e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Project Team

Giorgos Mountrakis

Giorgos Mountrakis is an 18th year undergraduate and an ERE Associate Professor. He is the official CEO (Chief Encouragement Office) and insists that the sky is not the limit.

Ross Mazur

Ross Mazur is a 4th year undergraduate in the ERE program at ESF. He is fond of physical problem solving and he eats lots of carrots.

Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey is a senior in Environmental Resources Engineering at SUNY ESF. He finds enjoyment in everyday activities and discussing literature with close friends. In the professional world he hopes to work in water resources and eventually go to graduate school.

PJ Connell

PJ Connell is a senior at ESF, majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering. PJ is one of the Teaching Assistants for the project and when he's not designing space balloons, PJ enjoys reading and watching Netflix.

Austin Arrington

Austin Arrington is a PhD student in Environmental Science / Environmental and Community Land Planning at SUNY-ESF. His research interests include urban green spaces, land planning strategies that support plant CO2 sequestration, and alternative distribution models for locally grown food.

Zach Corey

Zach Corey is an environmental science undergrad with a focus in environmental information and mapping. His home town is Clarence, NY. He also enjoys climbing trees, playing guitar and drawing.

Alyssa Endres

Alyssa Endres is pursuing a Master's degree in Geospatial Information Science and Engineering at SUNY ESF. She has her undergraduate degree in physics and enjoys applying what she has learned to help with the instrumentation for the project.

Jennifer Gienau

Jennifer Gienau is currently a junior in college. She enjoys reading, hiking, and soccer.

Asante Holder

Asante Holder is a sophomore in the Environmental Resource Engineering department with a minor in Computer Information Systems. He enjoys math, music, food, and science.

Ashlyn Maurer

Ashlyn Maurer is a junior in the Environmental Resources Engineering department.  Ashlyn has a pet leopard gecko (not to be confused with the newt in the picture) and enjoys spending her free time in the winter alpine skiing.

Sean Matus

Sean Matus is a junior in the Environmental Resource Engineering program at SUNY ESF. He enjoys long walks on the beach and a good sudoku puzzle in his free time.

Kiana Morse

Kiana Morse is a junior Environmental Resources Engineering major from Greenville, NY. She enjoys exploring new places and one day hopes to travel to all 50 U.S. states. 

Tim Pede

Tim Pede started graduate school at SUNY ESF in the fall semester of 2014.  Academically, he likes to study relationships between land use/land cover and energy use.  Non-academically, he finds enjoyment in skiing, camping, movies featuring Nicholas Cage, and concert going. 

Tyler Pitts

Tyler Pitts is a junior in the environmental resources engineering department. He enjoys hiking, swimming, and tutoring calculus.

Anna Poliski

Anna Poliski is currently a junior at ESF majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering. Anna's future goals include traveling around the world and working in the field of renewable energy.

Quinn Roesch

Quinn Roesch is a junior in the Environmental Resource Engineering department at ESF. Quinn enjoys learning new theories within the scientific world, spending time with friends, and getting decent grades.