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So You Want to Study Abroad...

Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! From discovering new cultures, people, language, food, culture, and so much, the adventure of a lifetime is at your fingertips. Beyond the sheer adventure of studying abroad, SUNY-ESF is committed to enhancing the international opportunities to provide you the chance to develop the skills necessary to be a culturally-responsive, aware, and competent global citizen.

How Do I Make it Work?

It is most important to speak with your advisor as soon as possible. Organizing study abroad into your calendar can often be tricky, but with a little foresight and some assistance we can make it work.

Upon notifying your advisor of your intent to study abroad, it is extremely important to then work with OIE to help plan your experience. All students who plan to study off-campus as part of their academic program must obtain ESF approval prior to applying to a program. For more information:

Where Can I Go?

Opportunities at SUNY-ESF range from as close as Washington, D.C. to as far as Thailand or New Zealand. Working with SUNY and our affiliate programs, we are able to able to offer programs that extend to all seven continents and five oceans. To learn more about different programs available to you, please check out:

  • SUNY-ESF Faculty-Led International Programs
    • SUNY-ESF offers several faculty-led, short-term academic courses during spring break and the summer session. Course offerings change by semester. Since the courses are offered by ESF, students enroll in the course directly. The credits and grades earned will appear on students’ transcripts.
  • SUNY-ESF Exchange Programs
  • SUNY System Programs
    • Study abroad programs provided by another SUNY school are available at SUNY tuition rates (plus associated off-campus study fees); off-campus program tuition and fees are billed by the SUNY-ESF Bursar and will appear in the student account bill for the applicable semester(s). Search for SUNY Programs HERE
  • ESF Affiliate Programs
    • SUNY-ESF has partnered with multiple different study abroad providers to provide additional opportunities to SUNY-ESF students. These "affiliate" programs work with SUNY-ESF to provide specific benefits to SUNY-ESF students that can often include:
      • Automatic Scholarships
      • Application Fee Waivers
      • Preferential Program Placement
  • Other Programs
    • SUNY-ESF students are encouraged to select the program that best will meet their personal, educational, and professional development goals. Accordingly, ESF students may participate in any program as long as they obtain approval via the ESF Study Abroad Request Process prior to applying.

How Can I Fund Study Abroad?

Study abroad has a stigma for being more expensive than possible for most students. It is first important to understand that although some programs may be more expensive than studying at SUNY-ESF, not all programs are as expensive as others. Additionally, through the use of scholarships, fellowships, fundraising, and research grants, studying abroad can often be extremely affordable.

Some important things to be aware of:

  • Consider applying to a SUNY System program. As a member of SUNY, SUNY-ESF students are eligible to apply for any SUNY System program. Studying abroad on these programs can often be cheaper as students will maintain the tuition cost of ESF.
  • When looking at a program cost, read into what the cost fully entails. Some costs may include flights where as others may not. Some may have meals and housing included, again, others may not. Be knowledgeable about what the true cost means.
  • Read into scholarships. Scholarships are abundant for studying abroad although not always widely published. It is important to see if your specific program has individual scholarships available to you.
  • For more information on funding study abroad, please check out: Funding Study Abroad.