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2011 Research News Archives

January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011 , reverse chronological order

      ESF in the High School, Biodigester, Waste-to-energy (12/28)

      Story on ESM high school students partnering with SUNY-ESF to research technology that turns food scraps into fuel. ("CNY students turn food scraps into fuel"; 12/26/11) DETAILS

      Songbirds, Cardinals (12/28)

      ESF graduate student Lewis Grove quoted in story. ("Your Stories: Where are all the cardinals?"; 12/26/11) DETAILS

      Conservation Biology, Mountain Sheep (12/28)

      Drs. James P. Gibbs and Jacqueline Frair along with some graduate students work to promote conservation efforts in Altai and protect argali mountain sheep in Russia. ("Biologists from the US and Spain Count Sheep in Altai";12/23/11

      Cockroaches, Pheromones (12/28)

      See paper co-authored by ESF's Dr. Francis X. Webster available through open access. ("Unusal macrocyclic lactone sex pheromone of Parcoblatta lata, a primary food source of the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker") DETAILS

      Global Warming, Climate Change (12/22)

      Photo taken at ESF represents a call for reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million. ("Acting Locally: To stop global warming, start at home";12/22/11) DETAILS

      Termites (12/21)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. J. Scott Turner's work with termites is mentioned in story. ("Interview: Dr Rupert Soar – Fungus Farming to Freeform Construction"; 12/20/11) DETAILS

      Botany, Adirondacks (12/21)

      Respected ESF professor's book titled "Forests and Trees of the Adirondack High Peaks" to be reprinted once again. ("Ketchledge's 'Trees' reprinted with added color "; 12/10/11) DETAILS

      Montezuma Heritage Park (12/20)

      Story on the new park that ESF students helped plan as part of class project. ("Montezuma inches closer to new park with new planning grant "; 12/15/11) DETAILS

      Cockroaches, Pheromones (12/20)

      ESF researchers participated in coloaborative study of sex pheromones in cockroaches. ("Cockroach Hookup Signal Could Benefit Endangered Woodpecker"; 12/16/11) DETAILS

      Native Plant Symposium (12/20)

      ESF's Tim Tolland will speak on SUNY-ESF master plan and projects that feature native plants and ecological design in February 2012. ("4th Annual Design with Native Plant Symposium") DETAILS

      SUNY-ESF Greenhouses (12/16)

      Story on renovations of Illick Hall roof and ESF Greenhouses. ("SUNY-ESF's Illick Hall to receive new roof and greenhouse complex in 2012"; 12/11/11) DETAILS

      Population Ecology, Snow Leopard (12/16)

      Local news coverage of ESF Research in Siberia. ("SUNY ESF profs and students have role in capturing rare Siberian cat on film"; 12/16/11) DETAILS

      Climate Change, Global Warming (12/15)

      ESF's Dr. Richard C. Smardon quoted in story on the mild weather. ("What does the mild weather mean?"; 12/14/11) DETAILS

      NYS-DEC (12/14)

      ESF alumnus Robert Stegemann to be new DEC Region 5 director. ("DEC Region 5 gets new chief"; 12/10/11) DETAILS

      CNY Biotechnology Research Center (12/14)

      ESF is a partner in the CNY Biotechnology Research Center which will house biotechnology, educational and research programs. ("Two Upstate Medical University projects win state economic development funding"; 12/8/11) DETAILS

      SUNY Center for Brownfield Studies, Lyons Falls (12/14)

      ESF's partnering work, redevelopment ideas and conversion technology are mentioned in story about Lyons Fall paper mill. ("Lyons Falls mill development efforts aided by state funding"; 12/14/11) DETAILS

      Sustainable Wood Production (12/14)

      See the final report of the NSRC-funded project with ESF's Drs. Eddie Bevilacqua, Ralph D. Nyland and Diane Kiernan titled, "Balancing Sustainable Wood Production and Carbon Sequestration in Northern Hardwood Forests." DETAILS

      Ecological Engineering, Aquaponics (12/9)

      International coverage of aquaponics research project. ("Graduate researcher examining how to farm fish, plants in symbiotic system";12/8/11) DETAILS
    • Convocation Honors ESF's Winter Graduates (12/9)
    • CNY Regional Economic Development Council (12/9)

      ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. mentioned in story. ("How region's economic development council members dealt with conflicts of interest"; 12/7/11) DETAILS

      Conservation Biology, Snow Leopard (12/9)

      MSNBC coverage of ESF research in Siberia. ("First images of snow leopards snapped in Siberia"; 12/8/11) DETAILS

      Ducks, Atlantic Waterfowl Flyway (12/8)

      ESF alumnus Dave Odell to give talk on Saturday at Montezuma Audubon Center. ("Nature of Montezuma Lecture Series: 'Crux of Ducks';" 12/8/11) DETAILS

      The Wildlife Society (12/7)

      Kudos to Dr. Jacqueline Frair who won the Student Chapter Advisor of the Year Award at The Wildlife Society annual conference held in November. ('Student Winners from TWS Annual Conference"; 12/6/11) DETAILS

      Onondaga Lake, Syracuse (12/7)

      ESF research and animal population studies are mentioned in story about Onondaga Lake cleanup. ("Onondaga Lake cleanup hits milestone this week with completion of barrier wall"; 12/7/11) DETAILS

      Adirondacks, Land Use, Ethics (12/5)

      SUNY-ESF's Northern Forest Institute at Huntington Wildlife Forest in Newcomb invites submissions for a symposium of interdisciplinary scholarship in land use and ethics, to be held June 1-3, 2012. ("Adirondack Land Use Ethics Symposium"; 12/2/11) DETAILS

      Ecological Engineering, Aquaponics (12/5)

      Blog story on ESF graduate student Michael Amadori's aquaponics project. ("Part 3: Pizza Crusts and Hot Dogs as Fish Food"; 12/2/11 DETAILS
    • ESF Cameras Capture Snow Leopards in Siberia (12/2)
    • AEES Call for Abstracts (12/1)

      The American Ecological Engineering Society (AEES) Meeting Technical Committee is currently seeking abstracts for the 2012 event. This year's meeting, focusing on Coupling Natural and Human Systems, will be held at SUNY-ESF on June 7-9, 2012 in Syracuse, NY. Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract by Jan. 31, 2012 by emailing: aeesabstracts@gmail.com using the pdf form provided at www.esf.edu/outreach/pd/2012/aees.

      To read a recent opinion about ecological engineering written by an ESF student in the Daily Orange visit: http://www.dailyorange.com/opinion/environment-nature-offers-smart-way-to-treat-water-waste-1.2687416

      Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture (11/30)

      Opinion piece by Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus George W. Curry and Christine Capella Peters. ("Zoning decisions must support strategic vision"; 11/25/11) DETAILS

      Sustainability, Green Living (11/30)

      ESF President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., to be keynote speaker at upcoming sustainability workshop, "Shades of Green in Madison County: A Green Living Experience". ("Green Living Experience Coming"; 11/30/11) DETAILS

      Biophysical Economics, Sustainability (11/30)

      ESF's Dr. Charles Hall will present "Biophysical economics: Economics that matters for the 21st century" at the 4th International EcoSummit—Ecological Sustainability in 2012. DETAILS

      Energy, Wealth (11/30)

      ESF expert Dr. Charles Hall has collaborated on book titled, "Energy and the Wealth of Nations: Understanding the Biophysical Economy". ("Wells College Professor of Economics Publishes Book, 'Energy and the Wealth of Nations'"; 11/29/11) DETAILS
    • Centennial Hall Earns LEED Gold Certification (11/29)
    • Impact Assessment, Habitat Conservation (11/29)

      ESF's Dr. James P. Gibbs is mentioned in story. ("Forest Impacts Debated"; 11/17/11) DETAILS
    • Student Combines Science, Policy, Sustainability (11/18)
    • Energy, Sustainability (11/14)

      ESF's Dr. Andrea Feldpausch-Parker to be a guest on WRVO's Innovation Trail on 11/21/11 speaking on various energy questions. ("What's powering your computer screen?") DETAILS

      Hunting, Deer, Coyotes (11/14)

      An ESF study will provide more conclusive data for DEC. ("Hunters finding fewer deer this year"; 11/13/11) DETAILS
    • Wood Use Mitigates Climate Change (11/14)
    • NOAA Grant Focuses on Battling Toxins in Great Lakes (11/11)
    • Ecological Engineering (11/9)

      ESF will host the American Ecological Engineering Society's annual conference in June with workshops for certification in ecological design. ("Environment/Nature offers smart way to treat water, waste"; 11/7/11) DETAILS

      Northern States Research Cooperative (11/9)

      Several ESF faculty members have participated in projects through the Northern States Research Cooperative related to forest biodiversity, conservation, ecological services to society, and protected areas. DETAILS

      Salmon River Watershed Natural Resources Assessment, Tug Hill (11/9)

      ESF is working with a diverse group of partners on the Salmon River Watershed Natural Resources Assessment, meant to highlight significant natural resources of the area for planning and management decisions. ("Salmon River Watershed Natural Resources Assessment") DETAILS

      University Hill, Syracuse (11/7)

      Another story on ESF's new collaborative endeavors. ("ESF/Making moves: ESF community makes advance in, out of classroom"; 11/7/11) DETAILS

      Conservation Biology, Biodiversity (11/3)

      ESF's Dr. James P. Gibbs presenting for Applied Biodiversity Science at Texas A&M on 11/3/11. ("Interactions between science and management: Lessons learned from the Galapagos tortoise conservation program" and "Snow leopard and argali conservation in Siberia") DETAILS

