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Law School Admissions

Law School Enrollment and Student Bodies

The academic qualifications of a law school’s student body are important to consider. You should select a law school where your classmates will challenge you and a school where your grade point average (GPA) is similar to your fellow law students. This is especially true if you have a high GPA, since you would do well at any law school. Your legal education may not be as rewarding as it could be, if your classmates do not challenge you.

You should also consider the diversity of the student body. Are a majority of the students the same age, race, sex, etc.? Remember, differences among students expose you to various points of view – an important aspect of legal education. Class size is also important. Much of the learning in law school depends on the quality of the class discussion. Small classes provide essential interaction; large classes and the Socratic method provide diversity, challenge, and a good mix of reaction, opinions, and criticism.

Your Academic Record

Undergraduate performance is an important indicator of how a student is likely to perform in law school. Law schools look closely at college grades when considering individual applications. Course selections also can make a difference in admissions evaluations. Applicants who have taken difficult or advanced courses in their undergraduate studies often are evaluated in a more favorable light than students who have concentrated on easier or less advanced subjects.

Many law schools consider undergraduate performance trends along with a student’s GPA. They may discount a slow start in a student’s undergraduate career if the student performed exceptionally well in later years. Similarly, law school admissions committees may see a strong start in the Freshmen and Sophomore years followed by a mediocre finish as an indication of less potential to do well in law school. You should comment on irregular grade trends in your personal statement.

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