New Awards—October 2011

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Endreny, TA (PI), ERE

EPA Fellowship for Jesse Robinson

Environmental Protection Agency

$ 14,031


Fernando, DD (PI), EFB and Leopold, DJ (Co-PI), EFB

Genetic Diversity, Morphometrics and Habitat Analysis of a Rare Fern in the Northern Forest: Implications for Management and Long-Term Survival

University of New Hampshire

$ 2,400


Kelleher, M (PI), President’s Office; Crovella, PL (Co-PI), SCME; Daley, DJ (Co-PI), ERE; Volk, TA (Co-PI), FNRM and Fletcher, J (Co-PI)

SUNY ESF Gateway Combined Heat and Power System

NYS Energy Research and Development Authority

$ 963,955


Leopold, DJ (PI), EFB

Development Database and Develop Algorithms to Support the National Wetland Plant List

US Army Corps Engineers

$ 94,419


Nyland, RD (PI), FNRM and Bevilacqua, E (Co-PI), FNRM

Predicting Effects of Even-aged Silviculture on Commodity Production, Carbon Sequestration, and Wildlife Habitat Characteristics in Northern Hardwood Stands

University of Vermont

$ 97,265


Ringler, NH (PI), EFB

Enhanced Effectiveness of Planning and Managing Urban Forest Ecosystems

USDA Forest Service

$ 13,500


Smardon, RC (PI), ENVST

EPA Fellowship for Brendan Galloway

Environmental Protection Agency

$ 12,500