      Sustainable Enterprise Partnership (11/2)

      ESF is one of the four partners in the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership. ("GDF SUEZ Energy provides gifts to Sustainable Enterprise Partnership, SyracuseCoE"; 11/1/11) DETAILS

      Montezuma Heritage Park (11/2)

      ESF alumnus John Malenick had assistance from ESF students with a plan for the Montezuma Heritage Park. ("Montezuma supervisor faces challenge from longtime resident"; 11/2/11) DETAILS

      Restoration Ecology, Biodiversity (11/2)

      ESF's Dr. James P. Gibbs quoted in story. ("Restoration Ecology in Agrarian Landscapes"; 11/1/11) DETAILS

      Bob Marshall Wild Land Complex (11/1)

      ESF's former president, Dr. Ross Whaley, on the importance of protecting ecosystems on public and private lands. ("Adirondack Council's map good, but it could have been better"; 10/28/11) DETAILS

      Certificate of Advanced Study in Sustainable Enterprise (CASSE) (11/1)

      The Certificate of Advanced Study in Sustainable Enterprise (CASSE) integrates business, science, engineering, policy and practice, and emphasizes transdisciplinary collaboration. The program was developed through a unique cross-institutional collaboration. Admission to the CASSE program is available to all currently matriculated graduate students at Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF. ("Certificate in sustainable enterprise available to all SU, SUNY-ESF graduate students"; 10/31/11) DETAILS

      Engineers without Borders (11/1)

      Story on ESF's chapter of EWB that worked to implement a gravity-fed water distribution system in Buena Vista and future projects to be led by Dr. Stewart Diemont. ("Environment/Student engineers bring expertise, water to Honduran village"; 10/31/11) DETAILS

      AMNH Student Conference on Conservation Science (10/31)

      A nod to Dr. James P. Gibbs and others for involvement in the October 2011 American Museum of Natural History Student Conference on Conservation Science. DETAILS

      EROI, Peak Gas (10/31)

      Another new paper co-authored by ESF's Dr. Charles Hall on Energy Return on Investment (EROI) available through Open Access. ("Energy Return on Energy Invested for Tight Gas Wells in the Appalachian Basin, United States of America") DETAILS

      Community Engagement, Syracuse (10/31)

      ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., on recent article and in support of Nancy Cantor's leadership at SU. ("SU: A Model for Higher Education - Chronicle article missed key role of university"; 10/30/11) DETAILS

      EROI, Energy Quality (10/31)

      Another new paper co-authored by ESF's Dr. Charles Hall on Energy Return on Investment (EROI) available through Open Access. ("Order from Chaos: A Preliminary Protocol for Determining the EROI of Fuels") DETAILS

      SUNY Center for Brownfield Studies, Lyons Falls (10/31)

      Story on ESF's Preston Gilbert talking with North Country Regional Economic Development Council leaders on redevelopment models for brownfield sites and green technologies. ("Lyons Falls mill redevelopment touted at regional economic development forum"; 10/27/11) DETAILS

      Coyotes (10/26)

      ESF coyote expertise is mentioned in story. ("Coyote warning leads to canceled recess in Brighton"; 10/26/11) DETAILS

      Green Building Conference Abstract Submission Deadline Extended (10/26)

      The New York State Green Building Conference has extended the deadline for the submission of abstracts for oral presentations until Nov. 4. With the addition of a second day for the 10th anniversary conference, more papers are being sought. The conference will be held March 29-30, 2012, in Syracuse, NY. Conference tracks are Green Building for Commercial Construction, Green Building for Residential Construction, Green Building Chemistry and Deconstruction. DETAILS

      Restoration Ecology, Vernal Pools (10/26)

      ESF's Dr. James P. Gibbs' work to be presented at the ASLA conference next week ("Restoration Ecology In Agrarian Landscapes") DETAILS

      American Chestnut, Biotechnology (10/25)

      Additional coverage on ESF researchers and resistant genes/trees. ("Researchers replanting resistant chestnut trees"; 10/17/11) DETAILS

      Ecowillow, Biomass (10/24)

      Story on the family and business that is licensed to propagate and sell Ecowillow, developed by ESF researchers. ("Roots and wings"; 10/21/11) DETAILS

      EROI, Sustainability (10/24)

      Read new paper co-authored by ESF's Dr. Charles Hall on EROI available through Open Access. ("A New Long Term Assessment of Energy Return on Investment (EROI) for U.S. Oil and Gas Discovery and Production") DETAILS
    • NY Sea Grant Building Partnerships at ESF (10/21)
    • Wildlife Management, Hunting, Trapping (10/21)

      Story on new course designed by ESF's Dr. Jacqueline Frair. ("Class gives SUNY ESF students well-rounded perspective on hunting and fishing"; 10/21/11) DETAILS

      Children in Nature, New York (10/21)

      See story and listen to interview with ESF's Paul Hai. ("Interview With Paul Hai – Children in Nature New York"; 10/20/11) DETAILS

      Hydraulic Fracturing, Central New York (10/21)

      Story and video on a non-traditional method ESF and SU student members of NYPIRG used to educate the public on hydraulic fracturing. ("Hydrofracking haunted house"; 10/20/11) DETAILS

      American Chestnut, Biotechnology (10/21)

      Drs. Donald Leopold, William Powell and Charles Maynard will speak at the 28th Annual American Chestnut Foundation Meeting this weekend. ("Good Morning, Buffalo: Back before the emerald ash borer"; 10/21/11) DETAILS

      American Chestnut, Biotechnology (10/20)

      SUNY-ESF's chestnut biotechnology program and transgenic trees are mentioned in story. ("Mission to restore American chestnut gains momentum";10/19/11) DETAILS
    • ESF Professor Co-authors Book on Food, Sustainability (10/19)
    • Hill Collaboration on Environmental Medicine, Syracuse (10/19)

      ESF's Vice Provost for Research Neil H. Ringler in video on new partnership. ("Medical and environmental research combined"; 10/18/11) DETAILS

      Fall Colors, Central New York (10/18)

      Video of Terry Ettinger with expert Dr. Donald Leopold on fall colors in CNY. ("Garden Journeys: CNY's fall colors"; 10/16/11) DETAILS

      Don Leopold on WRVO: Fall Colors, Central New York (10/18)

      ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold again on fall colors in CNY. ("Local tree expert says central New York has the best fall color in the nation"; 10/18/11) DETAILS
    • ESF Partners in Hill Collaboration on Environmental Medicine (10/18)
    • Why Do Leaves Change Color? (10/18)
    • Forest Products, Mill Management (10/17)

      ESF's Dr. Rene Germain and Dr. William Smith will speak at upcoming symposium for loggers, mill owners and forest landowners. DETAILS

      Forest Health Initiative, Biotechnology (10/17)

      ESF researchers are involved in new biotechnology initiative involving cross-breeding and genetics as they try to create a sturdy chestnut tree. ("New hope for a vanished giant"; 10/17/11) DETAILS

      Renewable Energy, Power of SUNY (10/17)

      Story on new transatlantic teaching and research partnerships: ESF and UAS7 share key strengths in teaching and research including a focus on renewable energies. ("SUNY and German colleges sign partnership agreement"; 10/14/11) DETAILS

      UV/EB Process Curing Systems Technology Center (10/14)

      Story mentions the new UV/EB Tech Center and recent conference. ("uv.eb EAST 2011 Shows Opportunities for Energy Curing in PE") DETAILS

      Emerald Ash Borer, Invasive Species (10/14)

      ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold in story on the invasive Emerald Ash Borer. ("Emerald Ash Borer spotted in New York, could destroy the state's ash trees"; 10/13/11) DETAILS
    • 'Father of Green Chemistry' to Speak at Green Building Conference (10/14)
    • Chemistry Research on Cover of Journal (10/13)
    • Partners for Education & Business, Community Engagement (10/13)

      SUNY-ESF will be a participant in Manufacturing Careers Day programs beginning 10/13/11. ("MACNY and Partners for Education & Business To Hold Second Annual Manufacturing Careers Day"; 10/12/11) DETAILS

      Chemistry, Community Engagement (10/12)

      ESF's Dr. Neal Abrams will present a series of interactive Halloween chemistry demonstrations at the MOST on 10/15/11. ("Creepy Chemistry: Glowing Pumpkins, Magical Genies, Mysterious Fog and Much More!") DETAILS

      Fall Foliage (10/12)

      ESF's Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson is quoted in story on fall leaves. ("Weather delays turning of leaves"; 10/12/11) DETAILS

      Greenhouse Gas (10/11)

      Learn how to calculate your greenhouse gas emissions at 10/21/11 workshop. ("Greenhouse Gas Reporting Initiative and Overview of Green Design Guidelines") DETAILS

      Farmhack@ESF (10/11)

      Story by ESF student Leanna Patricia Mulvihill. ("Farmhack@ESF"; 10/10/11) DETAILS

      Adirondack North Country, Sustainability (10/11)

      ESF researchers were involved in the surveys focusing on a sustainable economic future for the Adirondack North Country region. ("Surveys: Investment priorities differ"; 10/11/11) DETAILS

      CNY Biotechnology Research Center (10/11)

      A joint venture involving ESF, the CNY Biotechnology Research Center should be completed by June 2012.  ("Central New York Biotechnology Center on track to open next summer "; 10/8/11)

      Climate Change, Africa (10/7)

      ESF's Dr. Sadie J. Ryan is mentioned in story. ("UNH professors lead research grant in African national parks"; 10/6/11) DETAILS

      Fall Foliage (10/7)

      ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold in another story on fall color. ("Fall Colors are on the way"; 10/6/11) DETAILS

