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Buildings, Grounds & Operations


The drop down menus below offer information about various sustainability features found in our campus buildings. Visit the Facilities page for more information about our buildings in general.

Gateway Center
  • State-of-the art building automation system that incorporates sunlight sensors to open and close shades on the South facing façade

  • Allows solar gain during the winter months and shading during the summer months, resulting in energy savings

  • Combined heat and power plant that serves 60% of the campus' thermal loads and 20% of electrical needs

    • Heat recovery Steam Generator

  • Use of biomass boiler

  • Natural gas micro-turbines

  • Back-pressure steam turbine

  • Robust lighting controls with daylighting and occupancy sensors

  • Non-condensing stack economizer for boiler #2

  • Reduced natural gas consumption by recovering waste heat

  • Air handling units with enthalpy and heat recovery wheels for energy savings

Baker Labs
  • Energy recovery units

  • Recover waste heat

  • Robust building automation with occupancy sensors

  • LED Lighting (70%)

  • Rain water collection

  • Rain water is collected and re-used for car washing at the adjacent Physical Plant building

  • 25 kW solar PV array

  • White roof - helps reduce thermal gain during cooling season

  • Variable frequency drives an all pumps and air handlers

Moon Library
  • 50 kW solar array

  • High performance sequence of operations for HVAC system with variable frequency drives to optimize energy savings

  • LED Lighting throughout

Bray Hall
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology utilized in the registrar's office and the second and third floors

  • Supports electrification

  • High coefficient of performance

  • LED lighting (70%)

Walters Hall
  • 25 kw solar PV array

  • LED lighting (50%)

  • Various frequency drives

Illick Hall
  • High efficient Chiller serving Illick Hall and Moon Library

  • LED Lighting (50%)

  • Variable frequency drives on all air handling units and general building exhaust fans


Student Garden

The picturesque grounds at ESF's Lafayette Road Experiment Station (LRES), four miles south of the Syracuse campus, is home the student garden work study program. Each year the garden provides work study job opportunities for six to ten students. These students lead garden maintenance and upkeep. This includes all basic tasks such as planting, weeding, mowing, and general plant and space management.

The garden is divided into three distinct sections:

  • an annual vegetable garden;

  • a small orchard of fruit trees and shrubs;

  • and a perennial edible forest garden.

For more information about the student garden, visit Get Involed On Campus or email Justin Heavey.


Green Infrastructure

ESF has numerous plantings designed to manage stormwater runoff from rooftops and impervious surfaces. These features can be found outside of Illick Hall and the Gateway Center, and will be added to Marshall Hall as part of its renovation. The campus also has pervious pavement in front of Moon Library and between Bray and Walters Halls and green roofs on Walters Hall and the Gateway Center.


Zero Waste

ESF has made significant progress in attaining its robust zero waste goals! You can find a wealth of information about these programs by exploring the Zero Waste, Events, Surplus Property and Purchasing webpages.

Green Cleaning Policy

The Syracuse campus enacted a formal Green Cleaning Policy during the Fall of 2019. This Policy will assist operations staff in maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe built environment, while simultaneously minimizing the impacts of cleaning processes, procedures and products on the natural environment and vulnerable building occupants. Key performance metrics include:

  • 75% of cleaning products (by cost) should meet Policy criteria

  • 90% of disposable paper products and trash bags (by cost) should meet Policy criteria

  • 40% of equipment (by cost) should meet Policy criteria

The Policy identifies sustainability criteria for general cleaning and specialized products and also includes an approved product list. Members of the campus community should not bring outside chemicals to campus. This procedure will ensure that products used on campus meet our stringent green cleaning criteria. Contact Sue Fassler with question about the Green Cleaning Policy. Visit our Custodial page for more information about cleaning specifications and prioritization.

Green Cleaning Policy (PDF)

Electric Grounds Equipment

The Grounds Division and Student Garden transitioned much of its hand-held gas-powered equipment to EGO electric equipment during the Summer of 2019. Electrified equipment includes:

  • Leaf blowers (hand held and backpack)

  • String trimmers

  • Pole saw

  • Hedge trimmer

  • Push lawn mowers

  • Chainsaws

  • Snow blower

  • Snow shovels

This transition to electric power equipment provides numerous benefits to campus, including reduced noise and air pollution, decreased stress on equipment operators and reduced fossil fuel usage. Visit our Grounds webpage for more information about campus care.

Contact - Buildings

Gary Peden
Director of Facilities


Contact - Operations

Sue Fassler
Sustainable Facilities Manager


Contact - Student Garden

Justin Heavey
Sustainability and Research Programs Manager