New Awards--January 2011



Boyer, GL (PI), Chemistry

Great Lakes Research Consortium Award

Great Lakes Research Consortium



Germain, RH (PI), FNRM and Smith, WB (Co-PI), SCME

New York Forest Community Economic Assistance Program

Small Business Administration



Gibbs, JP (PI); EFB

Cicero Swamp Wildlife Management Area Eastern Massasauga Habitat Restoration Project

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation



Gibbs, JP (PI); EFB

Evaluation of Toxicity of Endosulfan to KST and its Interaction on Nutritional Status and Pathogen Infection

National Environment Management Council NEMC



Giner, JL (PI), Chemistry

Collaborative Research: Effects of Marine Algal Sterols on Zooplankton Growth and Reproduction

National Science Foundation



Leopold, DJ (PI); EFB

Hydroecology of Intermittent and Ephemeral Streams: Will Landscape Connectivity Sustain Aquatic Organisms in a Changing Climate

University of Washington



Limburg, KE (PI), EFB

Shad Recovery Projects

New England Interstate Water Pollution Cntrl Comm



Smardon, RC (PI), ENVST

Water Flux and Nitrogen Cycling in the Hyporheic Zones of a Semi-Arid Watershed

Syracuse University