      Animal Physiology (10/6)

      EFB Professor Scott Turner's Animal Physiology lectures are featured on the iTunes U homepage for a short while. DETAILS
    • Green Infrastructure Symposium Accepting Abstracts (10/5)
    • History of World (10/3)

      EFB's Dr. Jonathan Cohen appeared in the History Channel/H2 documentary called "A History of the World in Two Hours" which will be rebroadcast at 9 p.m. Thursday. DETAILS

      Combined Heat & Power, Sustainability (10/3)

      ESF's Michael Kelleher presented at the 11th annual Symposium on Environmental and Energy Systems sponsored by the Syracuse Center of Excellence. ("Alliance Members Participate in Panel on Biomass Heating and CHP Applications"; 9/26/11) DETAILS

      ESF Enrollment, University Hill (10/3)

      ESF enrollment is up along with other colleges in the area. ("Syracuse University, SUNY ESF, Upstate Medical all face student enrollment increase"; 10/3/11) DETAILS

      Sustainability, Climate Change (9/30)

      ESF President Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., delivered the keynote. ("First SUNY Sustainability Officers' Conference Sept. 19 and 20 at SUNY Empire State College"; 9/22/11) DETAILS

      Fall Foliage (9/30)

      ESF expert Dr. Donald J. Leopold in story of CNY's recent weather and impact on fall foliage. ("Rain dampens fall colors"; 9/29/11) DETAILS

      Renewable Energy, Green Infrastructure, Sustainability (9/30)

      SUNY-ESF and President Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., mentioned in story. ("CNY can learn from other successful projects"; 9/30/11) DETAILS

      Climate Change, Africa (9/29)

      A new ESF faculty member, Dr. Sadie J. Ryan, is collaborator on project that explores links between land use, climate and wildlife in protected areas of Uganda. ("GSU scientist examines climate's role in pressures on protected lands in Africa"; 9/19/11) DETAILS

      ERENGINEERING, Farmhack@ESF (9/28)

      See new ERENGINEERING blog at ESF with current story about Farmhack@ESF. DETAILS

      Green Entrepreneurship, Eship (9/28)

      See the CNY Business Exchange Report on ESF's Eship [Green Entrepreneurship]. ("Report of SUNY ESF's Eship Program"; pg. 58-59) DETAILS
    • AIC to Host Forum about Future of Adirondacks (9/27)
    • CNY Biotechnology Research Center (9/27)

      With all funding now in place, construction completion is projected at June 2012. ("Construction resumes on future Biotechnology Center"; 9/26/11) DETAILS

      Insects, Bees, Wasps (9/27)

      ESF expert and entomologist Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson quoted in story about bees and wasps this time of year. ("Your Stories Question: Are bees particularly aggressive this season?"; 9/21/11) DETAILS

      Community Garden, Urban Farm (9/27)

      ESF mentioned in story about Southwest Community Farm. ("Syracuse community gardeners celebrate the season's success"; 9/25/11) DETAILS

      Moving Planet Day and Climate Change (9/27)

      Daily Orange story on campus action to bring about awareness about global climate change. ("ESF/Global movement: Campus joins together to demand action against carbon dioxide concentrations"; 9/26/11) DETAILS

      Moving Planet Day; Climate Change (9/27)

      Coverage of rally designed to draw attention to the need to lower the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. ("ESF students, staff and faculty draw attention to dangers of increasing carbon dioxide levels"; 9/24/11) DETAILS

      Syracuse Center of Excellence, LEED (9/27)

      ESF President Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., quoted in story about LEED certification and the Syracuse COE. ("Syracuse Center of Excellence earns highest LEED certification"; 9/23/11) DETAILS

      Opinion on Moving Planet Day (9/27)

      ESF president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. contributed to op-ed piece on Moving Planet Day organized worldwide with the a unified idea: moving beyond fossil fuels. ("Friday's Readers' Page centerpiece: Events Saturday urge action to cut greenhouse gas emissions"; 9/23/11) DETAILS
    • NYS Green Building Conference Set for March 2012 (9/27)
    • ESF History (9/22)

      Story on the growth and change on the ESF campus over 100 years; one of several in the Daily Orange about ESF's Centennial. ("Building on the past: ESF constructs its identity one new building at a time"; 9/22/11) DETAILS

      Biochemistry, Biobased Products (9/21)

      ESF's Dr. Christopher Nomura will be presenting "Designing Metabolic Pathways for Biochemical Production of Biodegradable Plastics" on 10/6/11 at the Chemistry-Physics Lecture Series in Buffalo. ("Chemistry-Physics Lecture Series Begins September 22"; 9/20/11) DETAILS

      Carbon Footprint, Sustainability (9/21)

      ESF president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr. quoted in story about cutting schools' carbon footprints. ("Conference gets academics to think green"; 9/20/11) DETAILS

      St. Lawrence River, Volunteering (9/20)

      ESF student participated in St. Lawrence River trash cleanup. ("Diving for trash"; 9/18/11) DETAILS

      Acid Rain, Songbirds (9/20)

      ESF mentioned in story on transfer of calcium, mercury and aluminum through food webs in the Adirondacks. ("Research Shows that Soil Calcium Limits Forest Songbirds"; 9/17/11) DETAILS

      Hydraulic Fracturing, Drinking Water (9/19)

      ESF scientists joined others in signing letter to Governor Cuomo about hydrofracking's threat to municipal drinking water systems. ("Scientists: Drilling threat to water"; 9/16/11) DETAILS

      Green Infrastructure (9/19)

      ESF's new Centennial Hall received a Green Improvement Fund grant used toward installation of green infrastructure. ("Green Improvement Fund – SUNY ESF Residence Hall"; 2011) DETAILS

      Environmental Policy (9/15)

      ESF instructor Dan Maffei to run again. ("Eye on Albany Spotlight: Dan Maffei will run for Congress a fourth time"; 9/15/11) DETAILS

      Cultural Landscapes, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design (9/15)

      ESF alumnus Charles Birnbaum regularly blogs about cultural landscapes and landscape architecture. ("ESF Alumnus Regularly on Huffington Post"; 9/14/11) DETAILS
    • NYS Green Building Conference: Call for Abstracts (9/15)
    • ESF History (9/15)

      A local conservationist was mentioned as force behind establishing the College. ("Jewish Federation's Richard Friedman plans move to New Jersey";9/15/11) DETAILS

      Food Justice (9/14)

      ESF students to speak at upcoming seminars on food justice issues. ("Students to explore ethics of eating"; 9/14/11) DETAILS

      Top Universities, Rankings (9/14)

      Additional coverage on ESF's national ranking. ("Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF named top 50 best value colleges and top 100 national universities"; 9/14/11) DETAILS

      Shad Restoration Project, Hudson River (9/14)

      ESF graduate student Chris Nack in video about the Shad Restoration Project. ("Seining with Chris Nack for the Shad Restoration Project"; 9/7/11) DETAILS

      Climate Change (9/14)

      ESF mentioned in story about climate change impacts on birds, bees and trees. ("Alamosa Trees: Effects of climate change on the birds and bees ... and trees: Part 1"; 9/13/11) DETAILS

      Top Universities, Rankings (9/14)

      Additional coverage on ESF's nationally recognized high rankings among universities. ("SUNY ESF earns top spot in national magazine"; 9/13/11) DETAILS

      Blue-Green Algae, Sodus Bay (9/13)

      ESF's Dr. Gregory Boyer will be guest speaker at 9/24/11 "Save our Sodus" event. ("Annual Meeting Dinner Spetember 24th"; 9/12/11) DETAILS

      Savannah Cat, Bengal Cat (9/13)

      ESF 's Ron Giegerich on cat breed that is a mix of wild and domestic. ("Exotic cat spotted in Cortland County"; 9/12/11) DETAILS

      Peace Corps' Masters International Program (9/13)

      ESF graduate students can earn a master's degree in conjunction with Peace Corps service. ("SUNY, Peace Corps forge partnership"; 9/13/11) DETAILS

      University Hill, Syracuse (9/12)

      Story on large local development projects that have recently been completed, are under way or soon to start --ESF has three. ("Syracuse's University Hill area, despite shaky economy, is home to more than $780 million in new construction"; 9/11/11) DETAILS

      Aquaponics (9/12)

      Additional coverage of ESF grad student Michael Amadori's project that transforms waste. ("ESF: Lasting leftovers: Graduate student develops system to transform food waste into agriculture"; 9/12/11) DETAILS

      Hunting, Squirrel (9/7)

      ESF professor emeritus Dr. Rainer H. Brocke shares a recipe for squirrel hunters. ("Retired ESF prof shares his favorite squirrel recipe"; 9/7/11) DETAILS

      Biomass, Bioenergy, Bioproduct (9/7)

      ESF researchers contributed to the August 2011 report from the Department of Energy; "US Billion-Ton Update: Biomass Supply for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry". DETAILS

      Biodiesel, Recycling (9/7)

      Story and video of how ESF once again recycles the New York State Fair butter sculpture into biodiesel. ("Butter Sculpture transformed into fuel"; 9/6/11) DETAILS

      Construction Management, Design (9/7)

      ESF mentioned in story as having aided in bringing the new longhouse to life with research on longhouse construction, drawing floor plans and obtaining construction materials. ("Longhouse dedicated at Indian Village"; 9/2/11) DETAILS

      Forestry, Forest Landowners (9/7)

      There will be a two day symposium held at ESF in November for Loggers, Foresters, Mill Owners and Forest Landowners. DETAILS
    • ESF Students Spend Summer at Brookhaven National Laboratory (9/6)
    • ESF Leads Test of Weapon Against Harmful Algal Bloom (9/2)
    • ESF On The Cutting Edge (9/2)
    • Northeast Environmental Youth Camp (8/31)

