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Adult Salmon Research

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This project is providing important information about the wild production of Chinook salmon in the Salmon River.

Other projects conducted around the Basin by agencies, universites and other partners are documenting wild reproduction of salmon and trout, and providing managers with other scientific knowledge needed to effectively manage this highly-valued diverse fishery.


Natural Reproduction of Chinook Salmon in the Salmon River, NY

Research Projects on Lake Ontario Salmon

The Salmon River Project is:

Associated Research Projects

  • Seining Index Program conducted by Jim Johnson and Dan Bishop has documented increased presence of juvenile Chinook salmon since the minimum flows were implemented in 1996.

  • Previous Projects on Salmonines in Lake Ontario by Ringler et al.

  • Projects by USGS Tunison Laboratory of Aquatic Sciences


Other Projects on Lake Ontario Chinook Salmon


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Project Cooperators

New York
Department of Environmental Conservation

Project funded by New York Sea Grant