New AwardsóJune 2011

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Beal, RE (PI), Outreach

Professional Development in Advanced Coursework and Leadership Academics

Syracuse City School District

$ 18,000


Endreny, TA (PI), ERE and Kroll, CN (Co-PI), ERE

Reach-Scale Patterns in Hyporheic Exchange at Pristine, Degraded and Restored Rivers

Cornell University

$ 20,000


Leopold, DJ (PI), EFB

Descriptions of Natural Communities and Plant Sources for Restoration of Onondaga Lakeshore Adjacent Areas

Honeywell International Incorporated

$ 25,895


Mao, H (PI), CHE

Measurements and Analysis of Atmosphere Mercury Observations Aboard the DC-8 During Arctas

University of Houston

$ 30,000


Mao, H (PI), CHE

Cooperative Research: Reno Atmospheric Mercury Intercomparison Experiment (RAMIX)

University of Houston

$ 31,709


Parry, D (PI), EFB

Climate Controlled Reproductive Asynchrony and Mating Success in Gypsy Moth Populations

USDA Forest Service

$ 10,500


Smardon, RC (PI), ES

Harbor Brook CSO 018 Treatment Wetland Agreement


$ 211,287


Volk, TA (PI), FNRM, Daley, DJ (Co-PI), ERE and Abrahamson, LP (Co-PI), FNRM

Growing Willow as an Alternative Cover for the Solvay Waste Beds

Honeywell International Incorporated

$ 482,341