      Story on another successful year of the camp directed by ESF's Dr. Robin L. Kimmerer. ("Northeast Environmental Youth Camp 2011"; 8/29/11) DETAILS

      Great Lakes—St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact (8/30)

      ESF's Dr. Richard C. Smardon on the recent legislation for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact. ("SUNY ESF professor: Great Lakes Compact makes sure NY takes care of its precious water"; 8/28/11) DETAILS

      Biodiesel, Recycling (8/26)

      ESF will be recycling the butter sculpture once again into biodiesel. ("Feeding the Future Unveiled as 2011 Butter Sculpture at New York State Fair"; 8/24/11) DETAILS

      New York State Fair (8/26)

      Fair administrators, in partnership with ESF, strategized ways to improve methods to reduce Fair trash being dumped in landfills as well as stormwater drainage through the use of porous pavements. ("The Green Team"; 8/24/11) DETAILS

      Blue-Green Algae, Sodus Bay (8/26)

      Brief news story on Dr. Gregory L. Boyer's new grant to study algae. ("Researchers get $400K to study Sodus Bay algae"; 8/25/11) DETAILS

      Environmental Policy (8/25)

      Story on Dan Maffei who will be teaching at ESF this fall. ("Story on Former Rep. Dan Maffei says he's ready for rematch with Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle"; 8/24/11) DETAILS

      Northern Forest Institute, Land Use and Ethics (8/25)

      SUNY-ESF Northern Forest Institute invites submissions for its first annual symposium of interdisciplinary scholarship in land use and ethics, to be held at Huntington Wildlife Forest, Newcomb, NY in June 2012. ("2012 Symposium Open Call for Papers"; 8/23/11) DETAILS
    • 2011 State Fair Butter Sculpture Unveiled (8/25)
    • EEE, Insecticides (8/23)

      ESF's expert, Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson, is featured in video about EEE and insect control. ("SUNY-ESF Researcher Talks About EEE Spraying"; 8/2211) DETAILS

      SUNY System-ness (8/22)

      ESF is noted as participating in "system-ness" by creating local partnerships and collaborations with neighboring institutions. ("Sharing SUNY presidents: Plan could cut administrative costs, boost academics, build alliances"; 8/21/11) DETAILS

      Honeywell Institute for Ecosystems Education (8/22)

      ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., joined educators to congratulate them on their completion of the program and the positive impact they will have on CNY. ("Fourteen Top Middle School Science Teachers Learn New Teaching Techniques to Inspire Student Learning in the Classroom"; 8/17/11) DETAILS

      Mosquitoes, EEE, Swamps (8/22)

      ESF expert Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson quoted in another story of the EEE threat in CNY. ("Why Central New York is a hot bed for Eastern equine encephalitis"; 8/20/11) DETAILS

      Brookhaven National Laboratory, STEM (8/22)

      ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., once a Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) summer student, gave the keynote address at the closing ceremony. ("Summer Students' Sayanora", 8/19/11) DETAILS

      Hydraulic Fracturing, Central New York (8/22)

      ESF expert Robert W. Malmsheimer quoted in story on hydrofracturing. ("Central New York municipalities take steps to control hydrofracking"; 8/21/11) DETAILS

      iTree, Native Plants, Remediation (8/22)

      Another story on the iTree app. ("USFS Invests in iTree Application to Help Homeowners with Tree Planting"; 8/19/11) DETAILS

      Emerald Ash Borer (8/22)

      ESF is mentioned in story on the emerald ash borer (EAB) as having participated in surveys regarding the EAB since 2003. ("Second Emerald Ash Borer Infestation Found in Erie County"; 8/19/11) DETAILS

      CNY Regional Economic Development Council (8/19)

      ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., in story and video on the activities of the newly developed council. ("Economic councils outline vision for future"; 8/17/11) DETAILS

      Mosquitoes, EEE, West Nile Virus (8/19)

      ESF expert Dr. Lawrence P. Abrahamson in story and video on mosquito spraying. ("What happens during mosquito spraying"? 8/18/11) DETAILS

      Urban Homesteading (8/18)

      Story about ESF alum Frank Cetera, who lives green and will be a urban homesteader. ("Permaculture Club;" 8/17/11) DETAILS

      ESF History (8/18)

      As SUNY Upstate celebrates its anniversary, note that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt mentioned ESF in his dedication speech as the cornerstone was laid for Upstate 75 years ago. ("Remarks at the Dedication of the Medical College, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.") DETAILS

      iTree, Native Plants, Remediation (8/18)

      Story on ESF project to enhance computer application called iTree. ("ESF wins grant to enhance iTree app, show links of urban forest, climate change and public health"); 8/17/11 DETAILS

      Biomaterials (8/17)

      ESF alum Dr. George Collins is named in more than 40 technical publications and 30 U.S. patents. DETAILS

      Landscape Design, Leetonia Beehive Coke Oven Commission (8/17)

      Landscape architecture master's student Marin Braco will speak at meeting on Aug. 16 about the 35-acre coke oven park site in the Leetonia comprehensive design plan. ("Leetonia Beehive Coke Oven Meeting", Aug. 12) DETAILS

      NYS-DEC, Wildlife Management (8/16)

      See pages 38 & 39 for SUNY-ESF wildlife research featured in the NYS-DEC Hunting & Trapping Guide for 2011-2012.

      EEE, Mosquitoes (8/16)

      ESF's Dr. Lawrence Abrahamson, senior research associate, is quoted in story on EEE. ("4-year-old girl's death from EEE isn't enough to prompt Oswego County officials to spray for mosquitoes"; 8/16/11) DETAILS
    • Research Ethics Focus of Workshop (8/15)
    • ESF Chemistry Students Present Research (8/15)
    • Sustainability, Green Construction (8/11)

      Story about ESF alumni couple winning a sustainability award for rebuilding home after fire. ("Lombard couple's home rebuild wins sustainability award"; 8/8/11) DETAILS

      Squirrels (8/11)

      ESF's Roosevelt Wildlife Collection curator Ron Giegerich is quoted in story. ("Manlius man wonders why squirrels are chewing on his deck"; 8/7/11) DETAILS

      Power of SUNY (8/11)

      ESF's President Murphy is mentioned in Chancellor's conversation with regard to commitment to energy and life sciences. ("Sunday Opinion: A conversation with SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher"; 8/7/11) DETAILS

      Green Development (8/5)

      ESF works with others to develop and test a drain filter that will remove oil and other toxins before they reach sewer systems and area watersheds. ("Antek Inc. Awarded SyracuseCoE Technology Demonstration Funding") DETAILS

      NYS-DEC (8/5)

      Another ESF alumni joining DEC. ("Gerstman Joins DEC as Executive Deputy Commissioner; McTiernan to Serve as Deputy Counsel"; 8/4/11)" DETAILS

      Ranger School (8/4)

      Story on the increasing enrollment at the SUNY-ESF Ranger School in Wanakena. ("Ranger School enrollment surges"; 8/4/11) DETAILS

      Solar Panels, Solar Energy (8/1)

      Video showing students in Dr. Neal Abrams lab making dye-sensitized solar cells. ("Building Solar Panels at Home"; 7/30/11) DETAILS

      American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA) (8/1)

      ESF's Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus George W. Curry will receive the 2011 ASLA Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal which recognizes significant and sustained excellence in landscape architecture education. ("ASLA Announces Society's 2011 Honors"; 7/29/11) DETAILS

      SUNY-ESF Centennial (7/29)

      Additional story and video on the SUNY-ESF centennial. ("SUNY ESF celebrates birthday, looks forward to future"; 7/28/11) DETAILS

      Cougar (7/29)

      ESF's Dr. H. Brian Underwood quoted in story on wild cougar killed in Connecticut. ("Wild cougar killed in Connecticut will likely spark Upstate sightings of big cats"; 7/28/11) DETAILS

      CNY Regional Economic Development Council (7/27)

      ESF's president, Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy, Jr., to be appointed as member of newly established Central New York Regional Economic Development Council. ("SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor, business group leader Robert Simpson will recommend CNY business projects for state aid"; 7/26/11) DETAILS

      Bioprocess, Material Engineering (7/27)

      Another ESF alumus, Dr. Joel J. Pawlak, in news story/video with eco-friendly discovery. ("Super-foam makes contaminated water fit to drink") DETAILS

      Landscape Architecture, Preservation (7/25)

      The late ESF alumnus Tony Kotz, a respected landscape architect statewide, has memorial dedicated by Dune Coalition. ("Dune Coalition Dedicates Kotz Memorial"; 6/20/11) DETAILS

      Community Design, Cape Vincent (7/25)

      ESF's Robin E. Hoffman is part of consulting team facilitating public workshop for creating a development plan to revitalize a key section of downtown Cape Vincent, a gateway into the United States side of the Thousand Islands. ("Cape Vincent LDC Back on Track with Club Street Revitalization Plan"; 7/18/11) DETAILS

      Bass Fishing, Onondaga Lake (7/25)

      ESF's Dr. Neil H. Ringler, a fisheries scientist and vice provost for research, is quoted in story about bass in Onondaga Lake. ("So, what's really going on with the Onondaga Lake bass fishing lately?"; 7/24/11) DETAILS

      Urban Farm, Community Gardening (7/25)

      ESF partners with other organizations and volunteers on the Southwest Community Farm project at the corner of Midland and Bellevue Avenues. ("Southwest Community Farm"; 7/23/11) DETAILS
    • National Geographic Showcases ESF Toad Research Video (7/25)
    • SUNY-ESF Centennial (7/21)

