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The trades section performs work in the following areas - electrical, plumbing, machining, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, carpentry, painting, masonry, lock and door maintenance, and operation of the combined heat and power plant on the main campus.  In addition, the trades staff provide support to the satellite campuses in these key areas.

Important Notes

Key Requests & Building Access: Keys, Card Readers & FOBs

Keys to campus buildings are issued through the University Police Department. Forms for key requests are available at the UPD office in Bray 19, and should be submitted directly to UPD.

ID Card Readers & FOBs

If you have a problem using your ID card or FOB to gain access to a building or room, contact University Police at ext. 6667.

Lock Problems

  • Door, Desk, and File Cabinet Locks – if experiencing a problem, contact the Physical Plant & Facilities main office at ext. 6588.

Helpful Links

The number one priority for the trades section is to perform preventative maintenance to reduce campus energy costs and to handle emergencies such as major leaks, power outages, and building-wide heating, ventilation and air conditioning outages.  Issues such as adjusting room temperature for personal comfort and installation of non-essential equipment will be lower in priority.

The trades section of the Physical Plant department is responsible for providing utilities, including electricity, gas, water and steam, to state and research equipment.

The department is not responsible for repairing equipment that is not considered part of the building. For example, walk-in coolers and freezers are considered part of the building, while stand-alone refrigerators, freezers and autoclaves are not considered part of the building.


From 7am - 3:30pm, contact:

  • Christopher Maroney,
    Interim Manager, Building Maintenance
    ext. 6926
  • Filippo LaRosa, Supervisor
    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
    ext. 4961
  • John Suressi, Supervisor
    Carpentry, Electrical, Keys and Locks, Machining, Masonry, and Painting
    ext. 6677
  • James Coher, Plant Utilities Engineer 2
    Gateway Combined Heat & Power Plant
    ext. 4961

Trades Staff

Name Title
Coher, James Plant Utilities Engineer 2
Fisk, Bradley Electrician
Fust, Jayne General Mechanic
Halpin, Robert Plant Utilities Engineer 1
Kelly, Robert Machinist
LaTray, Jason Maintenance Helper
Marshall, Andrew General Mechanic
May, Donald General Mechanic
Moore, Richard General Mechanic
O’Malley, Thomas General Mechanic
Pilipovic, Milan General Mechanic
Ramjas, Teddy General Mechanic
Reschke, Bernard General Mechanic
Smith Jr, Herbert Plant Utilities Engineer 1