New AwardsóDecember 2011

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Beier, C (PI), FNRM /AEC

Impacts of Forest Management on Regulating Services in Northern Forest Watersheds: Development of the Forest Ecosystem Services Toolkit

University of Vermont

$ 13,948


Gibbs, JP (PI), EFB

550 Environmental and Forest Biology

Networked Human Detection Sensors to Contradict illegal Poaching of Giant Galapagos Tortoises

Galapagos Conservancy

$ 20,000


Hall, CAS (PI), EFB

Energy Return on Investment for Major Fuels for UK - Phase II & Phase II

Department for International Development UK

$ 40,317


Ryan, SJ (PI), EFB

Hotter Hotspots: Land Use Intensification and Protected Area Vulnerability in Africa's Albertine Rift

University of New Hampshire

$ 45,897