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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Green Events

Remember, reusable dish/tableware is preferrable to single use items, even if those single use items are recyclable or compostable. Please prioritize reusable cups, plates, utensils and bowls whenever possible.

The Trailhead Cafe's Save a Plate Program has been temporarily paused, due to staffing shortages in the Cafe. Please email Lauren LaTray and Sue Fassler for information about how to incorporate reusable dish/tableware into your events, likely at no cost to your Department.

Try to avoid single use, disposable decorations and giveaways at your event! This will allow you to flex your creative muscles and reduce the amount of material that winds up in the trash.

  • Replace plastic table covers with reusable linens

  • Decorate with dried flowers/plants

  • Avoid balloons

  • Avoid bottled water (opt for a refill station for water bottles and/or glasses instead)

  • If catering an event, ask for condiments and beverages to be served in bulk

  • Reuse signage and promotional material, go electronic if you can!

  • Offer experiences (gift cards) rather than traditional giveaway items (stress balls, pens etc)

  • Its ESF! Be sure to remind people to pack their plates and lug their mugs/water bottles

Let your event attendees know about the sustainable things you are doing at your event! This helps to promote ESF and might spark an attendee to implement sustainable events of their own.


Lauren LaTray
Special Events Administrator