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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

2004 Research News Archives

January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004, reverse chronological order
Comeback Beavers Butt Heads With Humans (12/16)
Environmentalist shows new energy(12/16)
Moss Hunters Roll Away Nature's Carpet, and Some Ecologists Worry (12/3)
New York Deserves Its Share of Great Lakes Research Funds (11/22)
Out-of-the-world views are close to home(11/2)
Turtles in decline(11/2)
Town, gown meet for matchmaking(11/2)
Lake Ontario could help keep Syracuse cool(11/1)
ESF Students Help Plant 100 Trees in City (10/25)
Lakeside park for everybody (10/17)
Partnership agreements pay way for construction start Ethanol project on target for $140 million investment (10/16)
DEC Honors Chad Dawson (10/15)
Biotech center gains lease (10/2)
Protecting Our Water Supply (10/1)
Testing the waters (9/28)
Termites teach scientists to build for future (9/27)
Hunt for solution takes aim at deer (9/12)
Syracuse Lacks Green Buildings (9/11)
Botanist Paints Color Portrait of the Adirondacks (9/11)
ESF Ranks Among America's Best Colleges (8/20)
Visit SUNY-ESF at the New York State Fair (8/18)
Do It Right (8/16)
Stewards protect dunes (8/4)
Global warming challenged (8/2)
Website Shows Lake Ontario Student Dune Program Works (8/2)
Dr. Myron J. Mitchell Named Distinguished Professor (7/8)
ESF Team Completes Solar Splash Competition (6/21)
Exhibition "The Gardens of Fletcher Steele" Showcases Designs of Legendary Landscape Architect (6/10)
Clinton cites ESF work at homeland security conference (6/8)
Bioblitz Uncovers Unusual (6/2)
Beaver Lake bioblitz uncovers 828 species(6/1)
Counting on Nature (5/14)
ESF's Second "Bioblitz" (5/11)
Fulton Ethanol Project Gains Support (6/2)
Devastated American chestnut may return (5/28)
Sun-powered voyage (5/25)
ESF story (5/19)
Senator Clinton Launches Urban Forestry Initiative (5/24)
New York can be a leader into sustainable future (5/24)
New York City water quality project would include ESF (5/13)
Green Chemistry (4/25)
ESF Design Students Tackle Onondaga Creek (4/22)
Students to study abandoned Guppy farm (4/22)
ESF Biologist Is Honored as Distinguished Teaching Professor (4/22)
CNY's future may be written in its waterways (4/18)
Congressional Appropriations to SUNY Show 117 Percent Increase Over 2003 (4/14)
Local SUNY projects funded (4/13)
Promoting parks could spark greater use (4/13)
ESF report says city should promote parks (4/12)
Meyer Named Chair of Construction Management and Wood Products Engineering (4/8)
Endreny Receives Chancellor's Award for Internationalization (4/8)
New head of EPA's field office looks to prepare for dredging (4/2)
SUNY thanks Representative Walsh for $12.6M in federal support for 9 Central New York projects 3/30)
Kimberly-Clark Donates 13 Patents to ESF:
Patents--Daily Orange story (3/25)
Patents--Newsday story
Patents--Herald Tribune story (3/1)
Patents--SUNY Research Foundation story (3/01)
SUNY ESF Researchers to Advance Technologies Gifted by Kimberly-Clark Worldwide for Use in New Paper Products (2/27)
Research will Focus on Environmentally Friendly Compounds to Enhance
Properties and Increase Usefulness of Paper (2/27)
Patents--Syracuse.com story HERE (2/27)
Ice jams (1/21)
Local companies will benifit from grant (1/13)
Local expert on DNA hired by defense in 1975 homicide (1/7)
ESF Professor Named ASLA Fellow(1/7)
Pataki puts SUNY-ESF at 'Forefront' of emerging technology (1/7)
Grant approved for job training (1/7)