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Papers Addressing Uncertainty in Climate and Precipitation

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  • Click here for list of papers searchable by sources of uncertainty addressed and methods to quantify them. *****WORK IN PROGRESS*****
  • Borga et al. 2006. Influence of errors in radar rainfall estimates on hydrological modeling prediction uncertainty. Water Resources Research
    JA - Water Resour. Res. 42: W08409 DOI: 10.1029/2005WR004559
  • Chebbi et al. 2011. Optimal Extension of Rain Gauge Monitoring Network for Rainfall Intensity and Erosivity Index Interpolation. In Journal of Hydrologic Engineering.
  • Cheng et al. 2007. Rain-gauge network evaluation and augmentation using geostatistics. In Hydrological Processes.
  • Daly, C., M.E. Slater, J.A. Roberti, S.H. Laseter, and L.W. Swift Jr. 2017. High-resolution precipitation mapping in a mountainous watershed: ground truth for evaluating uncertainty in a national precipitation dataset. International Journal of Climatology.
  • Daly, C. 2006. Guidelines for assessing the suitability of spatial climate data sets. In the International Journal of Climatology 26: 707721.
  • Green, M.B, J.L. Campbell, R.D. Yanai, S.W. Bailey, A.S. Bailey, N. Grant, I. Halm, E.P. Kelsey, and L. E. Rustad. 2018. Downsizing a long-term precipitation network: using a quantitative approach to inform difficult decisions. PLOS On, PDF
  • Kassim and Kottegoda. 1991. Rainfall network design through comparative Kriging methods. In Hydrological Sciences Journal.
  • Morrissey et al. 1995. The Uncertainty of Simple Spatial Averages Using Rain Gauge Networks. In Water Resources Research.
  • Ollinger et al. 1993. Modeling Physical and Chemical Climate of the Northeastern United States for a Geographic Information System. USDA FS.
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  • Tsintikidis et al. 2002. Precipitation Uncertainty and Raingauge Network Design within Folsom Lake Watershed. In Journal of Hydrologic Engineering.