      Story and photos about the history of SUNY-ESF and the upcoming Centennial Celebration. ("Green is the color the College of Environmental Science and Forestry chooses to exemplify its 100 years"; 7/21/11) DETAILS

      Farm Hack (7/19)

      ESF environmental resources engineering senior currently interning at farm has organized a one-day event for farmers and designers of all varieties with the goal of creating relatively low-cost, easy to implement solutions for small scale farmers. ("Farm Hack Comes to SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry"; 7/18/11) DETAILS
    • ESF Researchers Focus on a Tiny Tanzanian Toad (7/19)
    • ESF Professor is Contributing Editor to Policy Journal (7/15)
    • Animal Behavior, Animal Communication (7/15)

      ESF specialists Dr. William Shields and Dr. H. Brian Underwood are quoted in story. ("African lion dung from zoo used by some CNY gardeners to keep rabbits away"; 7/15/11) DETAILS

      Honeywell Summer Science Week, Mudboils (7/15)

      Additional coverage of ESF participation in Honeywell Summer Science Week, which included a field trip to the Tully mudboils. ("Students get hands-on education during Honeywell Summer Science Week at the MOST"; 7/15/11). DETAILS

      Honeywell Summer Science Week, MOST (7/15)

      Photos and story showing ESF participation in Honeywell Summer Science Week at the MOST. ("81 Middle School Students to Experience Hands-On Science Exploration at Sixth and Largest Honeywell Summer Science Week at the MOST"; 7/12/11) DETAILS

      Emerald Ash Borer (7/15)

      Dr. Melissa Fierke's research is mentioned in story about the emerald ash borer. ("Green Monster"; 7/13/11) DETAILS

      Tiger Lily, Syracuse (7/15)

      ESF expert Dr. Donald Leopold quoted in story about the possibility of the tiger lily becoming the official flower of Syracuse. ("The Tiger Lily: A problem-solver as our official flower?"; 7/13/11) DETAILS

      Environmental Policy, Law (7/15)

      Dr. Robert Malmsheimer mentioned in New York Times story about controversial study of politically charged issue, the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) and proposed amendment. ("Study: Forest Service Paid $6.1M in Groups' Legal Fees Over 6 Years"; 7/11/11) DETAILS

      Onondaga Lake (7/12)

      ESF students help local 8th-graders do analysis of the quality and chemistry of the water in Onondaga Lake. ("Science summer camp studies Onondaga Lake watershed"; 7/11/11) DETAILS

      Blue-green Algae (7/11)

      ESF graduate student Justine Schmidt quoted in story and video about algae in Oneida Lake. ("Beaches remain closed; water tests positive for toxic algae'; 7/7/11
    • ESF Grad Student Puts a New Twist on Aquaponics (7/5)
    • American Chestnut, Biotechnology (7/5)

      ESF American chestnut genetic research mentioned in story. ("Maine Gardener: Efforts to bring back the great American chestnut raise hopes"; 7/3/11) DETAILS
    • SUNY-ESF Hosts Chinese Delegation (7/5)
    • ESF Experts Receive Fernald Award (7/5)
    • American Chestnut, Biotechnology (6/30)

      ESF expert Dr. Charles Maynard in photo and story: students to study trees containing gene thought resistant to fungus that causes American chestnut blight.. ("Chestnut Project Grows": 6/30/11) DETAILS

      Insects (6/29)

      ESF's Dr. Lawrence Abrahamson in story on wood-eating insects. ("Quit bugging me!"; 6/26/11) DETAILS

      Blue-green algae (6/29)

      ESF expert Dr. Gregory L. Boyer is quoted in story about the potentially dangerous cyanobacteria in New York lakes. ("Unsafe algae could make a return"; 6/29/11) DETAILS

      Emerald Ash Borer, Invasive Species (6/29)

      ESF's Dr. Melissa Fierke studies invasive species, including the emerald ash borer. ("Fighting the Emerald Ash Borer"; 6/27/11) DETAILS

      Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture (6/29)

      ESF Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus George W. Curry and alumnus Paul Mercurio are mentioned in story. ("Syracuse considers changes to West Street to slow traffic, make it more people friendly"; 6/28/11) DETAILS

      Biodigester, Waste-to-energy (6/28)

      ESF worked with Village of Minoa on biodigester which ESM classes studied. ("Could compost piles someday heat a home? East Syracuse Minoa students try to figure out"; 6/28/11) DETAILS

      Fisheries; Wet Laboratory (6/27)

      Major improvements will be made to the wet labs at ESF facilities on Governor's Island and the main campus. ("SUNY-ESF planning science lab upgrades"; 6/26/11) DETAILS

      Bioblitz (6/24)

      ESF's bioblitz was covered by WWNY television. (Students Get Crash Course Through "Bio-Blitz"; 6/22/11) DETAILS
    • 2,000 acres, 85 scientists, 24 hours (6/23)
    • Great Lakes, Blue-green Algae (6/23)

      ESF's Dr. Gregory Boyer, director of the Great Lakes Research Consortium, continues his work on blue-green algae research and efforts to increase funding for freshwater research in New York. ("Studying New York's Great Lakes"; 6/21/11) DETAILS

      Deep Lake Water Cooling, Syracuse (6/20)

      Dr. James Hassett, SUNY-ESF professor emeritus, mentioned in coverage of proposal under consideration. ("Cool" Local Project; 6/9/11) DETAILS

      Mosquitoes (6/20)

      SUNY-ESF's entomologist and extension specialist Kim Adams is quoted in story. ("The buzz on mosquitoes: a guide to what works -- and what doesn't -- to keep the pests away"; 6/18/11) DETAILS

      Native Plants, Onondaga Lake (6/20)

      Video coverage of SUNY-ESF partnering in Onondaga Lake Cleanup with tree and shrub plantings on three-acre site. ("Work continues on cleanup of Onondaga Lake"; 6/17/11) DETAILS

      New York Sea Grant, Lake Ontario (6/17)

      Sea Grant notes the nearly two decades of Great Lakes fisheries-related work carried out by ESF's Dr. Neil Ringler and others; specifically, the breakthrough salmon and trout research that provides information about stocking Lake Ontario. DETAILS

      Landscape Architecture, Sustainability (6/17)

      Story on design project by ESF graduate student in Landscape Architecture. ("Imagining the Future of Hastings' Waterfront"; 6/16/11) DETAILS
    • Chemistry Graduate Student wins Poster Award (6/17)
    • Biotechnology Major Lands Internship at Brookhaven Lab (6/17)
    • Researchers Ask: What Is Wilderness? (6/16)
    • Deconstruction, Green Infrastructure (6/15)

      ESF students presented their work at the Building Materials Reuse Association DECON '11 conference. ("A systems approach to vacant properties using deconstruction and biological processes") and ("Right Sizing Community Deconstruction Development"). DETAILS

      Engineers without Borders (6/15)

      See pamphlet on the Buena Vista, Honduras Community Water Supply Project that the SUNY-ESF Student Chapter of Engineers without Borders have been working on. DETAILS

      Landscape Architecture, Sustainability (6/15)

      Sustainable Futures is an interdisciplinary program in architecture, landscape architecture and planning involving five university partners and the Monteverde Institute. SUNY-ESF is a collaborator. DETAILS
    • Biotechnology Symposium Draws 140 Attendees (6/14)
    • Upstate New York, Demography (6/13)

      ESF's Margaret Bryant is mentioned in story about the changing demographics of upstate New York. ("Changing upstate populations creates challenges"; 6/10/11) DETAILS

      Remote Sensing, Climate Change (6/13)

      Read about a project of ESF's Giorgos Mountrakis at the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX). DETAILS

      Ecology and the Environment (6/13)

      ESF's Karin Limburg is on the editorial board of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, the members' journal of the Ecological Society of America. DETAILS

      Papermaking (6/13)

      Additional coverage on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree made into special paper at ESF's pilot plant. ("Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Used for House, Picture Book"; 6/14/11) DETAILS

      Native Plants, Onondaga Lake (6/10)

      ESF's Donald J. Leopold is quoted in story about enhancements to the lakeshore and the 47 diverse native plant species that will be used. ("Community Helps Shape Onondaga Lake Shoreline in Geddes"; 6/1/11) DETAILS

      Willows, Biomass (6/8)

      ESF research expertise with shrub willow demonstration plots and project with the Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central School District is noted on updated site. DETAILS

      Salt Marshes, Montezuma (6/6)

      "Island Salt Marshes of Montezuma" presentation given at symposium in April 2011 at the Montezuma Audubon Center. DETAILS

      Urban Trail (6/6)

      SUNY-ESF assists with plans to highlight various parts of the trail, including different trees and wildlife. ("Urban Environmental Trail opens at Sunnycrest Park"; 6/3/11) DETAILS

      Beetles (6/3)

      SUNY-ESF's entomologist and extension specialist Kim Adams is mentioned in story. ("WOOD STORY") DETAILS

      Northern Forest Institute (6/1)

      Story by ESF's new public environmental philosopher. ("Philosophy at SUNY ESF's Northern Forest Institute"; 6/1/11) DETAILS

      CNY Biotechnology Research Center (6/1)

      The CNY Biotechnology Research Center, in which ESF partners with Upstate Medical University, is mentioned in a story about SUNY's economic impact. ("State University of New York Stepping Forward to Build New York's Economy"; 6/1/11) DETAILS

      Coyote, Wolf (5/31)

      ESF research study mentioned in story. ("Coyote? Coydog? Wolf?"; 5/31/11) DETAILS

