New AwardsóJuly 2011

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Diemont, S (PI), ERE

Inner Harbor Rain Garden: A Working Model and Educational Project

Onondaga Environmental Institute

$ 4,995.60


Francis, RC (PI), PBE

GOALI: An Investigation of Depolymerization and Condensation Reactions of Lignin Under Alkaline Non-US Performance Sites

National Science Foundation

$ 14,191


Mao, H (PI), CHE

Mercury Cycling in the Marine Environment

National Science Foundation

$ 300,620


Newman, DH (PI), FNRM and Dovciak, M (Co-PI) EFB

FY 2011 NSRC Research Grants

USDA Forest Service

$ 173,348.00


Vidon, P (PI), FNRM and Mitchell, MJ (Co-PI), EFB

Nitrogen (N) Availability as Driver of Methlmercury Production in Forested Soils and Stream

Cornell University

$ 20,000


Volk, TA (PI), FNRM

Development and Deployment of a Short Rotation Woody Crops Harvesting System Based on a Case New Holland Forage Harvester and SRC Woody Crop Header

NYS Energy Research and Development Authority

$ 250,000


Webster, FX (PI), CHE

Identification of Psyllid Attractants and Development of Highly Trapping and Attract-and-Kill Methods for Improved Psyllid Control

University of Florida

$ 34,693