New Awards July 2013

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Curry, GW (PI), LA and Auwaerter, J (Co-PI), LA

Provide Cultural Landscape Preservation Assistance to National Parks

National Park Service

$ 30,000


Curry, GW (PI), LA; Auwaerter, J (Co-PI), LA and Hawks, RS (Co-PI), LA

Development Treatment: Recommendations for the Cultural Landscape of Chancellorsville Battlefield, Fredicksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields National Military Park

National Park Service

$ 43,000


Curry, GW (PI), LA; Auwaerter, J (Co-PI), LA and Hawks, RS (Co-PI), LA

Research, Document and Prescribe Treatment for Cultural Landscape of Muir Woods National Monument

National Park Service

$ 79,591


Evans, DJ (PI), NHP

Ecological Assessment of 40 Animal Species

Adirondack Research and Consulting LLC

$ 13,275


Limburg, KE (PI), EFB

Natal Origins of Humpback Chub at Aggregations by Otolith Microchemistry

US Geological Survey

$ 122,617


Smith, J (PI), SCME

Development of Innovative PAM-Coated Fibers for Erosion and Sediment Control

Syracuse University

$ 5,000


Underwood, BH (PI), EFB

A Non-Invasive Approach to River Otter (Lontra Canadensis) Monitoring in the Finger Lakes Region of New York

Finger Lakes Community College

$ 1,560