      Climate Change (5/31)

      Dineshkumar Moghariya, graduate student with Richard Smardon, presented his work at Local to Regional Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies conference. DETAILS
    • Empire State Development Leader to Speak at Biotechnology Symposium (5/26)
    • Remote sensing (5/26)

      SUNY-ESF led the proposal resulting in Affiliate status and is the point of contact for NewYorkView, which facilitates access to diverse remote sensing data/products and supports collaborative research, teaching, and outreach among the members of the consortium. Abstracts for two ESF research projects utilizing remote sensing technologies can be found here: DETAILS

      Thousand Islands (5/26)

      Photo showing fish ladder at Delaney Bay Marsh on Grindstone Island where ESF students conduct research. SUNY-ESF partners with the Thousand Islands Land Trust to accomplish conservation and restoration projects. DETAILS

      Landscape Architectural Design, Cultural Landscape Preservation (5/25)

      SUNY-ESF's Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus George W. Curry will receive the 2011 Everson Medal at celebration June 16 at Everson Museum Community Plaza. The honor recognizes those whose leadership illustrates their belief that arts and creative expression enhance quality of life. DETAILS

      Engineering, Community Engagement (5/23)

      SUNY-ESF (academic sponsor) aids with scholarship as Syracuse Soap Box Derby serves as gateway to higher education. ("Syracuse Soap Box Derby facing financial trouble"; 5/21/11) DETAILS

      Mosquitoes, Black flies, Ticks (5/23)

      ESF Extension specialist Kim Adams is quoted in story. ("CNYers beware: With the advent of warm weather comes the bugs"; 5/22/11) DETAILS
    • ESF Produces ‘Next Generation of Biofuels’ (5/23)
    • Native Plants, Forest Ecology (5/20)

      ESF expert Donald Leopold is quoted in story about lush spring after long winter. ("Syracuse tree expert: 'The greenest spring we've ever had'"; 5/20/11) DETAILS

      Biotechnology, American Chestnut (5/20)

      ESF mentioned in story about biotechnology and the American Chestnut Tree. ("Innovative Greening of America"; 5/19/11) DETAILS

      Biophysical Economics (5/20)

      SUNY-ESF's Charles Hall is coordinator of working group on Biophysical Economics composed of academic and industry leaders from different parts of the world that seeks to advance a new paradigm in understanding the properties, structures and processes of economic systems.

      Urban Farm, Sustainability (5/17)

      Downloadable file on the Jubliee Homes Urban Farm Project that ESF's Emanuel Carter has been involved in. ESF's Dave Johnson also plans to get involved in a new phase of the project that increases the sustainability of food production. DETAILS

      Forest Ecology (5/17)

      ESF's Dr. Ruth Yanai is a collaborator in QUEST--Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies and some of her recent work can be viewed here: DETAILS

      Center for Native Peoples and the Environment (5/17)

      ESF's Robin Kimmerer and the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment teams with others "to teach students traditional relations to our earth while integrating tradition and scientific knowledge". ("Native Earth Environmental Your Camp—Northeast Region Summer 2011"; 5/11/11) DETAILS

      Green Infrastructure, Storm sewers (5/17)

      ESF is mentioned in story as working with Antek, Inc. on storm sewer systems, of major focus in Syracuse. ("Four CNY companies getting federal grants totalling nearly $200,000"; 5/17/11) DETAILS

      Onondaga Lake (5/16)

      Downloadable report on Onondaga Lake Restoration has a couple of stories on SUNY-ESF projects related to lake/habitat improvement. ("Onondaga Lake Restoration"; 2010) DETAILS

      SUNY Center for Brownfield Studies (5/13)

      The SUNY Center from Brownfield Studies and ESF's Preston Gilbert and graduate students are focus of story. ("From 'sea of asphalt' to vibrant town center: new vision for Peconic riverfront"; 5/12/11) DETAILS

      Community Design, Brownfields (5/12)

      Emanuel Carter and his students are focus of another story on projects in downtown Riverhead. ("College Students See Peconic River and Rural Roots in Downtown Visions"; 5/11/11) DETAILS
    • NYSERDA Grant Powers ESF Center to Aid Manufacturing (5/12)
    • Edible Plants (5/11)

      SUNY-ESF alumnus and naturalist, Emily Alexander, and her work with edible plants is focus of story. ("Where the Wild Foods Are: Stalking edible plants in the woods around Syracuse"; 5/11/11) DETAILS

      Emerald Ash Borer, Invasive Species (5/11)

      SUNY-ESF's Melissa Fierke in story/photo: "the invasive insect is likely to kill all ash trees within the next 50 to 200 years". ("Ash borer infestation found in New York's Hudson Valley"; 5/6/11). DETAILS
    • ESF Researchers Return to Galapagos (5/10)
    • Dr. Christopher Nomura Honored as ESF Exemplary Researcher (5/9)
    • Urban Forestry, Trees (5/5)

      SUNY-ESF Professor Emeritus Norm Richards is quoted in story about rare tree planted by the late Bill Harlow also from ESF. ("Lighting takes out rare "sequia" tree from Syracuse neighborhood"; 5/5/11) DETAILS

      Roosevelt Wildlife Collection (4/28)

      Ron J. Giegerich, instructional support specialist and curator of the Roosevelt Wildlife Collection housed in Illick Hall, identifies animal from photo. ("SUNY ESF prof: 'It looks like a black chipmunk from the photo'"; 4/27/11) DETAILS
    • Fish Can Detect Marine ‘Dead Zones,’ Study Says (4/27)
    • County Executive Mahoney to Speak at Biotechnology Symposium (4/27)
    • ESF Receives $963,000 for Gateway Energy System (4/26)
    • Native Plants (4/25)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Donald J. Leopold will again give a presentation and provide practical tips about incorporating native plants into your landscape design. It will be May 4 at the DeWitt Community Library. ("Gardening with Native Plants") DETAILS

      Deep Lake Water Cooling, Syracuse (4/25)

      SUNY-ESF President Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., is quoted in story on results of study that shows feasibility of Syracuse being first U.S. city to stop using electricity to cool its downtown buildings, hospitals and universities. ("Chilling downtown Syracuse with cold lake water: Cool idea or pipe dream?"; 4/24/11) DETAILS

      Earth Day, Energy Consumption (4/22)

      SUNY-ESF's Jack Manno is quoted in story about an environmental day of rest. ("Taking a day off, doing a world of good"; 4/22/11) DETAILS

      Solar Energy, Solar Panels, Sustainability (4/22)

      SUNY-ESF's Mike Kelleher is quoted in story about solar panels as a viable option for Central New York. ("Gray skies or not, solar power gaining popularity"; 4/21/11) DETAILS

      Combined Heat & Power, Biomass (4/21)

      SUNY-ESF mentioned in story for projects using gas and biomass. ("Potsdam and Newton Falls paper mills getting $2 million grants for cogeneration projects"; 4/21/11) DETAILS

      Hydraulic fracturing, Wildlife (4/19)

      SUNY-ESF's Jacqueline Frair mentioned in story about the effects of hydraulic fracturing on animals. ("Wayne's World: Animals on front lines of fracking issue"; 4/17/11) DETAILS

      AmeriCorps, Fund raising (4/19)

      Salemnews.net has a story on Landscape Architecture graduate student Marin Braco, who will work through the Americorps Summer Program on a ten week project and be hosted by the village of Leetonia.


      Forestry (4/19)

      Nice story by SUNY-ESF Professor Emeritus James E. Coufal about how this country was built on wood. ("I Speak for the Trees"; 4/16/11) DETAILS

      Papermaking (4/19)

      Another story on the special paper made at ESF's pilot plant with photo of operator Ray Appleby. ("ESF college turns Rockefeller Center Christmas tree into paper for commemorative book"; 4/15/11) DETAILS

      Community Service, Community gardens (4/18)

      SUNY-ESF mentioned in story as providing soil tests for group that has helped build 13 community gardens in Syracuse. ("Syracuse Grows sows seeds for community gardens"; 4/16/11) DETAILS

      Evolution, Conservation Biology (4/14)

      SUNY-ESF's Mark Lomolino will present "Of Mice and Mammoths: Body Size Evolution of Insular Mammals" at the University of Miami on 4/20. ("Biology Departmental Seminar: Of Mice and Mammoths: Body Size Evolution of Insular Mammals"; 4/13/11) DETAILS

      SUNY, Clean Energy (4/14)

      SUNY-ESF's President Murphy is quoted in story on SUNY's Strategic Plan and Energy-Smart New York. ("SUNY's Strategic Plan in Action; Establishing New York's Clean Energy Economy"; 4/11/11) DETAILS

      Biomass, Sustainability (4/8)

      SUNY-ESF's Tim Volk gave a talk in Watkins Glens on 3/31/11. ("Supplies of Sustainably Produced Biomass in New York"; 3/31/11) DETAILS
    • ESF to Host Biotechnology Symposium (4/5)
    • Climate Change (4/4)

      SUNY-ESF and a video by Dave Eichorn are mentioned in a Washington Post blog. ("Another record low for Arctic sea ice"; 4/4/11) DETAILS

      Native Plants (4/4)

      Dr. Donald Leopold will present "New York State-Protected Plant Species: Why they are listed and how to use them in the landscape" at Chittenango Garden Club on 4/12. ("Garden Club to Host Leopold "; 4/1/11) DETAILS

      Indigenous Knowledge, Ecology (4/4)

      SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Dr. Robin Kimmerer will present "Restoration and Reciprocity: Finding Common Ground between Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge" April 6 in Oneonta. ("Noted Biologist and Science Writer to Deliver Lecture at SUNY Oneonta"; 3/28/11) DETAILS

