New Awards—March 2013

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Bevilacqua, E (PI), FNRM

Dynamics of Institutional Timberland Ownership and its Impact on Forest Management in Northern Forest Region, United States

University of Vermont

$ 10,000


Boyer, GL (PI), CHE

Dimensions: Collaborative Research: An Anthropogenic Nutrient Input Drives Genetic, Functional and Taxonomic Biodiversity in Hypereutrophic Lake Taihu, China

University of Tennessee

$ 60,000

Farrell, JM (PI), EFB, Whipps, CM (Co-PI), EFB and Kapuscinski, K (Co-PI), EFB

Development and Management of St. Lawrence River Fisheries

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

$ 715,001


Germain, RH (PI), FNRM

Economic Considerations to Strengthen Logging Businesses in the Northern Forest Region Application of Process Improvement Techniques

University of Maine at Orono

$ 12,089


Gibbs, J (PI), EFB and Frair, J (Co-PI), EFB

How Environment, Physiology and Life History Interact to Determine Pattern in Animal Migration

National Science Foundation

$ 600,000


Kapuscinski, K (PI), EFB and Farrell, JM (Co-PI), EFB

Delineation of Natural Boundaries of Muskellunge in the Great Lakes and the Effects of Supplementation on Genetic Integrity of Remnant Stocks

University of Wisconsin  Stevens Point

$ 4,977


Parker, AM (PI), ES

RAPID: Collaborative Research: Post-Sandy Discourse about Energy Infrastructure and Security

National Science Foundation

$ 15,000


Selfa, T (PI), ES

Distributed On-Farm Bioenergy, Biofuels and Biochemicals (FarmBio3) Development and Production Via Integrated Catalytic Thermolysis

Drexel University

$ 32,142


Sonnenfeld, DA (PI), ES and Yang, X (Co-PI), ES

Doctoral Dissertation Research in Science and Innovation Policy: A Global Partnership Approach to Clean Energy Technology Innovation: Carbon Capture and Storage

National Science Foundation

$ 25,213


Teale, SA (PI), EFB

Asian Longhorn Beetle Research at SUNY-ESF

Alphawood Foundation

$ 61,407


Volk, TA (PI), FNRM; Abrahamson, LP (Co-PI), FNRM and Daley, DJ (Co-PI) ERE

Growing Willow as an Alternative Cover for the Solvay Waste Beds

Honeywell International Incorporated

$ 438,018


Yanai, R (PI), FNRM

RCN: Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies

National Science Foundation

$ 500,000