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Student Clubs, Organizations and Interest Groups

Student Life at ESF is an important facet of our campus culture. Student organizations at ESF add layers of traditions, outings, bonding opportunities, community service and professional development for students who choose to get involved. With over 30 clubs on campus, we believe there is something for everyone. If there is not, you can start the process to make a new club or special interest group by emailing Below you will find a list of current clubs at ESF. You may also watch club videos here.

NOTE: Club info & meeting times/places are the most recent provided. Contact to update.

ESF Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)

  • Acorns 2 Action
    Acorns to Action's primary goal is to connect to organization local to the effected country and help them rebuild in a way that is culturally appropriate as well as sensitive to their needs. Rather than sending water and food to these countries, we provide the resources they request and the tools/knowledge required to rebuild their country in a sustainable and socially just way. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us at, or check out our Facebook page by searching Acorns2Action!
  • Alchemists Society
    The Alchemists Chemistry Club gives students the chance to have fun with all aspects of chemistry, from conducting projects to visiting trade shows.
  • Alpha Xi Sigma Honor Society (AXS)
    Established in 1914, AXS emphasizes academic excellence and community involvement. To be eligible for membership, you must have completed at least one semester at ESF with a 3.175 GPA. As a member, students must maintain the 3.175 GPA and complete at least 20 hours of community service both on and off the ESF campus each semester.
  • The American Fisheries Society
    The American fisheries Society is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of aquatic resources, and to facilitating the information exchange between students, professionals, and the public regarding our knowledge of aquatic resources.
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
    The AIChE ESF student chapter is a club that explores different ways that chemical engineering and chemistry could be applied after graduation. It's an excellent way to expand your knowledge about chemical engineering industries as well as work with peers on projects such as ChemE Car. All students of PBE as well as anyone interested in chemistry after college are encouraged to join AIChE.
  • Black Student Union
    The BSU links students of African descent across campus to celebrate our culture and heritage. It is a safe zone for all, offering community and an opportunity to learn about African culture while also creating a place for black students to be heard and represented in an academic setting where they may feel overlooked.
  • The Baobab Society
    Established in 1991, this active group unites environmentally-conscious students of historically underrepresented ethnic groups. Promotes a culturally conscious community by providing education and support for its members and facilitates interaction with the greater Syracuse community.
  • Bob Marshall Club
    The Bob Marshall Club is the outing club for ESF. Named after Adirondack educator and preservationist, Bob Marshall, the club focuses on backpacking in the Adirondack Park, as well as participating in hiking and other outdoor recreation trips elsewhere. The club also hosts workshops that educates students about various outdoor recreation skills.
  • Botany Club
    The Botany Club's mission is to help the ESF community connect with plants! Botany Club holds two plant walks each semester with leading botanists. Additional activities include field trips to botanically unique locations, botanical illustration workshops, and community service projects like plantings and creating a map of campus plants. The club recognizes multiple cultures' knowledge of plants. We aim to help ensure that students graduating from ESF have the plant knowledge they need to be excellent stewards of the environment.
  • Chinese Student Scholar Association
    We, the student representatives of the Chinese students and scholars in the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF), in order to improve the connection between Chinese students and scholars and any other ESF students who are interested, develop the necessary understanding and cooperation ofstudents, and serve as informed and responsible advocates students' concerns by creating awareness of student needs, dohereby ordain and establish this constitution for the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.
  • Digital Storytellers Club
    The digital storytellers club aims to provide a safe space to connect students with various modes of expression through the art of storytelling and digital media. Students will have the opportunity to develop their skills in several storytelling mediums including (but not limited to) photography, videography, podcasting, audio stories, writing, and film photography from other student creatives and faculty, engage in collaborative projects with other students, attend creative workshops, and learn about to career paths in journalism and digital storytelling.
  • Ducks Unlimited
    Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.
    DU got its start in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when North America’s drought-plagued waterfowl populations had plunged to unprecedented lows. Determined not to sit idly by as the continent’s waterfowl dwindled beyond recovery, a small group of sportsmen joined together to form an organization that became known as Ducks Unlimited. Its mission: habitat conservation.
  • Engineering for a Sustainable Society (ESS)
    This organization is devoted to implementing low-tech, high-impact, engineering projects as a means of improving the quality of life and environment all over the world.
  • Engineers without Borders (EWB)
    Engineers without Borders (EWB) is a student university chapter of the national organization, EWB-USA. This organization is devoted to implementing low-tech, high-impact, engineering projects as a means of improving the quality of life and environment all over the world.
  • Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) Club
    This club familiarizes members with current developments and events in the field of environmental resource engineering. There is an emphasis on professional development and enhancing student-student and student-faculty relationships among those in the ERE curriculum.
  • Environmental Studies Student Organization (ESSO)
    The purpose of the Environmental Studies Student Organization is to create a common place for Environmental Studies students to discuss environmental issues, as well as our department and major’s progress and successes, and to participate in volunteer community service. We bring the members of our major closer together through various events, hands on experiences, and community outreach. Our objective is to give all Environmental Studies students a chance to voice their opinions about the major, environmental issues, to have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience base, and to facilitate networking connections with the professional realm, namely faculty and staff and neighboring communities.
  • ESF FORCES (Friends of Recreation, Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship)
    The primary objective of ESF F.O.R.C.E.S. is to promote stewardship projects and volunteerism in New York State Parks. These projects may include improvements to recreational facilities and historic sites, trail rehabilitation, protection and restoration of natural resources, and environmental education and outreach to the community. By providing meaningful volunteer opportunities to ESF students, F.O.R.C.E.S. allows students to be a steward of their local communities, work with New York State Park employees, and gain experience in a wide range of activities.
  • ESF Photography Club
    The ESF Photography Club is a creative club where students are able to share their work, learn about the photographic process, connect with other aspiring photographers, contribute to the Empire Forester Yearbook, and travel to local parks to capture the beauty of Central New York! It does not matter if you use your phone, a DSLR camera, a film camera, or whatever else in between; everyone is welcome to join the club! For the Fall 2021 semester, meetings are held on Thursdays at 5:45 in Baker 309.
  • Exuvia Society
    Exuvia Society invites anyone with a curiosity for the vast diversity of spineless organisms including beetles, snails, millipedes, and many more! We hope to promote the interest and conservation of invertebrate organisms by providing opportunities to observe and interact with native fauna, participate with local invertebrate conservation projects, and listen to guest lectures.
  • ESF Veterans Club
    The purpose of the organization is to provide resources to veterans, patriots, members of ROTC, those interested in joining the military and their families. Aid veterans with the transition from military to civilian life and direct them to proper facilities for any help that is required. Provide unique activities and events for all students of SUNY ESF not currently provided by other clubs. Educate others on what it is like to be in the military and what makes veterans so different. Provide support to the community and veterans.
  • Forestry Club
    The Forestry Club's mission is to advance the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry; establish professional excellence; and to use the conservation ethic of the profession to ensure the continued health and use of forest ecosystems.
  • Friends of Oakwood
    Friends of Oakwood (commonly referred to as Crypt Keepers) is a club that assists Oakwood Cemetery by providing volunteer services. We work closely with the cemetery board to complete varying service projects. We've done many different projects, from mapping/removing invasive species to garbage/wood debris cleanup to erosion control to vegetation pruning/landscaping. If you are interested in joining, please email to be added to our listserv. .
  • Graduate Student Association
    GSA acts as the representative body of graduate students of SUNY-ESF. Its mission is to serve as an advocate for student sentiment and needs by advising and cooperating with the Administration and Faculty on all administrative, curricular, and instructional affairs that pertain to, or are concern of, the graduate students of the College.
  • Green Campus Initiative (GCI)
    The Green Campus Initiative is SUNY-ESF’s campus activist group that aims to revolutionize the school to “practice what we teach!”
  • Green Construction Group
    The Green Construction Group tries to promote sustainability in both construction and buildings. In order accomplish these goals we bring in guest speakers, host  field trips, professional meetings, club projects, and other relevant activities.
  • Guy A. Baldassarre Birding Club
    To advance campus-wide knowledge and interest in Ornithology beyond the classroom, predominately through birding trips throughout central New York.
  • Herpetology Club
    ESF Herpetology Club is for both people who are experienced with reptiles and amphibians and those who are new to the topics of herpetology. The goals of the club include promoting the interest and conservation of herpetofauna, educating students and the community, providing opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience, and networking with professionals in the field. In order to do this, the club plans to host speakers, go on trips, assist in research, and hold social events on campus.
  • International Student Association
    The International Student Association (ISA) is established to promote the international community at ESF and support the international students on campus. The International Student Association works to improve and promote companionships, communications and understanding among and between the international students and other groups at ESF. ISA welcomes all the students of ESF that are interested in international culture.
  • LAND/Scape Club
    The LAND/Scape Club is an organization connected with the Department of Landscape Architecture. The club sponsors the Festival of Places and various guest lectures.
