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Leading Sustainability in Public, Private and Nonprofit Organizations Workshop at Farmingdale State College

Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale, NY

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Join us at Farmingdale State College on Friday, May 17th for the Leading Sustainability Workshop hosted by SUNY-ESF and Farmingdale State College in partnership with the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership. There are many drivers and increasing expectations for government, private, non-profit and educational organizations to meet sustainability obligations.  These expectations are oftentimes difficult to meet, even when institutions and individuals are genuinely committed to doing so. This program is designed for individuals who are responsible for thinking strategically and technically about their institution’s sustainability agendas. You will learn to understand what aspects of your current institutional plans and operating procedures are critical to future success and how to close the gap between your best intentions and what you are actually able to accomplish.

Through this workshop, you will work with a team of experienced practitioners and instructors who will provide you with:

  • Real-world examples of the benefits and costs associated with the adaption and use of renewable technologies and sustainable practices.
  • Authoritative and reliable perspective, recommendations, information and resources that will inform your sustainability-related decision-making, practice and policy.

Led by Dr. Richard Smardon and Dr. Kamal Shahrabi.

Who Should Attend

This program serves as a valuable opportunity for early- and mid-career professional assessment and renewal, as well as an opportunity for career development and exploration. Participants may also include early-career and experienced sustainability officers/directors and others in related positions in public, private, non-profit and educational organizations. You will be able to reflect on your own framework of experience, expertise, strengths and weaknesses in order to better serve your organization. 

What You Will Learn

This program will prepare you to meet current and future challenges by being better able to initiate, establish, and advance sustainability planning, implementation and reporting in a variety of organizations.  Through participation in this program you will:

  • Learn approaches to sustainability planning, practice and leadership
  • Develop effective sustainability strategies
  • Evaluate and detail the impact, cost and benefits of your initiatives
  • Organize people and financial resources
  • Understand and overcome the challenges of organizational change


“Participation in Leading Sustainability was a very worthwhile program. Our campus is well along with a sustainability program, but this course greatly helped in giving me a broader perspective to refine and improve our program. In addition, the program was invaluable to me in better organizing the university's approach and implementation sequence as we roll the program out to our various stakeholders.”

-Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Planning, SUNY Upstate Medical University

"The Leading Sustainability Workshop was a valuable experience. We had an opportunity to take our current initiatives and expand them through a coordinated structure provided through the program. As with many institutions, we had numerous compartmentalized initiatives. The Leading Sustainabilty Workshop provided useful tools to expand and communicate our program."

-Director, SUNY Upstate Medical University

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Leading Sustainability Program or other SUNY-ESF Outreach Programs, please contact Sean Nicholson at scnichol@esf.edu.