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Mission & Vision Archive

NOTE: No materials accessible within the archival site are directly applicable to the current strategic planning process. They are made available for record and reference only. Older materials important to the current process can be accessed directly from the new site.

Phase II Mission and Vision Drafts

Vision: A world environmentally resilient and rich in possibilities

Mission: To inspire environmental solutions through knowledge, creativity, and values

ESF’s mission includes outstanding teaching, research, scholarship, practice and outreach programs focused on building sustainable communities and environments. We develop creative and effective solutions to environmental problems and natural resource utilization issues through discovery, design, management, practice, and the integration of social, economic, technological, and environmental systems. At our core is educating and inspiring to action environmental leaders and acting as a model of a new kind of environmentalism that is science based, values informed, and inclusive.

The draft mission and vision are contained within this Phase II summary draft document:

Phase I Mission and Vision Introduction and Initial Drafts, Fall, 2014

ESF's mission and vision statements will be re-crafted to serve as fitting expressions of new directions that emerge from the strategic planning process. Below, first drafts of new mission and vision statements are presented for your consideration and input. These are merely starting points to prompt all of us to think about what we aspire to accomplish (mission) and become (vision). Please use the comment form below to respond as you wish, offering edits or alternatives. Comments will be visible to all and will be considered in the ongoing drafting process. Periodic updates will be posted, with the goal of yielding final statements that will anchor ESF's identity into the future.


ESF: explore the biosphere, conserve and create resilient environments, and educate future environmental leaders


ESF: America’s pre-eminent college of the environment

Phase I Google Doc Comments

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