  • Music Society
    The ESF Music Society, simply put, is an assemblage of hobbyist musicians with a common interest: performing and practicing music. This student organization exists as an avenue meant to band together scattered ESF and SU musicians and give them the opportunity to play and learn together, as well as put on FREE monthly performances for the student body.
  • Nautilus Society
    The purposes of The Nautilus Society include: creating an institution for people with interest in aquatic sciences; sharing ideas and becoming informed.; participating in community service around local watersheds; highlighting research, internships, and fellowship opportunities; and, introducing members to professional societies.
  • NYWEA (New York Water Environment Association)
    The mission of the New York Water Environment Association Student Chapter is to engage students in the water resources profession. The student chapter participates in service activities, professional meetings, seminars, and conferences to enhance professional development within the field of water resources management. Members with engineering, sciences, planning, management, and legal interests who have a passion for creating an environmentally sound future are welcome.
  • PBE Club
    From the Latin word for "paper", this organization attracts students interested in paper science and related industries. Membership includes two national affiliations.
  • Plant Propagation Club
    The Plant Propagation Club is for those students interested in learning and applying various plant propagation techniques, multiplying plants and selling them at our fundraisers, and participating in fun group activities like terrarium-building and aseptic tissue culture workshops." No previous experience is necessary. Opportunities for independent research may be considered.
  • Pre-Vet Club
    The Pre-Vet Club is an organization to fulfill the needs of pre-veterinary students and other students interested in veterinary medicine or animal related activities in general. A component of the club meetings address the skills required to succeed and become a part of the growing field of veterinary medicine, as well as events in order to gain real world experience in the community. Volunteer opportunities, workshops, tours of various facilities and guest speakers will enhance any students' experience with animals and the various career avenues that are available through veterinary medicine.
  • Roots and Pursuits ClubFridays at 4:30pm on the Quad or in Marshall
    Roots and Pursuits club is dedicated to connecting with nature through ancestral living skills and ancient pathways of awareness. We practice and teach skills such as fire by friction, braintanning animal hides, wild edible and medicinal plants, shelter, tracking, flintknapping, trapping, cooking, bowmaking, and much more!
  • Sew Knotty
    Sew Knotty is focuses on providing students and staff a safe space where they can come to practice and teach their craft. At our weekly we meetings, club member can learn from each other as well as share materials, knowledge, ideas and even occasionally baked goods. It is our goal of Sew Knotty to share the knowledge of basic crafting with the community through service and public workshops.
  • Society for Conservation Biology, CNY Chapter (SCB-CNY)
    The Society for Conservation Biology, Central New York Chapter, strives to carry out the mission statement of our international society: to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity. We do this by volunteering our time in wildlife rehabilitation areas, zoos, and parks both in Syracuse and around the world.
  • Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association at SUNY-ESF (SER-ESF)
    The basic goals of SER-ESF are to connect ESF with the regional and worldwide aspects of the Society for Ecological Restoration; and to serve as an interdisciplinary hub at SUNY ESF opening doors for students to be involved in ecosystem restoration as a field of study and as a practical service to communities near and afar.
  • Student Environmental Education Coalition (SEEC)
    The purpose of SEEC is to increase environmental awareness through on- and off-campus education. The goal of environmental awareness is to understand the effects of our individual and collective actions on the global environment.
  • Sustainable Energy Club (SEC)
    The purpose of the Sustainable Energy Club is to provide students with an extracurricular outlet to engage in sustainable energy activities outside of the classroom, promote the importance of sustainable energy on campus, and improve the relationship between students and faculty interested in sustainable energy.
  • Trout Bums
    The Trout Bums’ activities focus on helping to protect and preserve freshwater systems through education and service and bringing together experienced and beginning anglers. Every semester Trout Bums engages in multiple community service projects and hosts a fishing trip to a fishery such as the Salmon River.
  • Undergraduate Student Association (USA)
    Also known as Student Council, this is the umbrella organization for all student groups on campus and primary sponsor of student social activities and programs. Founded in 1919, the USA serves as the representative voice and student government for the undergraduate student body. USA's purpose is to unite those who wish to promote the social, academic, cultural and professional interests of the student body. If you are an undergrad who paid the activity fee, you are already a member...come to the meetings!
  • The Wildlife Society
    The Wildlife Society is an international organization committed to managing, conserving, and studying wildlife populations and habitats.  The TWS chapter here at SUNY-ESF is made up of enthusiastic students who are committed to just that.  Our goal is to set up opportunities to gain professional wildlife experience, which betters our members chance of getting a job.  By volunteering on various projects and networking with professionals, we all gain insight of the wildlife field.
  • TOP
    ESF Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