      Innovation, Economic Development (4/4)

      A vice president with the New York Academy of Sciences joins ESF as an adjunct faculty member. ("Karin Ezbiansky Pavese Appointed Adjunct Professor at SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry"; 4/4/11) DETAILS

      Biophysical Economics, EROI (3/30)

      SUNY-ESF expert Charles Hall will be speaking at upcoming Biophysical Economics Conference, 4/15-4/16 DETAILS

      Algae, Water Quality (3/29)

      SUNY-ESF expert Greg Boyer to give talk at public program on April 9. ("Algae symposium set for Honeoye school"; 3/28/11) DETAILS

      Zenda Farm Preserve, Community Design (3/28)

      SUNY-ESF students to create inventory of the physical, natural and cultural features of the 405-acre farm preserve to develop a management plan for the property. ("Grants to be used for bird forest management"; 3/26/11) DETAILS

      Ecological Engineering (3/28)

      SUNY-ESF's Stewart Diemont will be a plenary speaker at upcoming 11th annual meeting of the American Ecological Engineering Society in May. DETAILS

      Commencement (3/28)

      The 2011 Commencement speaker for the joint SU/ESF ceremony May 15 will be the founder of The Institute for Genomic Research. ("Science pioneer J. Craig Venter to deliver 2011 Commencement address, six honorary degrees to be conferred"; 3/25/11) DETAILS

      Landscape Architecture (3/28)

      North Country Arts Council to benefit from ESF student design projects. ("Enchanted Gardens Gala due in July"; 3/25/11) DETAILS

      Hydraulic fracturing, water quality (3/23)

      SUNY-ESF's Melody Kight, a graduate student in environmental resources engineering, presents research that looks at site-specific groundwater testing. ("Residents urged to keep an eye on tap water quality"; 3/21/11) DETAILS

      Energy, EROEI (3/17)

      SUNY-ESF's Charles Hall will edit the upcoming "Springer Briefs in Energy Analysis" series for anyone interested in energy use and impacts on the economy and society. ("SpringerBriefs in Energy Analysis") DETAILS

      Native Plants (3/17)

      SUNY-ESF mentioned in story about recommended trees. ("Nature's Champion Carbon Eaters"; 3/15/11) DETAILS

      Invasive Plants, Fungi (3/17)

      SUNY-ESF's Thomas Horton's work suggests a "friend-helper hypothesis". ("Fungi as Ecological Partners in Tree Growth"; 3/15/11) DETAILS

      Thousand Islands (3/17)

      SUNY-ESF named in story as partner with Thousand Islands Land Trust to complete a management plan.("Land groups to share $100,750"; 3/17/11) DETAILS

      Native Plants (3/15)

      SUNY-ESF's Donald Leopold mentioned in story about upcoming talk at Cazenovia Public Library. ("Distinguished Teaching Professor to Speak"; 3/11/11) DETAILS

      Carpenter’s Brook Fish Hatchery (3/14)

      SUNY-ESF students mentioned in story about fish hatchery and stocking of local streams and ponds. ("Onondaga County streams will be good bet when it comes to trout fishing on April 1"; 3/14/11) DETAILS

      Nanocrystals, Cellulose (3/14)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. William Winter in story about how plastic can be made stronger, lighter and biodegradable with the addition of tiny pieces of cellulose. ("SUNY study shows benefits of cellulose in plastic – Biomass Power") DETAILS

      Biomass, Bioenergy (3/14)

      SUNY-ESF researchers are part of collaborative for award-winning agricultural program at high school. ("Helping New Yorkers Make Informed Energy Choices/Agriculture and Energy: A Vital Relationship") DETAILS
    • ESF Partners on Biofuels Education Grant (3/8)
    • New Knowledge Economy (3/8)

      SUNY-ESF's President Murphy on adverse impacts to NY with short-sighted budget cuts. ("Commentary: Investing in SUNY means investing in our state's future, says SUNY ESF president"; 3/7/11) DETAILS

      Black bear (3/4)

      SUNY-ESF graduate covered in story on DEC rules and bear hunting. ("Bear hunters say DEC's new rules on feeding bears will hurt their sport"; 3/4/11) DETAILS

      Ecology, Skaneateles Conservation Area (3/3)

      SUNY-ESF graduate student hopes to better understand long-lasting effects on agriculture. ("Skaneateles land is grad student's lab"; 3/2/11) DETAILS

      Going Green, Sustainability (3/2)

      SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story for its Going Green webinar series and sustainability course offerings and expert speakers. ("Put your sustainable notions into daily practice with ideas gleaned from these local resources"; 2/16/11) DETAILS

      Fishery Managment (3/1)

      SUNY-ESF's Karin Limburg covered in story about declining fish populations and fish management and recovery models. ("Shocking Declines in Migratory Fish Species" 3/11) DETAILS

      Permaculture, Sustainability (3/1)

      SUNY-ESF's Emanuel Carter weighs in on local "urban pioneers." ("Salt City Sorcerers: Alchemical Nursery"; 2/11) DETAILS

      Forest management, Tug Hill (3/1)

      SUNY-ESF's President Murphy on the Tug Hill Commission. ("Commission takes a 'bottom-up' approach"; 2/28/11) DETAILS

      Nonpoint Source Pollution, Lake George (3/1)

      SUNY-ESF's work with the Lake George Association. ("Nonpoint Source Pollution Model") DETAILS

      Microloan, small business (3/1)

      SUNY-ESF graduate starting own business with help of new microloan program. ("Microloans will be offered to help businesses on Syracuse's Near West Side"; 2/26/11) DETAILS

      Entrepreneurship, Syracuse Tech Garden (3/1)

      SUNY-ESF covered in blog story about partnership that aims to identify and mentor students with entrepreneurial ideas. ("Syracuse Student Accelerator gains momentum"; 2/21/11) DETAILS

      Coyote, White-Tailed Deer (3/1)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Jacqueline Friar's recent public presentation is subject of story. ("Coyote predation may affect deer population"; 2/24/11) DETAILS

      Find a SUNY Scholar (3/1)

      The Research Foundation of SUNY has released the Find a SUNY Scholar database of faculty profiles for all SUNY state-operated campuses. SUNY-ESF faculty are well represented. ("Research Foundation of State University of New York Launches Find a SUNY Scholar; Application leverages capacity of SUNY research community to support SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century"; 2/22/11) DETAILS

      Allan P. Drew Remembered (3/1)

      SUNY-ESF Emeritus Professor Allan P. Drew remembered. ("Former ESF professor remembered for athleticism, environmental focus"; 2/24/11) DETAILS

      Mosses (3/1)

      Video on the basics of mosses and way to use buttermilk or stale beer to grow them in your backyard featuring ESF grad and interpretive naturalist Rob Carr. ("SUNY-ESF Nature in Your Backyard: Moss") DETAILS
    • ESF Chemistry Graduates Obtain Faculty Positions (3/1)
    • Native Plants (2/23)

      SUNY-ESF's Donald Leopold and his latest book "Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide for Gardening and Conservation" mentioned in blog story. ("Going Native"; 2/23/11) DETAILS

      Adirondack Interpretive Center (2/23)

      Continuing coverage of the name and mission change at former APA center. ("SUNY-ESF keeps Newcomb VIC open"; 2/23/11) DETAILS

      Willows, Snow Fences (2/23)

      SUNY-ESF's Tim Volk in story on growing willow as a natural snow fence. ("Willow shrubs create natural snow fence", 2/21/11) DETAILS

      Bald eagle, Cross Lake (2/22)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Guy Baldassarre interviewed for story on the bald eagles at Cross Lake. ("Bald eagles make a comeback in CNY"; 2/21/11 DETAILS

      Two ESF Students Volunteer in Honduras (2/21)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Thomas Horton's ecology class has inspired students to seek funding for their volunteer experience in Honduras. DETAILS

      Biomass Feedstock (2/21)

      SUNY-ESF's work with willow biomass is shown in downloadable brochure. ("Biomass Feedstock Partnership") DETAILS

      Algal blooms, blue-green algae (2/18)

      SUNY-ESF's Gregory Boyer mentioned in blog story as working with UT's Henry on harmful algae. ("UT researchers link algae to harmful estrogen-like compound in water"; 2/16/11) DETAILS

      Modular Construction, Sustainability (2/18)

      SUNY-ESF in blog story about the first on-campus housing being built using eco-friendly modular construction. ("Sustainability Spotlight: SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry"; 2/16/11) DETAILS

      ESPRI, ESPRA, Biorefinery Research Institute (2/18)

      SUNY-ESF and Dr. Thomas Amidon in Research Foundation of SUNY story explaining the longest standing source of support in SUNY history. ("First Contract Still Going Strong"; 2/16/11) DETAILS

      Willows, Wastebed cover (2/16)

      SUNY-ESF's Tom Volk spoke at the Onondaga Lake Citizen Participation combined meeting at Geddes Town Hall on shrub willow as wastebed cover. ("ESF professor presents on willow shrub as cap for wastebeds 9-15"; 2/15/11) DETAILS

      Zenda Farm Preserve, Community Design (2/16)

      SUNY-ESF's Department of Landscape Architecture and the Center for Community Design Research partnering with Zenda Farm to create master plan. ("SUNY ESF to help Zenda Farm with master plan"; 2/16/11) DETAILS
    • Research Foundation of SUNY Celebrates 60 Years (2/15)
    • Chittenango Creek Walk (2/15)

      SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story for partnering work and community design projects. ("Sometimes Things Just Work Out"; 2/13/11) DETAILS

