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  • Jesse Brunner, (EFB)

    Fluorescent frogs and viruses: Developing novel methods for studying pathogen transmission

  • Stuart Diemont, (ERFE)

    Linking ecological engineering and traditional ecological knowledge in Mesoamerica: The Mopan Maya

  • Klaus Dölle, (PBE)

    Gasification of biomass

    • Rene H. Germain, (FNRM)

      Measuring the progress and efficacy of community forestry programs in India

  • David L. Johnson, (Chemistry)

    Cow2Joules: Distributed conversion of organic waste to energy resources

  • Kimberly L. Schulz, (EFB)

    Extending ecological stoichiometry to the salt marsh: Restoring natural Si:N:P ratios may help remediate estuarine food webs.

  • Christopher Whipps, (EFB)

    Systematics and biodiversity of the Myxozoa

  • Ruth D. Yanai, (FNRM)

    Non-destructive measurement of belowground carbon and nutrients

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8 proposals funded

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9 proposals funded

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