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Papers Addressing Uncertainty in Ecosystem Budgets

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  • Click here for list of papers searchable by sources of uncertainty addressed and methods to quantify them. *****WORK IN PROGRESS*****
  • Cebrian. 2004. Role of first-order consumers in ecosystem carbon flow. In Ecology Letters.
  • Cebrian and Lartigue. 2004. Patterns of herbivory and decomposition in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. In Ecological Monographs.
  • Johnson, J., J. Aherne, and T. Cummins. 2015. Base cation budgets under residue removal in temperate maritime plantation forests. Forest Ecology and Management.
  • Laclau et al. 2005. Nutrient cycling in a clonal stand of Eucalyptus and an adjacent savanna ecosystem in Congo: 3. Input–output budgets and consequences for the sustainability of the plantations. In Forest Ecology and Management.
  • Lehrter and Cebrian. 2010. Uncertainty propagation in an ecosystem nutrient budget. In Ecological Applications. (PDF)
  • Levine, C.R., R.D. Yanai, G.G. Lampman, D.A. Burns, C.T. Driscoll, G.B. Lawrence, J.A. Lynch, and N. Schoch. 2014. Evaluating the efficiency of environmental monitoring programs. Ecological Indicators. 39: 94-101. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2013.12.010 PDF| HTML
  • Mishra. 2009. Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis techniques for hydrologic modeling. In Journal of Hydroinformatics.
  • Peters et al. 2006. Water and solute mass balance of five small, relatively undisturbed watersheds in the U.S. In Science of the Total Environment. (PDF)
  • Shirmohammadi, A., I. Chaubey, R. D. Harmel, D. D. Bosch, R. Muñoz-Carpena, C. Dharmasri, A. Sexton, M. Arabi, M. L. Wolfe, J. Frankenberger, C. Graff, T. M. Sohrabi. 2006. Uncertainty in TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Models. In Transactions of the ASABE
  • Tomaszewski, T., R.L. Boyce, and H. Sievering. 2003. Canopy uptake of atmospheric nitrogen and new growth nitrogen requirements at a Colorado subalpine forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33:2211-2227. The authors estimated the contribution of canopy nitrogen uptake (CNU) to the N budget in the spruce-fir-pine forest at Niwot Ridge. They had uncertainties associated with each input of N into the forest to estimate the uncertainty of CNU and the uncertainty of foliar N requirements to finally calculate the fraction of N contributed by CNU.
  • Yanai, R.D., C.R. Levine, M.B. Green, and J.L. Campbell. 2012. Quantifying uncertainty in forest nutrient budgets. J. For. 110(8): 448-459 DOI: 10.5849/jof.11-087 | PDF