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Spotlight on Student Research & Outreach

2013 Spotlight
Wednesday, April 10
Moon Library Reading Room

The Spotlight on Student Research was held this past Wednesday, April 10, 2013. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making this year's Spotlight so successful. This year's competition featured poster presentations from 51 graduate and 94 undergraduate students, where the posters were judged and prizes given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Based on judging by an esteemed group of ESF alumni and graduate students (undergraduate posters) and faculty (graduate posters), we would like to congratulate the following students on their awards:

students presenting projecys

Undergraduate Poster Session

  • 1st Place: ($125)
    EFB Student Mariah Taylor, John M. Farrell and Mark A. Teece
    “Unwanted Neighbors: Using Diet and Isotope Analysis to Determine Food Web Integration of the Invasive Round Goby in Coastal Bays of the Upper St. Lawrence River”
  • 2nd Place ($100)
    ES Student Drew Gamils, Frannie Monasterio and Emanuel Carter
    “SUNY ESF Bike Library Pilot Program”
  • 3rd Place ($75)
    EFB Student David Bullis, Cheryl Bondi, Melissa Fierke and Colin Beier
    “Coleoptera Assemblages in Northern Hardwood Forests of the White and Green Mountains”

Graduate Poster Session

  • Tie for 1st Place ($125 each)
    Chemistry M.S. Student Sara A. Button and David J. Kieber
    “Biological Consumption and Photochemical Production of Low Molecular Weight Carbonyl Compounds in the Delaware Estuary"

    EFB M.S. Student Jessica Bouchard, Danilo D. Fernando, Donald J. Leopold and Scott W. Bailey
    "Genetic Diversity of Dryopteris fragrans, a Rare Fern in the Northern Forests of the Eastern United States"

  • 3rd Place ($75)
    EFB PhD Student Adam Hoffman, David Lewis, Amy Keith, Robert Hamilton, Justin McMullen and Lee Newman
    “Trichloroethylene Plume Detection using Hyperspectral Imaging“
  • Tie for Honorable Mention ($25 each)
    ES M.S. Student Danielle Preiss, Sharon Moran and Matthew Potteiger
    “Laying Down New Roots: The Impact of Community Gardening on Well-Being in a Bhutanese Refugee Population“

    ERE PhD Student Scott Wolcott, K. Glantz, D. Carter, Lee Newman, and Theodore Endreny
    "Preliminary Research for GreenWall Treatment of High Strength Organic Wastewater"

Special thanks to:

Faculty Governance Committee on Research (COR), with special thanks to Jennifer Smith, Jessica Clemons, Stephen Shaw, John Wasiel and Timothy Volk for their invaluable assistance in coordinating all aspects of the event;

Representatives from GSA (Whitney Marshall and Abigail Larkin) and USA (Nory Mitchell) for their assistance in coordinating all aspects of the event;

24 alumni and graduate student judges;

ESF faculty judges

ESF alumnus Dr. Jerry Mead for providing the keynote address;

GSA Professional Development Committee for procuring funding for graduate student awards and organizing judging for the undergraduate and graduate student posters;

The Alumni Relations Office for soliciting alumni judges and for sponsoring the undergraduate awards;

The Departments of Environmental Studies and Environmental Resources Engineering as well as the Graduate Student Association for sponsoring the graduate awards;

The Office of Research Programs for providing assistance and refreshments;

The Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies for providing assistance and refreshments;

Aaron Knight and Jeremy Newland of the Office of Communications for their help with the web site;

Physical Plant for event set up and take down; and,

a very special thank you to all of the student participants!