New Awards—May 2012  

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Cohen, J (PI), EFB

Estimating Abundance and Limiting Factors of Ring-Necked Pheasants in Western New York

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

$ 7,671


Fernando, DD (PI), EFB and Leopold, DJ (Co-PI), EFB

Production of Genetically Diverse American Hart's-Tongue Fern for Introduction or Reintroduction in the Great Lakes Region

US Fish and Wildlife Service

$ 99,600


Kimmerer, RW (PI), EFB

Lake Restoration: Growing Plants and Growing Knowledge with Youth at Onondaga Nation

Onondaga Lake Partnership

$ 5,000


Maynard, CA (Co-PI), FNRM and  Powell, WA (Co-PI), EFB

Preservation and Multiplication of Elite Backcross American Chestnut Hybrids by Micropropagation

American Chestnut Foundation

$ 2,715


McNulty, SA (PI), AEC.

Comparison of Nesting Rusty Blackbirds in the Adirondacks and New England

Northern New York Audubon

$ 1,500


Ramarao, BV (PI), PBE

Pretreatment Method to Obtain Fermentable Sugars from Recycled Containerboard (OCC) Fines at Recycled Containerboard Mill

NYS Energy Research and Development Authority

$ 74,429


Ringler, NH (PI), EFB and KE Limburg (Co-PI), EFB

Relative Abundance of Blueback Herring (Alosa Aertivalis) in Relation to Permanent and Removable Dams on the Mohawk River

Cornell University

$ 10,000


Vidon, P (PI), FNRM

Pollution Trade-Offs Associated with the Use of Riparian Zones as Best Management Practices

Cornell University

$ 12,750


Vidon, P (PI), FNRM

Impact of Agricultural Stream Restoration on Near Stream Zone Hydrology and Biogeochemistry

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

$ 22,039