New AwardsóAugust 2011

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Curry, GW (PI), LA; Hawks, RS (Co-PI), LA and Auwaerter, J (Co-PI), LA

Research and Evaluate Cultural Landscape of Marin Headlands, Golden Gate National Recreation Area Phase III: District-Wide Existing Conditions, Analysis & Evaluation and Treatment

National Park Service

$ 80,600


Curry, GW (PI), LA; Hawks, RS (Co-PI), LA and Auwaerter, J (Co-PI), LA

Complete Research, Inventory and Evaluation of the Springwood Cultural Landscape, Home of FDR National Historic Site Non-US Performance Sites N/A

National Park Service

$ 45,000


Kroll, CN (PI), ERE and Endreny, TA (Co-PI), ERE

A New i-Tree Tool for Assessing Forest Impacts on Urban Ecosystems

USDA Forest Service

$ 257,183


Newman, L (PI), EFB

Plant Uptake and Interaction with Nanoparticles

National Science Foundation

$ 217,121


Powell, WA (PI), EFB

Evaluating the Genetic and Genomic Basis for Varying Levels of Blight Resistance Among Native Chinese Trees

American Chestnut Foundation

$ 16,600


Ramarao, BV (PI), PBE and Smith, JL (Co-PI), SCME

Collaborative Research: Geotextile Tubes for the Sustainable Dewatering

National Science Foundation

$ 170,103


Stehman, SV (PI). FNRM

US Forest Disturbance History from Landsat

USDA Forest Service



Tao, W (PI), ERE and Moran, SD (Co-PI), ES

Sustainably Overcoming Hindrance to Struvite Recovery from Anaerobically Digested Dairy Manure

Environmental Protection Agency

$ 15,000


Yanai, RD (PI), FNRM

Fellowship to Assess Long-Term Monitoring Programs for Sulfur, Nitrogen and Mercury Deposition and Impacts in New York State

NYS Energy Research and Development Authority