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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Advisory Council10th International Phytotechnologies Conference

  • Dr. Lee Newman
    Council Chair

    Associate Professor
    Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
    State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

  • Dr. Stephen Ebbs
    Professor and Interim Chair
    Department of Plant Biology
    Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Mr. Walter H. Eifert
    Vice President and Principal Hydrologist
    ELM Site Solutions, Inc.
  • Dr. Heather F. Henry
    Program Administrator
    Superfund Research Program
    National Institute Environmental Health Science
  • Professor Elena Maestri
    Department of Life Sciences
    University of Parma
  • Dr. Elizabeth Guthrie Nichols
    Associate Professor
    Environmental Technology and Management
    Department of Forest and Environmental Resources College of Natural Resources
    North Carolina State University
  • Om Parkash (Dhankher)
    Associate Professor in Plant Biotechnology
    Stockbridge School of Agriculture
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Dr. Liz Rylott
    Center for Novel Agricultural Products
    Department of Biology
    University of York
  • Dr. David Tsao
    Americas Remediation Technology Manager
    BP Remediation Management
    BP Corporation North America, Inc.
  • Dr. Tomas Vanek
    Head of Laboratory of Plant Biotechnologies
    Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR
  • Dr. Jason White
    Chief Scientist
    Department of Analytical Chemistry
    Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Dr. Ronald S. Zalesny, Jr.
    Team Leader, Phytotechnologies, Genetics, and Energy Crop Production Unit
    Research Plant Genticist
    U.S. Forest Service
    Northern Research Station
    Institute for Applied Ecosystem Studies
  • Professor Barbara Zeeb
    Canada Research Chair in Biotechnologies & Environment
    Royal Military College of Canada