      Roosevelt Wildlife Collection, Taxidermy (2/15)

      SUNY-ESF's Ron Giegerich interviewed for story on the Roosevelt Wildlife Collection. ("Specimen City: Roosevelt Wildlife Collection offers view into well-preserved past"; 2/13/11) DETAILS

      Great Lakes Basin (2/15)

      SUNY-ESF's Richard C. Smardon quoted in story about how funding cuts will setback cleanup efforts in the Great Lakes Basin. ("Central New Yorkers will see effects of President Obama's budget cuts"; 2/14/11) DETAILS

      Bald eagle, Onondaga Lake (2/15)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Guy Baldassarree is quoted in a story about bald eagles returning to Onondaga Lake. ("ESF professor: We should feed the eagles of Onondaga"; 2/10/11) DETAILS

      Native plants (2/15)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Donald Leopold is mentioned in story about the Western New York Nursery and Landscape Association conference. ("Landscapers, garden pros go back to school"; 2/11/11) DETAILS

      Coyote (2/15)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Jacqueline Friar will speak at Wild Coyote and WNY Deer Seminar held at Armor Fire Hall, Hamburg, NY on 2/16/11. ("Sportsmen seminar on coyotes"; 2/12/11) DETAILS

      Coyote (2/14)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Jacqueline L. Frair (EFB) featured in video about coyotes. ("Coyotes are a very adaptive species"; 2/09/11) DETAILS
    • ESF Centennial Seminar Series Begins (2/10)
    • Embodied Physiology (2/8)

      SUNY-ESF's J. Scott Turner and his two books and research are the subject of blog story. ("Evolution and Embodied Physiology"; 2/8/11) DETAILS
    • Professional Organization Honors ESF Alumnus (2/8)
    • International Journal of Wilderness (2/8)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Chad Dawson is the Managing Editor of the WILD Foundation's International Journal of Wilderness which has just released 12 years free online. ("The WILD Foundation Releases 12 Years of the International Journal of Wilderness Online For Free"; 2/5/11) DETAILS

      SUNY, Higher Education (2/8)

      SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story as the highest-ranking New York school in the 2011 U.S. News and World Report and what that could mean under Cuomo. ("How public is public higher ed?"; 2/7/11) DETAILS

      Class Creates City Tourism Plan (2/7)

      SUNY-ESF's Diane Kuehn and her Tourism Planning Class created a tourism plan for the City of Syracuse Park System. ("A Tourism Plan for Syracuse's Parks and Greenspaces") DETAILS

      Montezuma Heritage Park (2/2)

      SUNY-ESF's Cheryl Doble and Maren King to present student design plans for Montezuma Heritage Park on 2/8/11. ("Meeting Accouncement -SUNY ESF Park Design Project"; 1/31/11) DETAILS

      Technology Transfer (2/2)

      SUNY-ESF was mentioned in Chancellor's State of SUNY address as we look to turn academic research into real products. ("SUNY's New Mission: Chancellor refocuses university on jobs, jobs, jobs"; 2/1/11) DETAILS

      Community Design (2/2)

      SUNY-ESF's CCDR in video on project to design neighborhood community garden space at the request of Franciscan Collaborative Ministries. ("Freedom Garden - SUNY-ESF Center for Community Design Research {CCDR}"; 2/1/11) DETAILS

      Adirondack Interpretative Center (1/31)

      SUNY-ESF's Adirondack Interpretative Center will have expanded programs this summer. ("SUNY-ESF reopens visitors' center"; 1/31/11) DETAILS

      Deconstruction (1/31)

      Eleven houses adjacent to campus may be deconstructed. ("ESF Considers Deconstructing 11 Houses"; 1/29/11) DETAILS

      Urban Design (1/31)

      SUNY-ESF's Preston Gilbert and his class working on redevelopment project. ("SUNY planning students tackle downtown Riverhead"; 1/29/11) DETAILS

      Farm Show, Forestry, Forest Products (1/31)

      SUNY-ESF to provide information at NY Farm Show 2/24-26 at the Fairgrounds. ("Free Forestry Programs at New York Farm Show"; 1/29/11) DETAILS

      Farm Show, Forestry (1/31)

      SUNY-ESF and forestry information. ("It's all about trees at the New York Farm Show Feb. 24-26"; 1/29/11) DETAILS

      Deconstruction, Sustainable Construction Management (1/28)

      SUNY-ESF students focus on the sustainability mission of the college and a way to bring about reusable and recyclable building parts in Central New York. ("ESF students in Syracuse want neighboring buildings "deconstructed"; 1/27/11) DETAILS

      Solar Energy (1/26)

      SUNY-ESF's Mike Kelleher on the college's installation of a 40-kilowatt photovoltaic array on roof. ("Going Green: Solar Panels"; 1/25/11) DETAILS

      Light bulbs (1/26)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Richard Smardon in story on the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs. ("Federal government to start phasing out incandescent bulbs in 2011"; 1/25/11) DETAILS

      Agricultural Best Management Practices (1/25)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Jennifer Smith and a few graduate students are on the agenda for upcoming conference. ("Farms, Folks, and Funding: Cultivating Leadership through Research and Practice 2/1/11"; 1/24/11) DETAILS

      Biorefinery, hemicellulose (1/24)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Thomas E. Amidon will be discussing hemicelluloses and wood based biorefineries in Barcelona, Spain at the co-located Biorefining for Pulp and Paper Industry and Fibre Engineering conferences.("Agenda, examining novel technologies and markets, announced for Pira's dual paper event"; 1/24/11) DETAILS
    • ESF Chemists Swarm Pacifichem (1/20)
    • Green products, BioPreferred (1/20)

      SUNY- ESF's Dr. Jack Manno was interviewed for story and video on the USDA's "Biopreferred" label for products that meet government standards for being eco-friendly. ("New 'green' product label from the USDA"; 1/19/11) DETAILS

      SUNY-ESF History (1/18)

      SUNY-ESF's 100-year history is shown in online exhibition as we celebrate our centennial year. ("SUNY ESF and SU: 100 Years of Collaboration"; 1/2011) DETAILS

      Aquaponics, Sensor Technology (1/18)

      SUNY-ESF's Terry Ettinger on innovative ways to grow more food locally and year round. ("Going Green: Growing Food Locally"; 1/2011) DETAILS

      Community Design, Redevelopment (1/13)

      SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story about former paper mill and redevelopment as business park. ("Corporation buys old Lyons Falls mill; BUSINESS PARK PLANNED: Environmental study slated; development to proceed as funding is obtained"; 1/12/11) DETAILS

      Coyote, Wolf (1/13)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Jacqueline Frair is mentioned in blog story. ("Coyotes Thrive in the U.S."; 1/11/11) DETAILS

      Community Design, Recreation Planning (1/13)

      SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story with regard to park development. ("Chittenango: From The Mayor's Desk", 1/13/11) DETAILS

      Endangered Species, Overpopulation (1/13)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. Charles Hall is mentioned in blog story regarding overpopulation. ("Endangered Species Condoms"; 1/12/11) DETAILS

      Single-stream recycling (1/12)

      SUNY-ESF's Terry Ettinger on recycling companies change in the collection process to a Single-stream recycling operation. ("Going Green: Recycling companies changing recycling process"; 1/9/11 DETAILS

      Creative Writing, Nature Literature (1/11)

      SUNY-ESF Environmental Studies professor Patrick Lawler is featured in blog story. ("How a Poem Happens: Contemporary Poets Discuss the Making of Poems - Patrick Lawler"; 1/10/11) DETAILS

      Landscaping, Urban Ecology (1/11)

      SUNY-ESF is mentioned for partnering with Northside UP and creating a pilot training program for Landscaping and Urban Ecology on the Northside of Syracuse. ("SUNY ESF & Northside UP Partner to Create Landscaping Job Training"; 1/11) DETAILS
    • ESF No. 3 for Women in Science (1/5)
    • Onondaga Creekwalk (1/5)

      SUNY-ESF alumni Steve Buechner and former dean/professor Robert Reimann mentioned in story about Onondaga Creekwalk. ("From the Syracuse Creekwalk flows a saga of ''what-ifs'"; 1/5/11) DETAILS

      NYS-DEC (1/5)

      SUNY-ESF alumni Joseph Martens is mentioned in story. ("Gov. Andrew Cuomo nominates ESF alum to be DEC commissioner"; 1/4/11 DETAILS

      Adirondack Interpretative Center (1/5)

      SUNY-ESF takes over programming and opens as the Adirondack Interpretative Center. ("Former Newcomb VIC Reopens Under SUNY-ESF"; 1/3/11 DETAILS

      STEM Universities (1/4)

      SUNY-ESF is one of the top five STEM schools for women and minorities. ("Westminster College best school for women studying STEM, says Forbes"; 1/4/11) DETAILS

      Greenwashing (1/3)

      SUNY-ESF's Terry Ettinger and Dr. Richard Smardon on what to look for when shopping for environmentally friendly products. ("Going Green: Are your green products really "green"?; 1/2/11 DETAILS

      Drinking Water, Hexavalent chromium, Skaneateles Lake (1/3)

      SUNY-ESF's Dr. John Hassett again in story on Syracuse drinking water. ("Experts say public doesn't need to be alarmed about tests showing chromium-6 in local water"; 1/2/11) DETAILS

      Biofuel, Willow Biomass, Biodegradable polymer (1/3)

      SUNY-ESF's Willow Biomass Project uses shrub willows as a renewable raw material for heat, biofuels and biodegradable polymers. ("Growing willow as biofuel"; 1/1/11) DETAILS