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Spotlight on Student Research & Outreach

The Spotlight on Student Research activities were held Wednesday, April 15th and Thursday, April 16th for both undergraduate and graduate students. Participation by both groups was very high, with approximately 58 posters for undergraduates and 59 for graduate students.

Based on judging by an esteemed group of ESF alumni, faculty and graduate students, the following awards were presented at the Spotlight Awards Ceremony, held April 16th in 408 Baker Laboratory:

Undergraduate Posters:

First place:
Jessica Ciesla, Chemistry
Title: Progress Towards the Synthesis and in vivo Incorporation of "Click"-Ready Fatty Acids into Poly-[(R)-3-hydroxyalkanoate] Biopolymers
Advisor: Christopher Nomura

Second place:
Kristy Northrup, Environmental Science
Title: Comparing Chemical Properties of Subaqueous Soil Samples from Barnegat Bay, NJ: An Analysis of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus
Advisor: Russell Briggs

Third place:
Emily Hall, Environmental and Forest Biology
Title: A Test of Genetic Variation for Resistance to Effects of Seawater Acidification on the Skeletal Development of Sea Urchin Larvae
Advisor: Kim Schulz

Graduate Posters:

First place:
Carolyn Chang, Environmental and Forest Biology
Title: Investigating the Effectiveness of Disinfectant Treatments for Inhibiting the Growth of Mycobacteria spp. Isolated from Laboratory Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Advisors: Christopher Whipps

Second place:
Kelly Huffman, Environmental and Forest Biology
Title: Sex Determination and Gonadal Development in St. Lawrence River Northern Pike
Advisors: John Farrell and Christopher Whipps

Third place:
Eileen Leon, Environmental Resources Engineering
Title: The Effect of Food Waste Composition on Methane Yield and the Economy of the Anaerobic Digestion Process
Advisor: Wendong Tao

Special thanks go out to: All of our talented undergraduate and graduate students who presented posters; theAlumni Office for sponsoring undergraduate awards; our Academic Departments for sponsoring graduate student awards as well as refreshments; the Office of Research Programs, Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies and the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Associations for providing refreshments and supplies; our Alumni, Faculty and Graduate Student Judges who gave of their time; to Drs. William Powell and Charles Maynard for providing the Keynote Address, and to the Ad Hoc Spotlight On Student Research and Outreach Committee, a subcommittee of the Committee on Research - comprised of Jessica Clemons, Gregory Boyer, Stacey Mack, John Wasiel and Theresa Kaier-May.

Thank you to everyone who made this event so successful! The winning posters will be displayed in Moon Library beginning tomorrow, April 21st.

Ad Hoc Spotlight On Student Research and Outreach Committee


The Spotlight is organized by the Ad-Hoc Committee for Spotlight on Student Research, a sub-committee of the Academic Governance Committee on Research (COR). The Committee would like to thank the campus departments and individuals that contributed funds for awards and supplies:

  • The ESF Alumni Association
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
  • Department of Environmental Resources Engineering
  • Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management
  • Department of Landscape Architecture
  • Division of Environmental Science
  • Graduate Student Association
  • Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies
  • The Office of Research Programs
  • Undergraduate Student Association

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Alumni, graduate students, and faculty who volunteer to judge the posters.

About Spotlight

ESF's annual Spotlight Symposium is a dynamic forum where graduate and undergraduate students share the results of their research and community service projects. The Spotlight is a student poster session highlighting your scholarly efforts.

The Spotlight on Student Research and Outreach is your time to shine!