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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Admission, Expenses and Financial Aid

Admission Requirements

Admission to a Ranger School associate degree program requires the following high school units: English (4 units), social science (3 units), science (2 units, including biology), mathematics (3 units, college preparatory), and electives. Technical report writing and computer science are suggested electives.

In addition to the academic requirements, all applicants must also meet the following:

  1. The applicant must be strongly motivated toward a career in field forestry, surveying, or the environment.
  2. The applicant must be willing and able to meet the physical requirements of the program, which include walking 2 to 6 miles through forest areas, often carrying 15 to 20 pounds of equipment, and using a wide array of hand tools and power equipment.
  3. The applicant’s parents (if the applicant is under 18 years of age) must be fully aware of the field nature of the study program, its rigorous study-work regimen and supporting academic facilities.
  4. A physician certification must be submitted. Copies of the certification form are available from The Ranger School.

Questions concerning any of these requirements should be referred to the ESF Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 218 Gateway Center, 315-470-6600.


The decision to admit any student to the forest technology, land surveying technology or environmental and natural resources conservation program rests solely with the College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Some openings in the program are filled by students who are accepted to the program under the guaranteed transfer option while still seniors in high school, contingent on successful completion of the first year of college. Remaining openings are filled by transfer students who already have attended college. Therefore, it is suggested the potential student, while still a high school senior, follow these procedures:

  1. Submit a regular SUNY freshman application for the College of Environmental Science and Forestry, using Curriculum Code 620 (Forest Technology), Curriculum Code 1843 (Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation) or Curriculum Code 1825 (Land Surveying Technology). The entry date on the ESF application should be the fall following the expected completion of the first 30 credit hours.
  2. Submit a regular application to that school selected for the first year of study, using Curriculum Code 620, 1843 or 1825. It is important that students gain entry on their own for the first year of studies. ESF will request information at a later date concerning what institution the student will be attending.

A limited number of outstanding students are admitted directly from high school. For further information, contact the ESF Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 218 Gateway Center, 315-470-6600.

Transfer Students

Students with previous college experience or students who are currently enrolled at another college may apply for transfer. However, courses transferred for credit can be applied only to the freshman year course of study, and they must be comparable in subject matter, content, and level. All second-year courses must be taken at The Ranger School, and, therefore, a student cannot transfer any previously earned credit toward the second year. Transfer applicants must submit a recent official copy of their college transcript and a list of courses they anticipate completing prior to enrollment.

International Students

Please note that international students are not eligible for admission to programs at The Ranger School, however we encourage international students to inquire about ESF's bachelor degree programs in Forest and Natural Resources Management.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Costs for the first year will vary with the specific institution attended.

Estimated costs for the second year of the program at The Ranger School are as follows:

Tuition Board, Room Books, Supplies, Fees

N.Y. Resident



Approx. $2,500




Approx. $2,500

College Fees

The College fee is $12.50 per semester for full-time students.

An expense of approximately $350 for clothing should be anticipated. There is also a $20 graduation fee, a student support services fee of $497, a $100 student activity fee, a transcript fee of $10, a technology fee of $324, and student transportation fees of $420. There are a limited number of single dorm rooms available for an additional fee. There is also a $100 resident deposit and a $100 equipment deposit. The latter two fees are fully or partially refundable, depending on breakage charged to a student during the year.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available upon acceptance to the College of Environmental Science and Forestry. There are three types of financial aid: loans, scholarships or grants, and part-time employment.

More detailed information on these financial aid opportunities can be found under Financial Aid and in the publication Financial Aid and Scholarships at ESF.