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Committee Guidelines Quality of Work Life Committee

  1. The mission of the Quality of Worklife Committee is to promote the wellbeing of the College community and its sense of esprit de corps.*
    • Definition:  Esprit de Corps - the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and a strong regard for the honor of the group.
  2. The Committee is charged as follows:
    1. To coordinate College events such as, but not limited to:
      1. Fall Reception to welcome all new employees
      2. Holiday Social/Craft Fair
      3. Pancake Breakfast
      4. Spring Reception to recognize employee service milestones, honor retiring employees, and present service awards and other awards and recognitions (e.g. SUNY awards).
      5. Picnics on the Quad
      6. Fish Fry
      7. Ice Cream Social
      8. Events coordinated with other College committees (e.g. Employee Assistance Program)
      9. Special events requested by the Administration
    2. To send gestures of support and/or congratulations as appropriate (cards, flowers, fruit, donations) to members of the College community or their families, using established guidelines.  (See QWL Gesture Guidelines)
    3. To recommend and/or develop an Employee Recognition Program to include topics such as:
      1. Awarding retirement plaques and service pins or other appropriate mementoes to employees with a substantial number of years of service to the College
      2. Employee recognition program for all segments of the College community

    4. To review existing campus communication devices and to recommend and/or develop enhanced and expanded campus-wide communications systems such as:
      1. Notification of activities of special interest both on and off campus
      2. Recommend and/or develop an internal communication device with emphasis on human interest stories
      3. To steer suggestions, constructive criticism and "good ideas" to appropriate College departments
      4. Recognize employees for awards, honors, public service or other events that bring credit upon the individual or the College
    5. Assist Human Resources with new employee orientation by acquanting recently hired employees with the main campus and regional campuses and with the people and programs of their work unit and the campus.
      1. To review and make recommendations to the Physical Plant on campus amenities that enhance the quality of the physical work environment.
    6. Other issues that affect the quality of worklife at ESF, as identified through consultation with the President.

  3. Service on the Committee is strictly voluntary.  Ideally, the Committee is comprised of 13 members representing faculty and staff from as many College departments as possible.  New members are recommended by the Committee Chair and appointed by the President.  The membership is constituted as follows:
Member BodyNumber
(representing President's Office; Assistant to the President (Development); Director of Community & Governmental Relations; Business Affairs; Environmental Health & Safety; Forest Properties; Human Resources; Information Technology & Institutional Planning; News& Publications; Physical Plant; and University Police)
6 Members
Academic Affairs
(representing Chemistry; Construction Management & Wood Products Engineering; Environmental & Forest Biology; Environmental Resources & Forest Engineering; Environmental Studies; Forest & Natural Resource Management; Landscape Architecture; Analytical & Technical Services; College Libraries; Instruction & Graduate Studies; Multicultural Affairs; Outreach; Instructional Quality & Technology; Records & Registration; Research Programs; including 24 Institutes & Centers for Research & Excellence)
5 Members
Student Affairs & Educational Services
(representing Director of Undergraduate Admissions & Inter-Institutional Relations; Alumni Relations; Career & Counseling Services; Financial Aid; and Student Affairs & Experiential Learning)
2 Members
  1. The officers of the Committee will be the Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.  The membership will elect the officers annually at the first meeting following the Spring Reception.
    1. The Chair will provide general leadership for the Committee, preside at Committee meetings, assign duties and ad hoc subcommittees as needed, and be the main liaison with the College community.

    2. The Secretary will prepare and distribute minutes of meetings and other Committee correspondence, and maintain Committee records.

    3. The Treasurer will administer the finances of the Committee and keep the Committee apprised of its financial status by timely submission of an annual budget and monthly financial statements.
  2. Members are appointed for two-year terms with some of the membership replaced each year.  The Committee Chair may recommend optional one-year extensions to the President.  Members are expected to actively participate in Committee activities including regular attendance at meetings and support of events.
  3. Funding for the Committee will be a combination of employee contributions, activity proceeds and College support.
  4. Only Committee officers may authorize expenditure of Committee funds for appropriate Committee purposes.  Individuals making expenditures shall provide the original receipt to the Treasurer.

Rev. 8/04