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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Student Life

Located on the banks of the Oswegatchie River near the hamlet of Wanakena, The Ranger School is bounded on three sides by state preserve lands that contain old-growth forests and abundant wildlife, and provide numerous recreational opportunities.

The Ranger School campus is approximately 65 miles northeast of Watertown and 35 miles west of Tupper Lake. The buildings, grounds and forest border on the river, which flows directly into Cranberry Lake. This managed forest, containing both hardwood and coniferous species, covers nearly 3,000 acres.

The Ranger School contains a "smart" classroom, two laboratories, a student lounge, faculty and staff offices, the library, food service/dining hall and dormitories. The men's dormitory consists of 20 double-occupancy and 9 single- occupancy dorm rooms. The women's dormitory consists of 6 single-occupancy and 7 double-occupancy rooms.

The close proximity of faculty offices and student quarters and the intensive fieldwork allow students to consult easily and frequently with the faculty. This traditional close student-faculty relationship is a major benefit of the program.

A small library of approximately 1,500 volumes consists of highly specialized books, journals and multimedia materials required for the teaching and study programs of the curriculum. Students also have online access to the full range of library resources provided through SUNY-ESF's Moon Library. Wireless access to the Internet is provided throughout the building.

Students attending The Ranger School are required to live in the campus dormitories. An exception may be made for married students who bring their families and rent their own private accommodations in the vicinity. Such accommodations are not plentiful. Each married student should make rental arrangements well in advance of the registration date.

While The Ranger School does not maintain an infirmary or employ a health care professional, there are physicians and an excellent community hospital nearby in Star Lake. In emergencies, the school transports sick or injured students to the local physician of their choice or to the hospital. Students are required to obtain health insurance coverage before reporting to the campus and must maintain coverage while attending.

A minimal stock of supplies used in connection with the program are available for purchase through the Ranger School. Students are provided with textbook information to purchase from a supplier of their choice.

During the first year of the one-plus-one program, students are guided by the rules and regulations that govern student life at the college they attend. During the second year of the one-plus-one program, students are guided by the rules and regulations for College of Environmental Science and Forestry students enrolled at The Ranger School.

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