, and TEC topics, i.e. periodic lectures and discussions on TEC topics of interest, or tours featuring products and processes of local TEC firms. Those attending the Foundational Competencies training and the TEC Topics will be eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) issued by SUNY-ESF. Additionally, TEC Topics attendees will be eligible for an AM-TEC credential issued by SUNY-ESF.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate personal effectiveness in the workplace
  • Apply appropriate skills for problem solving
  • Work with others to achieve a common goal
  • Identify workplace activities that improve environmental performance
  • Explain the manufacturing process and various products of thermal and environmental controls.

Program Descriptions

Foundational Competencies Training

Two days, offered twice annually

The program includes 16 hours of classroom training and the program agenda is as follows:

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • DiSC Communication Styles Assessment
    The Carlson Learning Disc® Communication Styles Assessment Instrument will be used as a foundation for improving your interpersonal skills. Participants are challenged to understand their styles and adapt them to workplace situations as required.
    • Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance
    • Identify behaviors for each Style
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Adapting to Others
  • Communication – Speaking and Listening
    • Speaking clearly
    • Listening for understanding
    • Open communication
  • Team Building – Teamwork
    • Team purpose and vision
    • Guidelines for interaction and communication

Day 2:

  • Structured Problem Solving
    • Lean-Six Sigma Methodology and DMAIC process
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Data collection and Baselines
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Cause and Effect
  • Setting Goals and Planning Actions
    • Obstacles to setting goals
    • Steps to creating effective goals
    • Creating a vision
    • SMART goals and Project Definition

AM-TEC cluster companies may take advantage of on-site training. For information, please contact AM-TEC training program manager Howie Hollander. All participants completing Foundational Competencies Training will receive 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEU) issued by SUNY-ESF. For a schedule of upcoming public training, Click Here.

What People are Saying about Foundational Competencies Training:

Immensely beneficial. Having our people more educated in and exposed to the differences in behavioral styles, data collection, and lean manufacturing as they serve in leadership roles is critical to operating a manufacturing setting and pushing ourselves to the next level of excellence.

- Zach H., The Fulton Companies

Certified Production Technician (CPT) Green Production Module

Self paced online instruction with facilitated orientation, offered twice annually.

As defined by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), the Green Production Module coursework covers “workplace activities across all industries within the manufacturing sector that require the use of equipment, technologies, and processes that will improve the environmental performance of manufacturing companies.” Thus is it not limited to the manufacturing of green products but includes the “greening” of all manufacturing. Following completion of the module, individuals demonstrate their understanding of the core skills and knowledge though an assessment test based upon MSSC's industry-defined, nationally validated skill standards for the module processes, to receive the MSSC Green Production Module credential. Online materials will be available for six months from the first day of login and may be accessed from any computer that meets the minimum system requirements. Registration for the CPT Green Production Module includes one assessment test. For more information on CPT training, Click Here.

What People are Saying about Certified Production Technician (CPT) Green Production Module Training:

"It was beneficial for my Supervisors and they all gained from the experience. (We) have a few (more) Supervisors ... interested in this upcoming session."

- Mark S., Huhtamaki

TEC Topics

Periodic lectures and discussions on TEC topics of interest, or tours featuring products and processes of local TEC firms

All TEC Topics participants attending eight topics will receive 1.0 CEU issues by SUNY-ESF, as well as an AM-TEC cluster recognized credential. For a schedule of upcoming TEC Topics, click here.

Program Schedule

Foundational Competency Training

Our next Foundational Competency training class will be held at MACNY on TBD. Class information, including agenda, can be found here.

  • Check back soon for future offerings.

Certified Production Technician Green Production Technician

Green Production Module = FREE! (note that this module covers greening of the production process, not the production of green products.

  • Check back soon for future offerings.

Who Should Attend

Participants may be employed in one of the AM-TEC cluster firms in central New York, in an aligned organization, or seeking employment in the AM-TEC sector. Candidates must be a minimum of 18-years-of-age, and have appropriate work-experience (if no post-secondary coursework has been completed), and hold a H.S. diploma/GED or equivalent.