    SIGs at ESF are informal groups that meet for a common purpose and are able to schedule room space. These groups are not funded by USA but are still an important aspect of student engagement at ESF.

    • ESF Climbing Club
      The ESF Climbing Club, Acorns & Anchors, connects those who are into the sport of rock climbing and bouldering within the ESF community. Students participate in team meets, climbs, and an assortment of games and exercises to strengthen and grow their knowledge and ability in the sport. If you are interested, email Milana Baldizzi at
    • ESF Cru
      ESF Cru is a community group that serves to answers questions of faith, hope, and love through the Bible and a life in community. Our goal as a group is to provide a weekly space and time for Christians, and those who are interested in Christianity, to grow and learn in faith.

      If you are interested in joining or have any questions contact Bethany Atkins at or check out our Facebook page.

    • ESF Poetry Society
      The ESF Poetry Society provides a safe space for students to share their poetry pieces and improve their craft. We meet for an hour bi-weekly to talk about poetry, share, and provide feedback to one another. No experience necessary and everyone is welcome! Contact Siela Zembsch at if you are interested.
      • Jewish Acorns
        The Jewish Acorns are a SIG that is dedicated to highlighting and celebrating Jewish environmentalism. We host events celebrating Jewish holidays and assist students who wish to get more involved with Jewish life on campus. Everyone is welcome to join our events. Contact, Hadar Shimshon at
      • Pokemon Go! Club
        Travel around ESF and SU with Mystic, Valor, or Instinct to catch Pokemon, power them up, take down gyms, and complete raids! If you want to join us on PokeWalks, contact Andrew Nicosia, Eddie Wozny,, or Laura Pickering, for more information!
      • ESF Women's Caucus
        ESF Women's Caucus raises consciousness about "women's issues", works for change to improve the climate for women at ESF, fosters community, and serves as a respectful forum for diverse ideas. Since the first meeting in 1994, our goals have been to increase the number of women students and faculty at ESF, find ways for women to better communicate and coordiante or sponsor activities that benefit them, and improve services for all ESF families. Contact Heather Engelman at for more information.
      • ESF Yoga
        Do you love yoga? ESF Yoga offers students of all levels a safe and secure place to flow and grow your yoga practice. Come experience the many benefits of yoga and meet other yogis who share the same passion for yoga as you! Meetings will be held Fridays at 4pm and equipment will be provided. Contact for more information.

      Syracuse University Clubs ESF Students Often Join

      • Alpha Omega Epsilon
        Alpha Omega Epsilon is the spirit of women passionate about STEM, devoted to an enriching and life-changing experience for our members. Sisters commit to a lifelong engagement with Alpha Omega Epsilon by reinforcing the bonds between each other and enhancing the experiences of future generations of empowered women.
      • Alpha Phi Omega (APO) (SU Campus)
        A national co-ed service fraternity dedicated to developing leadership, promoting friendship, and providing service to humanity. Membership is open to all enrolled students at SU/SUNY ESF, and those especially interested in campus and community service are encouraged to join.
      • Air Force ROTC
      • Army ROTC
      • Habitat for Humanity (SU Campus)
        The SU-ESF Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to eliminating poverty housing in the Syracuse community and, ultimately, the world. We work on construction projects locally each weekend. To find out more, check out our site!
      • NYPIRG
        The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) is New York State's largest student-directed consumer, environmental and government reform organization. We are a nonpartisan, not-for-profit group established to effect policy reforms while training students and other New Yorkers to be advocates.
      • Syracuse Animal Rights Organization (SARO)
        Syracuse Animal Rights Organization (SARO), founded in 2003, is a student group at Syracuse University dedicated to public education and activism concerning animal rights. Our group is a grassroots organization that strives to protect and improve the lives of non-human animals. Some categories of animal rights we focus on include animals in entertainment, companion animals, animals in the food industry, animal experimentation, and animals in clothing. We welcome individuals to participate from SU, SUNY-ESF, and the public.
      • Syracuse University Outing Club (SUOC)
        The Syracuse University Outing Club founded in 1935, gives students at both SU and ESF an opportunity to experience both low and high impact outdoor experiences.  SUOC's activities include caving, rock and ice climbing, backpacking, white water, cross-country and more.

    Student Involvement & Leadership Links

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